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Seven “Summer” Tips For Working With Polymer Clay

Video #689: Gel ice packs work great for cooling polymer canes… to minimize distortion when slicing them in warmer weather.

Purple Foxgloves Palette | Premo Recipes Vol-086-B

1-B: Chestnut 2-B: Biscuit 3-B: Purple Foxgloves 4–B: Plum Wine

Elegance Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-086-A

1-A: Elegance 2-A: Grace 3-A: Sophistication 4-A: Class

Gray Squirrel Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-084-B

1-B: Western Gray Squirrel 2-B: Forest Dweller 3-B: Walnut Collector 4–B: Fauna

Pale Purple Poppy Palette | Premo Recipes Vol-081-B

1-B: Pale Purple 2-B: Purple Poppy 3-B: Poppy Stamens 4–B: Poppy Stem

Glass Dragonfly Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-080-B

1-B: Jade Stained Glass 2-B: Blue Sky 3-B: Lime Stained Glass 4–B: Amber Marble

Winter Scarecrow Palette | Premo Recipes Vol-080-A

1-A: Raspberry Patch 2-A: Green Burlap 3-A: Gunny Sack 4–A: Scarecrow Hat

Beauty On The Beach Palette | Premo Recipes Vol-061-B

1-B: Prom Dress 2-B: Formal Gown 3-B: Surf 4–B: Tide

Emberglow Crocosmia Palette | Premo Recipes Vol-052-B

1-B: Emberglow 2-B: Crocosmia 3-B: Petal Pink 4–B: Hush

Gazing Ball Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-051-B

1-B: Solitude 2-B: Reflection 3-B: Gazing Ball 4–B: Flower Pot

Scrap Clay Rolled Arizona Beads | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #230: “Capturing art in your leftover polymer clay. You just don’t know when that next bead will turn up. BAM, you just… 42

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | St. John’s Wort Palette [Premo]

1A: Teal Leaves 2A: Sunlight 3A: Lily Pad 4A: Pewter Sky

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Peach Rose Palette [Premo Sculpey]

1B: Old Rose 2B: Rose Bud 3B: Peach Rose 4B:Terra Rosa  

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Desert Oasis Palette [Premo Sculpey]

1A: Sunbeam 2A: Palm Frond 3A: Desert Palm 4A: Coconut Husk

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Mushroom Palette [Premo Sculpey]

1B: Golden Mushroom 2B: Spice 3B: Dried Basil 4B: Mushroom Soup  

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Foxgloves Palette [Premo Sculpey]

1A: Porcelain Cup 2A: Wineberry 3A: Foxgloves 4A: Stamen

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Aloe Vera Palette [Premo Sculpey]

1B: Southwest Sky 2B: Aloe Vera 3B: Adobe Hut 4B: Desert Sand  

Do You Make More Polymer Clay Beads During the Summer? Or Less?

Do You Take Your Pasta Machine With You On Vacation Trips? Summer is just around the corner for us here in the northern… 18

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