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Demo And Review Of The Lucy Clay Mammoth Machine

Video #771: It’s expensive… but it truly is a game changer polymer clay tool, if you want the best of the best for… 16

My 2015 Favorite Polymer Clay Tools And Supplies

Video #713: This concept of doing a year-end, favorite tools review, may just become a tradition here at the blog. Let me know… 13

Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine Update

Video #706: I’ve got some good things to say about this pasta machine… and some not-so-good things to say.

New Sculpey Pasta Machine With Stainless Steel Rollers

Video #662: It’s encouraging to see that the Polyform Sculpey brand is making improvements to its clay conditioning machine.

Why Pasta Machines Leave Roller Lines On Polymer Clay

Video #641: And more importantly, how to end up with smooth sheets of clay that don’t show any roller lines at all!

My Brand New Atlas 150 Pasta Machine (Unboxing)

Video #520: From the Wellness series with patented rollers “GUARANTEED” not to leave any metal residue (aka black streaks).

Teardrop Blend (Easy Skinner Blend) No Pasta Machine

Video #487: It takes a bit longer if you only have an acrylic roller, but the end result is the same.

Using Translucent Clay To Clean Pasta Machine Tip 3

Video #438: You’ll be amazed how dirty your lump of cleaning clay will get over time.

Pasta Machine Cleaning Tip 2 Scraper Build-Up

Video #436: How to keep the inside of your polymer clay pasta machine spic and span.

Is Your Skinner Blend or Teardrop Blend Too Wide?

Video #435: How to fix wide color blends… and then keep them at a manageable width!

Polymer Clay Pasta Machine Cleaning Tip 1 Baby Wipes

Video #434: To avoid having your polymer clay get dirty… keep your pasta machine clean!

Using Playing Cards to Measure Pasta Machine Settings

Video #426: A unique method to standardize thickness references for all brands of pasta machines.

Does Your Pasta Machine Handle Keeping Falling Out?

Video #414: Here is a quick fix using a small snip of material from an old rubber dishwashing glove.

How To Keep Bubbles Out Of Your Polymer Clay

Video #371: Tricks of the trade to help make your polymer clay projects look more professional.

Keeping Your Pasta Machine Station Organized

Video #277: Plus an update on using Sugru to keep your pasta machine handle from falling out. ~Cindy Lietz

Sandy Polymer Clay Beads… Yet Another Reason to Go to the Beach

Creative Ways for Adding Texture to Your Polymer Clay and Jewelry Beads: The days are starting to heat up around here (finally), and… 4

Polymer Clay Techniques | Is Conditioning Really that Important?

Hmmmm… Let Me See… YESSSSS!!!

Rubbing Alcohol – A Must Have Item For Any Polymer Clay Bead Studio

Perfect For Cleaning All Kinds of Polymer Clay Supplies and Crafting Tools: One very useful item that should always be included with your… 31

Is a Pasta Machine Motor Necessary For Your Polymer Clay Projects?

Electric Pasta Machine Pro’s And Con’s For Clayers: As you probably know by now, I work with Polymer Clay a lot! So you… 49

Polymer Clay Tutorials | Quality How To Videos on Bead Making

Volume-008 Back Issue Package is Now Available at the Polymer Clay Tutor, Members Library: If you’ve been waiting on the edge of your… 5

Vertical Pass of the Teardrop Blend Through Your Pasta Machine

Monica Stockton Asked If This Will Ruin The Color Blend: For many polymer clay beginners, learning how to do a traditional Skinner Blend… 6

Are Your Skinner Blends Getting Too Wide For Your Pasta Machine?

The Rolling Technique In My Teardrop Method Will Help You to Solve This Problem: A couple of weeks ago I published a video… 5

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