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Tips For Removing Polymer Clay From Silicon Molds

Video #717: It’s one thing to push your clay into a mold… but how to get it out without smushing the pattern? Cool… 26

Conditioning Polymer Clay By Hand Without Any Tools

Video #596: If you are a beginner without a pasta machine, here’s how to condition polymer clay without hurting your hands.

Unboxing NEVER Knead Tool Polymer Clay Conditioning

Video #593: If you have hand mobility issues, or if you process lots of clay, this machine could be a real life saver… 28

Polymer Clay And The Ozone Layer [April Fools]

Video #501: Recent scientific studies reveal new findings about the blue pigments in polymer clay… what you need to to know!

Food Processor Conditioning Hard Polymer Clay – Tip #3

Video #478: Coffee grinders work too, for softening up any brand of dried out & crumbly polymer clay.

Using Oil to Condition Hard Polymer Clay – Tip #2

Video #477: How to turn a crumbly block of Fimo-Not-So-Soft, into something that is useable again.

Baking Polymer Clay on Corn Starch or Baking Soda

Video #463: A baking technique that works great with sculptural polymer clay items.

Using a Hammer to Condition Hard Polymer Clay – Tip #1

Video #410: How to “wake up” and soften up the plasticizers in old, hard and crumbly Fimo clay.

Firm Up Soft Polymer Clay by Leaching Out Placticizers

Video #399: When your clay is too soft, sticky or squishy… there are quick and easy ways to firm it up.

Buying Polymer Clay Tips And Tricks

Video #383: Learn how to avoid getting stuck with old unworkable packages of polymer clay.

Reviving Old And Cracked Polymer Clay Canes

Video #359: Testing several different clay softening products on brittle polymer canes.

Hand Tinted Photo Transfers | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #228: “As far as tutorials are concerned, I would love to learn more about transfers and working with liquid clay.” ~Christl-P

Help, Another Cracked Bead Problem that Needs Solving [Spotlight]

“I am hoping to find out what went wrong with these cracking Kato Clay beads.” ~Ritzs

Calla Lily Beads in a Rainbow of Inspirational Colors [Q&A]

“Wish my Mom was still here, she loved lilies… think I will attempt a bouquet of these flowers.” ~Jocelyn-C

5 Polymer Clay Cane Slicing Tips for Your Bead Making Projects

Techniques for Dealing With Warm Soft Polymer Canes and Clay in General: In the hot Summer heat it can be tricky doing even… 25

Help… My Polymer Clay is Too Soft from these Hot Summer Days

Tips For Chilling Hot Mushy Polymer Clay To Firm It Up: No doubt about it, Summer is underway… at least it is up… 34

Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay for Making Jewelry Beads and Pendants

Bought Any Premo Clay Lately? How Firm Is It? A long while back I talked about the reformulation of Premo Sculpey clay to… 12

Polymer Clay Techniques | Is Conditioning Really that Important?

Hmmmm… Let Me See… YESSSSS!!!

Craft Room Organization – Specific Advice for Storing Polymer Clay

Your Precious Blocks of Premo or Fimo Clay Will Get Damaged if You Don’t Store Them Properly: Now that Spring has officially arrived,… 14

How To Stencil On Polymer Clay Using Parchment and Pearl Ex Powder

Crafters Have Been Stenciling On Stuff For Many Decades. Today, Let’s Try It On Clay: Do you ever get into a groove where… 9

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Faux Turquoise Beads For A Unique Bracelet

An Old Food Processor Will Come In Very Handy For This Faux Stone Project: Right now I am working on the next set… 7

How To Make Beads | No More Bubbles In Your Polymer Clay Pendants

Disappointed with How Your Flat Pendants Look After Coming Out of the Oven? It can be very frustrating to put a perfect looking… 7

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