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Sedum Stonecrop Color Palette by Polymer Clay TutorVol-050-A Series [Premo Sculpey]
1A: Sedum
3A: Sage
4A: Shale

As I was sitting here struggling to figure out what to say about this A-series color palette, it dawned on me that we have arrived at Vol-050! Golden! Can you believe it!?

Now since there is both an A-Series and a B-Series for each volume, it mean that 100 palettes have been created so far. And with 4 colors per palette, that calculates out to 400 different color recipe cards in total. No wonder I was having a hard time trying to figure out what to say… lol!

It would also explain why over time, there are palettes that end up resembling each other… like today’s Vol-049-A Sedum Stonecrop Palette as compared to the Vol-045-A Ivy Leaf Palette.

You should know, however, that even if the palettes seem similar, every color recipe is in fact unique. It’s trickier to pull off than you might think.

I can tell ya… that choosing the photos; and then mixing up the colors; plus always having to come up with unique names for everything… is becoming more and more challenging as time goes on. Makes me sympathize somewhat, with the color naming departments of the big designer paint companies.

But then again, they probably have a whole army of creative minds collaborating on the final decisions. Here, at the Polymer Clay Tutor, the colors come from just me :-)

The following Vol-050 A-series Sedum Stonecrop color palette will be added to the Polymer Clay Members Library during the month of July 2012:

  • Sedum (Recipe 050-1A)
  • Stonecrop (Recipe 050-2A)
  • Sage (Recipe 050-3A)
  • Shale (Recipe 050-4A)


Sedum is the earthy toned orange shade found within the petals of the newly forming leaves of this succulent plant. Stonecrop named for the variety of this particular Sedum, represents the muted golden tones found on some of the outcroppings. Sage is the dusted sage green of the leaves as they mature. And Shale is the grayed down teal blue seen in the highlights and the background of this lovely botanical specimen.

Funny, I was just thinking about your colour palettes today (as I downloaded them into my new computer) and was struck by the names you give your colours. The names are all so lush and original, it’s impossible NOT to try to mix them to see what they look like. ~Isabel-H

Cindy! I try to mix some of your palettes every week, even when I don’t have time to make a cane or a “big” project. Thanks for all the great new tutorials and palettes! ~Monique-U

Thanks again for selecting such “go-together” colors for us. ~Patt-W


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Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor
  1. Monique U, 11 June, 2012

    Congratulations on reaching this golden milestone, Cindy! This is another lovely palette. I’ll have to wait for the recipes to see if I have the Premo colours required to make samples. Since I have been buying only Kato now I try to match it to your colours. That is easier if I have a baked and unbaked Premo sample. I have no colour or art training so it is pretty much trial and error, but I find that enjoyable and relaxing. I very much appreciate all the work you do to produce these awesome palettes (perhaps Willow or Fisher would be interested in becoming your colour “apprentice”)! Looking forward to the next “50” palettes…

  2. pattw35, 11 June, 2012

    Another pretty palette . Even though the colors are similar to another palette -it is always different! A little tweak here and another one there = a new palette. I always make the color recipes, so now I can compare one to another. Because they can be used together, each palette has compatible colors. Very useful!

    Congrats on you Golden anniversary ! Such a mile-stone in your quest for just the right palette! We enjoy you palettes – always. Thanks for adding this PLUS to you Polymer Clay Tutor videos !!

  3. Dixie Ann, 11 June, 2012

    Cindy this pallette is scrumpcious. I love the names you come up with each one, they just seem to fit them perfectly. I have printed everyone and had to go out and buy another receipe box to hold them all. I don’t get to mix each one, in fact I am way behind in that field but you keep coming up with such exciting projects I forget about making the color chips! I was just thinking about you reaching your 50th volume last week when I decided to do a spreadsheet on them all so I could find them by their “Group Headings”. After I decided what those would be then I listed the Volume and the Video number it appeared in. It turned out to be one of the best things I could have done. Now I can find what I am looking for right away instead of clicking through all the videos trying to find the right one.
    Inserting a new one is so easy too, all I have to do is decide what Heading it goes under and pop it into the new row. 50 volumes of videos is a lot and I decided if I am going to be collecting another 50 or 100 or 200 I needed to get organized. Anyone can do this too, by using a card file if they don’t have any spreadsheet experience. So congratulations Cindy and Doug on your 50th
    volume and I am so looking forward to the next 50, 100, 200??

  4. Cherie, 11 June, 2012

    I have downloaded my recipes into a color recipe folder so it’s easy to get into and find a color.

  5. Jocelyn, 19 June, 2012

    Holy Hannah!!! Dixie you are fabulous. Will you share or barter?

  6. Dixie Ann, 19 June, 2012

    Well thank you Jocelyn but I don’t know what you mean. What would you like to share or barter? Are you referring to my spreadsheet?
    If so I would be happy to share it with anyone. All you have to do is know how to insert a row, type your info and save it. Let me know Sweetie and it’s yours.

  7. Jocelyn, 19 June, 2012

    Yuppers, the spreadsheet……and bless you for sharing!!!

  8. Dixie Ann, 19 June, 2012

    Jocelyn, if Cindy will allow to share your email address I can send it to you. I don’t know how to put a link on the blog to this document.

  9. Cherie, 11 June, 2012

    Wow!! Congratulations on completing 50! You are an amazing artist – and the palettes even though sometimes resemble each other are different. Love, love all the recipes – the colors and the names.

  10. Maria C, 12 June, 2012

    Cindy, one thing that always impresses my friends is showing them my giant chain of color chips for all the palettes you have created. Just letting you know I really appreciate all the love and care you have put into creating these beautiful recipes. Thank you! Happy Golden Anniversary! WOW!

  11. pollyanna, 12 June, 2012

    Love these colors! You have given us so many shades but all are different and useful.
    thanks so much.

  12. Joyce Folsom, 12 June, 2012

    Beauty, beauty everywhere, in each color that you have created with love. How awesome is that? There aren’t “thanks” enough, Cindy for all the effort, though it be willing, you put into this clay art and its accessories. Mondays are wonderful to see what is coming, Thursday is a pleasant tease and Fridays are the utmost. Happy Golden Anniversary! Always looking forward to what is coming next and the love shared within our clay family. Couldn’t be better…..except for a personal meeting with as many members as possible…..who knows????

  13. Cindy Lietz, 19 June, 2012

    Thank you so much everyone for your sweet comments! I am always so touched by the kindness you all so willingly share. I am really looking forward to going on the road and meeting as many of you as possible. It will be like a Family Reunion!

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