Cool Substitute Tool for Making Lentil Beads

Making Lentil Beads

Don’t Have a Piece of Acrylic for Rolling Lentil Beads? Use an Old CD Case:

My favorite tool for making lentil beads is the piece of acrylic plexiglas that came with my Amaco Bead Rack. But an excellent substitute is an old CD case!

Use a clear CD case and remove all the paper inserts so you can see right through it. Close it up and use this to roll your lentil bead.

Wipe down the CD case after rolling your beads with a baby wipe or rubbing alcohol. The plasticizers from the raw clay will mar and cloud the plastic on the CD case if you don’t, making it harder to see the rolling process through it.

By the way… next week I’ll be sending out a full tutorial video on how to roll lentil beads. Every one on my free email guest list will receive a link. If you are not on my guest list and want to see this video, here’s where you can get signed up: Making Polymer Clay Beads

But be warned! Making swirly lentil beads is highly addictive. Once you learn how, you may never make another kind of bead again!

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  1. Cindy Lietz, 16 May, 2008

    You can also use a clear, flat bottomed plate to roll lentil beads, but you may find the round shape of the plate more awkward to hold and keep level.

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  2. Andrea, 10 July, 2008

    Hi, I have been all over your site for the last hour and a half. You rock! I had to make a comment though.. you talk a lot about etsy….R U on etsy too? And, I thought I would share my MOST favorite tool for my polymer beads. Are you familiar with the clear stamps that you mount on a clear acrylic square? Those squares are AMAZING to make lentils out of. They are available in many sizes and being clear you can see what you are doing and they are super easy to grip because of the thickness of them. You can even find small ones in the dollar bins at Michaels. My fav. size is on that is about 3×3". Fabulous! You should try one. :)

  3. Cindy Lietz, 10 July, 2008

    Thank you Andrea for the cool comment and great idea! I have one of those acrylic blocks in my rubber stamping stuff and I never really thought to use it for rolling lentils. Duh!

    No I don’t have an Etsy site yet. Love the whole concept though. It is just one of those things I haven’t got to yet. Sold lots of product through personal sales and craft fairs but think Etsy is a better way. Need to make up more product and photo it before I get my store up. Soon…

    I love your stuff in your shop! Very cool wooden pendants… are the images hand drawn?

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