Having Problems Viewing My Web Videos?

Most video issues can be resolved by upgrading the Flash Player in your web browser.

However, here are a few other things you can try as well:

1) Try deleting all of the beadvideos.com and beadsandbeading.com cookies from your computer. Here are some instructions on how to do this with the more popular web browsers:

2) Clear the cache. Then close your browser and re-open it again. Here’s a link to an instruction page on how to do this:

3) Install a different web browser on your computer. FYI: This solution almost always fixes the problem right away.

Please note that you can have several different types of web browsers installed on your computer all at the same time. In other words, just because you install a new browser on your computer, it does mean you have to stop using the one you have been using up until now.

Here’s some links to the various download pages for the various options. They are all free downloads:

  • Firefox [This is the one I use… and love]
  • Chrome [This one is from Google and is very popular as well]
  • Safari [You can choose either the PC or Mac version]
  • Internet Explorer [IE is my least favorite suggestion. It is well documented as the most problematic browser on the market today but many people use it which is why the link is provided here]

4) If none of the above suggestions work for you, here’s some other questions that a helpful computer technician would want to know:

  • Does the problem you are experiencing happen with all of the videos at my site or just on certain pages?
  • Were you able to access the non-working video page on a completely separate computer in your home or at work?
  • What is your internet connection speed? Slow speeds can cause online video streaming to stall, time out or cause audio-video syncing issues.

5) If you have tried all of the above and you are still having problems, then send me a note and I’ll see if I can provide you with other suggestions.

If you want to return to the page you were just at, click on your Back Button in your browser.

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