Silver Spoon Jewelry Embellished with a Polymer Clay Teacup Accent

Silver Spoon Polymer Clay Teacup Pendant “This is great. I’ve been making silverware jewelry for awhile now and didn’t know what to do with the spoons.” ~June-F

Tea anyone! Today’s post is just a quick one. It’s late in my day as I write this, and dinner still needs to get made. Just thought I’d share with you this cute little pendant made from a vintage silver teaspoon. On the flattened out face of the spoon, is a slice from a teacup polymer clay cane, with steam wafting up from the warm and cozy beverage.

I knew I was saving those spoons for a reason. ~Linda-G

What a great idea, Cindy! I am sure I still have some – horribly tarnished! – silver spoons somewhere… but we’re going to a huge flea market tomorrow and I am sure to find some there. I can’t wait to try it :-)) ~Caroline-H

I have a lot of old cutlery that I want to turn into jewelry. This would definitely help me put away the spoons! Please teach! Thanks sweetie! ~Suzanna-M

I think this is an ingenious idea! Pretty spoons can be found at just about any thrift store, too. The possibilities are endless. Your brain never shuts off, does it? :) ~Bonnie-B

I think this is great. I’ve been making silverware jewelry for awhile now and didn’t know what to do with the spoons. I started with polymer clay a year or two ago and really like it. Thank you for sharing your ideas. ~June-F

If you look real close at the photo above, you will see that the tiny little flowers on that teacup are made with the Clay Extruder Flower Cane Technique I talked about last week.

I’m thinking of making a teapot cane too. Wouldn’t that be cute to have a teapot on one earring and a steamy teacup on the other? Or maybe a charm or a pin where the teapot pours into a teacup that dangles below?

If you stretched the teacup to be long and tall and didn’t add the base, it could easily be a coffee cup as well. I know a lot of you like to hug a cuppa something warm and cosy while you read this blog. There is no reason why couldn’t capture that moment with a polymer clay bead or pendant!

Thanks for all these inspirational blog posts Cindy. I’m enjoying them and learning lots each morning with my coffee – and from the comments too! ~Aims

What a surprise to have my morning coffee, open the website and see my comment at the beginning of this post. ~Sam-M

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  1. JoyceM, 22 November, 2009

    Good Morning Cindy,
    This is such a cute novelty idea! And there goes the imagination again.’
    If we could only find a way to lengthen these 24 hour days. Sure isn’t time to get bored! My Christmas list has shortened over the years but now there is another list (polymer to do list) getting longer and longer. YAH! Thanks to you and our clay family her at the blog… Happy day to you and yours.

  2. Anna Sabina, 22 November, 2009

    Great project.
    Sale alert- Polymer Clay is on sale at Michaels again this week 4 for $5.00.
    Let’s go crazy !!

  3. aims, 22 November, 2009

    Fantastic idea! I’m sure they would sell like ‘hot spoons’ out at my brother’s coffee bar!

  4. Carrie, 22 November, 2009

    Okay, this has nothing to do with this post but I need help. I found a really neat technique in a book and want to make a bracelet. It requires bezels. My question is, if I buy the blank bezels WITHOUT the loops already on them, how would I add them? Any help would be appreciated!

  5. Carrie, 22 November, 2009

    By the way, hubby doesn’t trust me with a torch, so if there is a torchless way to add the loops, I’m sure he would be grateful!

  6. Cindy Lietz, 23 November, 2009

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    @aims: Something like this would be perfect for a coffee shop. Great idea!

    @Carrie: I hope someone pipes up to help you cuz I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. If I do, I’ll be sure to let you know!

  7. SANDRA G, 27 November, 2009

    LOVE THE SPOON IDEA!! But what are the spoons used for after they’re decorated? I have lots of spoons but no idea on how to use them. I love my Friday mornings with you. THANKS

  8. Cindy Lietz, 12 December, 2009

    Thanks for your sweet comments Sandra! I use these clay decorated spoons for pendants and other jewelry projects.

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