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Review: Sculpey Bake & Bend Oven Bake Polymer Clay

Video #509: Taking a look at the color mixing and baking properties of this “made-for-kids” brand of polymer clay.

Inspiration from the Art of an 11 Year Old Child

“Look at this art and remember something; anything, good or bad and hold on to it, cherish it and then let it roam… 35

Heartwarming Story about Special Needs Children and Polymer Clay

“My eyes fill with tears at their beauty and my heart was filled with pride at their accomplishments.” ~Linda-B

Last Minute Gift Idea for 18 Kids – Polymer Clay Backpack Charms

“My polymer clay charms are turning out really cute and I love giving them as gifts.” ~Radeane-F

Consumer Product Safety Act – Crafters Get More Time

Enforcement of child product safety testing reccomendations has been delayed for a full year.

Child Product Safety Law – New Legislation Affects Handmade Goods

Child Product Safety Law – New Legislation Affects Handmade Goods: Do you make handmade beads and jewelry for kids? Well as of February… 10

Sculpey Clay Craft Projects for Kids – Backpack Penguin Charm Stolen

Polymer clay miniature figurines… a hot commodity in elementary schools: And when I say ‘hot’, I’m not just talking about how excited kids… 14

Art Teachers Resources: 10 Tips for Polymer Clay Kids Craft Projects

No need to “dumb down” polymer clay instructions for children. You’ll be amazed how quick they learn: Q: Hello Cindy – Next week… 22

Buy Jewelry Making Supplies – 12 Shopping Tips for Polyclay Artists

Michaels, a great place to find jewelry findings and beading wire… if you know how to shop their aisles: We’ve all been there…… 27

Baking Polymer Clay Safety Tips – Fumes From Burning Not So Good

Vid #006: Safety Tips for Baking Polymer Clay: Yes even a soft, squishy and colorful compound like polymer clay has it’s own list… 32

Rolling Polymer Clay – What They Never Taught You in Kindergarten

Vid #022: Rolling Polymer Clay Logs Evenly By Hand: In kindergarten you probably learned how to roll playdoh logs using your fingers and… 8

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