Interchangeable Pendants, First Kaleidoscope Canes [Spotlight]

Polymer Clay Projects “This is a great way to show our projects… just like the gallery I was getting at, Cindy.” ~Elizabeth-K

Every week I receive fabulous photos of polymer clay projects from you guys, based on techniques learned from the tutorials and information posted here at the site. I absolutely LOVE receiving them! Here are a few the recent submissions…

Kaleidoscope Canes by Elizabeth Kerr

Hi Cindy. This is my first ever Kaleidoscope canes. I think I could get full marks on effort and about 5/10 for execution.
Not perfect but getting there. Thanks for your great tutorial. Canada is having a wonderful time at the moment  with the Olympics which I am watching avidly. The opening ceremony was marvelous and enthralling, and Canada is such a beautiful country. Love,


Interchangeable Pendants by Elizabeth Kerr

Hi again Cindy. Here is my effort for the Interchangeable Pendant. I am sending a couple of photos. You may be able to fit them in. Thanks.

This is a great way to show our projects, gives us such a nice lot of things to look at just like the gallery I was getting at Cindy. You are way ahead of us. I am so far away and sit here on my lonesome, and do this so it makes me feel closer to all of you when you know what I am doing and can have a feel for it… Ok I’m away to see what pics I can put in next, it has inspired me. I loved the Inlay and I loved how my Bone pieces came out so you might get to see. Keep sending pics in as Cindy says. Love, Bye,


If you are interested in sharing pictures of your polymer clay projects with the community, please follow these 2 simple steps:

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2) Include a description, being sure to reference the tutorial or blog article that provided inspiration for your work.

Then be sure to follow this blog on a regular basis to watch for when your feature shows up. This is a great way for everyone to get to know each other better, through the pieces each of you create. Don’t be shy. Everyone is friendly here.

In the comment section below, please do compliment each other; Offer encouragement; Ask questions about the techniques used; And in general… be social. This is your community! It’s up to you to make it a fun and supportive place to hang out. All of you are amazing and it’s wonderful to have everyone here!

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  1. Elizabeth K., 12 March, 2010

    Hi Cindy what an exciting surprise I got when I looked in here tonight. Wow You are so genorous to find the time to do this and I hope it encourages others to do likewise.
    You’ve made my day XXX

  2. Joyce M, 12 March, 2010

    @Elizabeth K.: Elizabeth K., love the color combination in your kalei canes and your choice of beads in the interchangeable technique. Its inspiring to say the least. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Phaedrakat, 12 March, 2010

    @Elizabeth K.: Oh, Elizabeth, how proud of you we all are! Look at these lovely creations! You scored way higher than 5/10 on execution! The colors are beautiful, and I love the finished pillow beads you made with the kaleidoscope cane. Your interchangeable pendants turned out great—I thought you said you had trouble with this technique? That must have been someone else, because these are fantastic! So are the beads you put in them. This is so cool, being able to see your beads all the way from Australia!

    Thanks for this spotlight feature, Cindy. This is a great way to bring the members closer to knowing each other. I can’t wait to see even more of Elizabeth’s “pretties,” as well as creations from other members. Hopefully, I’ll be able to send in some of my own work, too (some day…!)

  4. Elizabeth S., 12 March, 2010

    Oh man, Elizabeth K, Cindy must have been bursting with pride when she saw these pieces. I love the kaleidoscope canes, especially the colors. What beautiful patterns you have achieved. The interchangeable pendants are gorgeous as well! I love how you added the accent beads to the pieces. They add the perfect dimension and make the beautiful focals pop. Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing them with us. I am inspired.

  5. Cheryl Hodges, 12 March, 2010

    Hi Elizabeth

    Love the kaleidoscope canes specially the blues and greens in them. Very cool and pretty. The interchangeable pendants are wonderful too. Love them both but specially the brown and gold one – thats one of my favorite colors. Did you use a leaf cane on the focal bead?
    Congratulations – I think you score on effort and execution!

  6. Lisa Whitham, 12 March, 2010

    @Elizabeth K. – Absolutely beautiful work. Way to go!! I love that you made your interchangeable pendant in the shape of a bell… I would have never thought of that. And I too like the colors of your kalidescope canes. Amazing such a simple technique can produce such beauty!

    @Cindy – Thanks for showing us other peoples work too. It’s so interesting to see other peoples interpretations of your lessons! I just love our clay community!!!

    Keep On Claying,
    ~Lisa :)

  7. Elizabeth K., 12 March, 2010

    Hi Cindy and all, wow what a way to go.
    Cindy, you are certainly on the ball with the gallery.
    Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my efforts. The bell shape of my Interch Pendant, is because I didnt have the right wire to have a round pendant, it was too soft, so had to make it presentable by tweeking it to that shape. Love the I/P idea.
    The Kalis are a bit out of shape because I only have Sculpy to use, and so it makes for a soft Kali and not as sharp lines as with other clay like Cindy’s
    Now that I can at least make a Kali Canes thanks to Cindys videos, I can make more when I get the right clay.
    We all know how attractive these Videos are to us. Cant get enough of watching all that comes in
    Thanks Phaedracat, thats nice of you to be proud of me, wish we could all be together but this site does at least bring us together.
    Please put in some of your work. Once you break the ice and send something it gets easier, and what a thrill to see your own work here not expecting to see it look so good.
    Yes Cheryl ,My focal bead was covered with a leaf cane I once made.
    and the small beads are covered with pearlex powders. I love how they
    get that beautiful pearly shine ,in any colour, to highlight them
    Well thanks again everyone this has made my day and well worth being a member of this group.
    Bye for now
    E XXX .

  8. Priscilla L, 12 March, 2010

    Very nice kaleidoscope beads. Green and blue combination is very hip right now. (Check out Crate and Barrel’s website.) And I love how the pink center on the other pillow bead looks like a butterfly.

  9. Catalina, 12 March, 2010

    Wow! I love the organic shape of the pendants! This really adds a new dimension to the piece. Great color choice – I have to say I LOVE the purple bead!!

  10. Tiffany, 12 March, 2010

    Love Love Love the purple swirl bead, it is beautiful!!!! It is so nice to see all of this incredible talent. I know whatever talent I have with polymer clay is most definately from all I have learned from Cindy!!!!

  11. Phaedrakat, 13 March, 2010

    @All: Please join me in letting Lynn Watts know how much we care about her — she is reaching out to us, her community, in the death of her mother. Click this link to read about Lynn’s Sad News.

  12. DJ, 13 March, 2010

    @Elizabeth K. These are stunning! I just love your way with color from the brightness of your kali canes to the subtle gold/green focal bead (that’s my favorite). I’m catching up after a hectic couple weeks…what a nice surprise to see such lovely pieces highlighted!
    @Phaedrakat Thank-you for the link to Lynn’s Sad News…I think I might have missed it otherwise.

  13. Elizabeth K., 13 March, 2010

    Hi all thank you again to the people who have emailed in here since I last wrote at 3 15 am whenever that was. so glad you liked my colour schemes, believe it or not I do have trouble that way sometimes so when I get it right I like it too.
    Lynns story made me cry too but she has done so well for her Mum, Im sure that was what kept her going those last 5 yrs, such dedication to be admired.
    Love to all.
    Elizabeth K. XX

  14. carolyn, 15 March, 2010

    Isn’t it wonderful how we can each take what Cindy teaches us and add our own unique style. She has taught (and is teaching) us well!

  15. Elizabeth K., 16 March, 2010

    Hi Carolyn
    Yes with just that edge that Cindy teaches us make all our work that much better. Im so glad I found her and all the pals I have made since coming here.
    Elizabeth K. XXX

  16. Kay M, 19 March, 2010

    Hi, Elizabeth! Congrats on being in the Spotlight! Your work is wonderful to see, and I’m so glad that more can view it via here! I just love all the enthusiasm for polymer clay and the creativity bursting around here! You all should take a look at Elizabeth’s beautiful site – there is so much to inspire there. I love all the joy that I see here, and always get inspired when I read and view Elizabeth’s work, and the works of you all. I love to see what Cindy has come up with each Friday, and like the rest of you, I think she must be magic to never need any sleep, because how else could she do all she does? Thanks for this site, Cindy! Hugs to all, Kay

  17. Elizabeth K., 22 March, 2010

    Hi Kay nice to see you here,, thanks for your lovely comments here. Talking about my site, I havent been there for awhile and just when I thought I would this week end along came a cyclone and shut us all down. Have just got back in tonight so may go to my blog tomorrow and bring it up to date re the cyclone.
    At least it was in between Fridays LOL so I will be around for our next video.
    Regards to all

  18. Phaedrakat, 19 March, 2010

    Hi Kay, thanks for the reminder. I need to go check out Elizabeth’s site – haven’t been in awhile. I agree, this is a very inspiring place. The videos, the people, and the little “Energizer Bunny” Cindy, the tutor who never sleeps! Have a great day :)

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