Piercing Polymer Clay Lentil Beads

Video #702: There is more than one way to pierce a lentil bead. In this video I show you how to do it… 5

Acetone For Removing Fingerprints From Polymer Clay

Video #390: Of course it’s best to avoid getting finger prints on your polymer clay in the first place.

Avoiding Fingerprints On Your Polymer Clay Projects

Video #370: Finger prints and flaws will make you look like an amateur, which is not a good thing.

Help… My Polymer Clay is Too Soft from these Hot Summer Days

Tips For Chilling Hot Mushy Polymer Clay To Firm It Up: No doubt about it, Summer is underway… at least it is up… 34

Cornstarch and Polymer Clay Beads | Things That Belong Together

Wondering if Alex Trebek Ever Used this as a TV Game Show Category on Jeopardy… LOL: Last week I posted an informal survey… 47

Rubbing Alcohol – A Must Have Item For Any Polymer Clay Bead Studio

Perfect For Cleaning All Kinds of Polymer Clay Supplies and Crafting Tools: One very useful item that should always be included with your… 31

Making Polymer Clay Flower Beads For Your Spring Jewelry Projects

How To Make Your Handmade Bead Jewelry Items Even More Desirable: It’s only natural that springtime and flower jewelry designs go hand in… 9

Polymer Clay Techniques | Textured Faux Raku Beads for Jewelry

Create Texture On Your Polymer Clay Beads Using Drywall Sandpaper Mesh: When making polymer clay beads for jewelry, a nice way to add… 3

Polymer Clay Tutorial | How To Make Mobius Beads From Cane Slices

Vid #94: A Complicated Bead Shape that’s Surprisingly Easy to Make: When your handmade jewelry making projects call for something a bit more… 13

Heart Beads For Valentines Jewelry Made Using a Polymer Clay Mold

7 Easy Steps For Making A Molded Polymer Clay Heart Bead: This molded heart shape bead was made in several steps. The process… 18

Easy Polymer Clay Tutorial – Crackled Gold Leaf on Round Fimo Beads

Vid #70: How to Apply Already Crackled Strips of Metal Leaf To a Polymer Clay Base Bead: Gold Leaf is a product used… 10

Tutorial: Adding Polymer Canes to Baked Premo, Sculpey + Fimo Beads

Two methods for covering base beads with polymer clay cane slices: Q: To put the cane slices on a bead, do you first… 11

Rose Pendant Necklace – A Summer Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Project

Sculpted Fimo clay rose bead jewellery created with warm colors of the season: The flowers are blooming. Birds are chirping. Time to make… 12

Polymer Clay Tutorials | Piercing Lentil Beads | Unique Bead Shapes

6 tips on how to pierce holes through swirly lentils for jewelry making projects: The polymer clay lentil bead (aka swirly beads) has… 5

A Polymer Clay How To Tip for Making Beads Using White Fimo Clay

Vid #72: For making jewelry beads with bright white clay, always keep rubbing alcohol handy for cleaning:   Have you ever been frustrated… 26

Flower Beads for Jewelry Making, Created from Polymer Clay Canes

How to transform a single cane slice into a flower shaped bead… make jewelry that will attract buyers to your Etsy shop: Yesterday… 11

Buffing Polymer Clay Beads with a Dremel Multipro Rotary Tool

Vid #67: Are you still polishing polymer clay by hand? Kick it up a notch and learn how to use the Dremel power… 49

7 Tips To Avoid Leaving Finger Prints on Polymer Clay Beads

The enemy of all polymer clay bead makers… the dreaded fingerprint: Finger prints on your finished beads really look unprofessional. Although you can… 43

Rubber Stamping Polymer Clay – A Popular Topic

Just yesterday, I received yet another question about rubber stamping techniques for polymer clay: One of my email subscribers said, “One thing I… 9

Phthalate-Free Premo Polymer Clay – Blessing or Curse

The Removal of Phthalates from Premo Is Certainly Causing a Stir. Have You Tried the New Formula Yet? With recent concerns over the… 56

Polymer Clay Supplies From Unlikely Places

Vid #009: Two Favorite Sources for me are the Kitchen Spice Rack and my Cleaning Solutions Cupboard: Although you won’t find a craft… 9

Making Lentil Bead Holes Using Piercing Wire and a Gentle Touch

Vid #50: Using Piercing Wire to Make Lentil Bead Holes: After you have formed or rolled your polymer clay lentil beads, let them… 28

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