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Piercing Polymer Clay Lentil Beads

Video #702: There is more than one way to pierce a lentil bead. In this video I show you how to do it… 5

Baking Polymer Clay on Corn Starch or Baking Soda

Video #463: A baking technique that works great with sculptural polymer clay items.

Avoiding Fingerprints On Your Polymer Clay Projects

Video #370: Finger prints and flaws will make you look like an amateur, which is not a good thing.

Use a Rock Tumbler for More Professional Looking Polymer Clay Beads

Spotlight: “Using the vibratory tumbler has improved my work 10 fold.” ~Rob-K

Rubber Stamping Polymer Clay – 4 Tips for Keeping Your Stamps Clean

Has this Kind of Sticky Clay Mess Ever Happened to You? What a pain! You made some beautiful rubber stamp textured beads, but… 25

Polymer Clay Instructions – 5 Tips to Make Your Bead Life Easier

Want Better Beads that Look More Professional? Then Don’t Ignore these Simple Basics: Little things can sometimes make all the difference in the… 16

Cornstarch and Polymer Clay Beads | Things That Belong Together

Wondering if Alex Trebek Ever Used this as a TV Game Show Category on Jeopardy… LOL: Last week I posted an informal survey… 47

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Make Trumpet Flower Beads From Cane Slices

Vid #96: A Pretty Polymer Clay Bead for Your Spring Making Jewelry Projects: For those of you who have been asking for a… 27

Making Polymer Clay Flower Beads For Your Spring Jewelry Projects

How To Make Your Handmade Bead Jewelry Items Even More Desirable: It’s only natural that springtime and flower jewelry designs go hand in… 9

Heart Beads For Valentines Jewelry Made Using a Polymer Clay Mold

7 Easy Steps For Making A Molded Polymer Clay Heart Bead: This molded heart shape bead was made in several steps. The process… 18

Is Your Polymer Clay Oven Making Your Beads All Dirty & Discolored?

Now There Is Simple Solution. Martha Aleo of Ornamento Says To Use Bleach: This morning while surfing (blog’s that is, not waves), I… 22

Polymer Clay Techniques | Baking Clay on Alternative Surfaces

There’s Definitely More Than One Way To Bake a Polymer Clay Bead: When it comes to baking your polymer clay beads and pendants,… 19

Instructions For Piercing Holes Through Unbaked Polymer Clay Beads

Having a Problems Making Nice Fimo Bead Holes? Here’s 7 Tips That Will Help You To Overcome This Challenge: A common issue for… 13

Great Polymer Clay Supplies and Bead Making Tools from the Kitchen

5 Polymer Clay Tools You Probably Already Own But Hadn’t Thought About: There are plenty of unique options for polymer clay bead making… 7

Texture: How To Think Creatively About Polymer Clay Bead Surfaces

Six Unique Tips for Texturing Your Sculpey and Fimo Beads: Today’s inspirational photo is of the frost covered grass in the field next… 15

Pumpkin Beads Made of Polymer Clay – Great Halloween and Fall Jewelry

Pumpkin earrings for a cute trick-or-treat costume, and to wear at Thanksgiving dinner: Fall is coming so today’s theme post is about pumpkin… 7

Art Teachers Resources: 10 Tips for Polymer Clay Kids Craft Projects

No need to “dumb down” polymer clay instructions for children. You’ll be amazed how quick they learn: Q: Hello Cindy – Next week… 22

A Polymer Clay Tutorial About Adding Fimo Cane Slices to Round Beads

Vid #77: Here’s 7 quick tips for applying unbaked polymer clay cane slices to your round shaped Fimo base beads: 1) Cool the… 23

Polymer Clay Tutorials | Piercing Lentil Beads | Unique Bead Shapes

6 tips on how to pierce holes through swirly lentils for jewelry making projects: The polymer clay lentil bead (aka swirly beads) has… 5

Slicing Fimo Nail Art Canes | Sculpey Polymer Clay Cake Toppers

1) How to cut super thin fimo cane slices for fingernail art designs, from polymer clay canes that are already baked. 2) Need… 21

Tips on How to Make Polymer Clay Beads – Piercing the Bead Hole

So you’re learning all about polymer clay. That’s Super! Making holes in beads is an important part of the process: This article will… 17

Memorial Jewelry from Polymer Clay Flower Petal Beads

Dried Flower Inclusions Can Help To Bring Healing to Sad Situations of Loss: I received a sad email from a subscriber the other… 15

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