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Cleaning Dirty Polymer Clay That’s Not Baked Yet

Video #511: By far, my absolute favorite method for cleaning unbaked polymer clay is 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Having A Hard Time Keeping Your White Clay Clean?

Video #498: Here’s some quick tips to help you keep the lint, fuzz and pet hairs at bay, so that your whites stay… 15

Using Translucent Clay To Clean Pasta Machine Tip 3

Video #438: You’ll be amazed how dirty your lump of cleaning clay will get over time.

Polymer Clay Pasta Machine Cleaning Tip 1 Baby Wipes

Video #434: To avoid having your polymer clay get dirty… keep your pasta machine clean!

Polymer Clay Instructions – 5 Tips to Make Your Bead Life Easier

Want Better Beads that Look More Professional? Then Don’t Ignore these Simple Basics: Little things can sometimes make all the difference in the… 16

Is Your Polymer Clay Oven Making Your Beads All Dirty & Discolored?

Now There Is Simple Solution. Martha Aleo of Ornamento Says To Use Bleach: This morning while surfing (blog’s that is, not waves), I… 22

How to Bake Polymer Clay so that Your Whites Stay White

Having Problems Keeping White Polymer Clay Beads from Getting Tarnished During the Baking Process? Has this ever happened to you? You put some… 66

Polymer Clay Supplies From Unlikely Places

Vid #009: Two Favorite Sources for me are the Kitchen Spice Rack and my Cleaning Solutions Cupboard: Although you won’t find a craft… 9

Baking Polymer Clay Safety Tips – Fumes From Burning Not So Good

Vid #006: Safety Tips for Baking Polymer Clay: Yes even a soft, squishy and colorful compound like polymer clay has it’s own list… 32

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