‘seasonal spring blossoms thaw’

Columbine Bud Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-081-A

1-A: Elderberry Wine 2-A: Vintage Peach 3-A: Blue Dusk 4–A: Columbine Bud

Foxgloves & Raindrops | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-071

6 Videos #502 to #507: Inspired by the saying, “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, this Spring Tutorial has a little of both!

Budding Artist Palette | Premo Sculpey Vol-058-B

1-B: Emerging 2-B: Budding 3-B: Blossoming 4–B: Branching Out

Jonquil Daffodil Palette | Premo Recipes Vol-058-A

1-A: Daffodil 2-A: Jonquil 3-A: Narcissus 4–A: Quietude

Dreaming of Spring Palette | Premo Recipes Vol-057-B

1-B: Dreaming 2-B: Longing 3-B: Anticipation 4–B: Wanting

Grape Hyacinth Palette | Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Vol-047-A Series [Premo Sculpey] 1A: Prairie Sky 2A: Grape Hyacinth 3A: Smoky Purple 4A: Barn Board

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Pink Allium Palette [Premo Sculpey]

1B: Pink Allium 2B: Pink Petals 3B: China Cup 4B: Glade

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Blue African Violet (Premo Sculpey)

1A: Blue African Violet 2A: Blazing Sun 3A: Tropical Waters 4A: Orchid Rose

Thoughts of Spring for all my Polymer Clay Artist Friends

“Looking at these flowers, and knowing the art of polymer clay, I believe nature gave them to us as inspiration to create!” ~Kody-K

Rhododendron Garden Art and Inspiration for Polymer Clay Beads

Spring 2008 to Spring 2009 – Reminiscing: The rhodies (rhododendrons) are blooming again and it’s got me thinking about all that has happened… 8

Perfect Green Beads | Polymer Clay Tips For Mixing Shades of Green

How To Get the Color Just Right For Your Next Jewelry Making Project: Mixing polymer clay colors is a common challenge for many… 4

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Make Trumpet Flower Beads From Cane Slices

Vid #96: A Pretty Polymer Clay Bead for Your Spring Making Jewelry Projects: For those of you who have been asking for a… 27

Making Polymer Clay Flower Beads For Your Spring Jewelry Projects

How To Make Your Handmade Bead Jewelry Items Even More Desirable: It’s only natural that springtime and flower jewelry designs go hand in… 9

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Petunia Flower Blossom Spring Palette

1A-Petunia 2A-Blossom 3A-Pesto 4A-Blueberry It’s the middle of winter here in Canada… perfect timing to plan out your Spring jewelry making projects. As… 6

Mixing a Polymer Clay Spring Color Palette

A Rho-do inspired polymer clay color palette for making some pretty Spring jewelry: Today I was inspired to create a new spring color… 14

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