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Glad Press’n Seal Polymer Clay Safe Plastic Wrap

Video #759: You can use this product to create air-tight storage solutions for all kinds of tools and supplies in your craft studio.

Polymer Clay Cane Tools Supplied by Tiny Pandora

Video #750: Teresa Salgado is the creator of these unique acrylic tools for making and manipulating your polymer clay canes.

Micro Macrame Bracelet With Polymer Clay Focal Bead

Video #733: In today’s video I review a book about Micro Macrame Jewelry, by completing one of the projects in it.

Secrets For Rolling The Perfect Swirly Lentil Bead

Video #698: When you get this one right, I’m sure you’ll agree it is one of the most addictive polymer clay beads you… 18

Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files Polymer Clay Project Idea

Video #691: The Swarovski Crystals were so pretty… that I had a difficult time bringing myself to cover them up with cane slices.

Seven “Summer” Tips For Working With Polymer Clay

Video #689: Gel ice packs work great for cooling polymer canes… to minimize distortion when slicing them in warmer weather.

Introducing The New Lucy Clay Mini Slicer

Video #687: This smaller cousin of the original LC Slicer, is a great choice for those who don’t need all the features of… 12

Square Cane Slices on Round Polymer Clay Beads

Video #654: There’s an easy way to add square slices to round beads… and a hard way. If you know me at all…… 6

Lucy Clay Brand Polymer Cane Slicer Demo And Review

Video #651: This is a polymer clay cane slicer on the grandest of scales… it is a really beautiful, top-of-the-line machine!

Adding Round Polymer Cane Slices to Round Beads

Video #643:┬áMaking canes is very fun… but when you also know how to use them in creative ways… that makes it even more… 4

Polyslicer Combo Tool For Slicing Polymer Clay Canes

Video #607: This is a compact tool that works especially well for cutting super thin polymer cane slices for Nailart applications.

Rubbing Alcohol – A Must Have For All Polymer Clayers

Video #605: Isopropyl Alcohol (99%) is one of the most useful supplies to have in your polymer clay studio.

Christmas Sweater Cane | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-079

6 Videos #597 to #602: A classic knitting or needlepoint pattern that never gets old. It just gets more nostalgic with each passing… 27

Have You Ever Heard Of A Polymer Cane Extruder?

Video #603: A cane slicing tool that makes perfectly round or perfectly square slices every time… at any thickness you desire.

Cynthia Tinapple Polymer Clay Extruder Disks

Video #534: Product review and demo of how to make rainbow flower beads using a Makins Professional Ultimate Extruder.

Must Have Polymer Clay Tool – Cutting Blades

Video #508: Slicing your polymer clay canes and flat sheets requires the right tools… here are some options and ideas for you.

The Acrylic Roller – An Essential Polymer Clay Tool

Video #496: For beginners, this acrylic hand rolling tool can even get you by if you don’t have a pasta machine yet.

Reducing Square Polymer Clay Canes (Mini Tutorial)

Video #476: You can make them as small as you need… right down to teeny tiny.

Square Polymer Clay Rainbow Cane Skinner Blend Plug

Video #475: You will use this type of cane a lot in more complex caning projects.

Two Cindy’s Making Natasha Beads in the Dark

Video #453: Roadtrip #2-02 (OR): The sun went down… but we kept going… Polymer Clay Camping.

Simple Slicer Tool for Cutting Polymer Cane Slices

Video #415: Cindy-P, a member who happens to be blind, uses this cane tool all the time. Now I do too!

How To Slice Round Polymer Canes Without Distortion

Video #373: Here is a solution to prevent cane slices from squashing when you cut them.

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