New Sculpey Flexible Texture Sheets for 2013

Sculpey Flexible Texture SheetsVideo #424: Introducing Sculpey’s two new texture sheet sets… The Edgy and Landscape Series.

Topics Covered In This Video:

  • A little while ago, I got a box of all the new Sculpey and Premo products for 2013 sent to me from Polyform.
  • In the box were two new Sculpey Flexible Textures Sheets sets: Edgy and Landscape.
  • Each set contains two texture sheets one with six small pattern designs on it and the other is a full sheet with a larger design on it.
  • Edgy contains these designs: Snakeskin, City Map, Copper Ceiling, River Rocks, Fishnet, Cheetah, Graphic Flower.
  • Landscape contains these designs: Floral, Paver Brick, Leaf Vein, Honey Comb, Dandelion, Cherry Blossoms, Tree Bark.
  • These new purple Sculpey Flexible Texture Sheets are different than the old green Sculpey Texture Makers. They are bigger and the right thickness and width to be used in a pasta machine.
  • I show an example of how I used the City Map patterned sheet on the back of one of my Micro Mosaic Head Brooch from my tutorial, and the Fishnet pattern on the back of a Micro Mosaic Crown Pin.
  • I also do a quick demo on how to use the texture sheets by rolling the clay by hand with a brayer, using inks on the texture plates and running the sheets through your pasta machine.

Question of the Day:

Have you seen these Sculpey Flexible Texture Sheets out in the stores yet? And are you going to go try them?

I look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, if you have a polymer clay question or challenge you’d like me to address in an upcoming video vlog, do post it in the comments below. I’d love to help you find quicker and easier ways to bring up the professionalism in your polymer clay art.

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Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Sue F, 12 September, 2013

    You can never have too many texture sheets, in my opinion! :)

    I have some of the older green versions, but don’t have any of the new type yet.

    I make my own texture sheets from scrap clay sometimes, which is a nice way of getting something fairly unique. I’d love to try the photopolymer method too but haven’t got my hands on the requisite materials yet.

  2. Michelle W, 12 September, 2013

    Cindy I look forward to your videos all the time. The little tips and tricks you gave has made my charms so much better. Because of your tips I will be able to open a small charm shop soon! Thank you so much for everything you have done!

  3. Amy B, 12 September, 2013

    Thanks. It’s great to know the texture sheets will go in the pasta machine. I wasn’t going to purchase one, but I have now changed my mind. Love your videos!

  4. K Sterk, 12 September, 2013

    Great timing on this video Cindy – I just had those texture sheets in my hand at Michael’s but put them back because I already had too many things in my cart as usual. I think I will pick them up next time. Thank you for the video!

  5. Helgusz A, 12 September, 2013

    Dear Cindy! Thank you for your tutorials, I’ve learnt many tricks from them! I love them! Respect from Hungary!

  6. Vanessa A, 12 September, 2013

    I feel like you deserve way more then 6,000 subscribers on YouTube for some reason.

  7. elaine faulks, 12 September, 2013

    Just like Sue F I make my own texture sheets and hope Cindy will one day do a tute for photopolymer plates. Will probably put these on my Christmas wish list…cheers xx

  8. Dixie Ann, 12 September, 2013

    I agree, you can never have too many texture sheet. These look great and I so appreciate it when Cindy demonstrates new products for us. I am definitely going to pick these up as soon as Michaels or Joanns gets them in. I see a lot of potential in using them in my designs. Thanks again Cindy and Polyform!

  9. Janice G, 12 September, 2013

    I bought one after watching your micro mosaic tutorial… but I haven’t used it yet. I love the ink idea!

  10. Marianne O., 12 September, 2013


    Thanks for the great tips! I bought the Edgy sheet when I first picked up my Premo a few weeks ago, but I have yet to try it. Now that you did the math for me on how to get it through the pasta machine by putting it on a thinner setting, plus doing the ink trick on the sheet, I find myself now wanting the landscape sheet for the flowers! You make me smile and make what started out as a horrible day much better. I enjoy your videos, please keep making the world smile ;)

  11. Betty B, 13 September, 2013

    I bought the landscape set awhile back and have played with them some. This video was a huge help! I’ll be trying the ink… it’s just the type of technique I was looking for! Thanks, Cindy!

  12. Fran C, 20 September, 2013

    Your tutorials are so helpful!

  13. Angie A, 18 October, 2013

    I just bought these texture sheets today! So glad to find your video!

  14. Robert N, 08 January, 2014

    I was watching your video on textureing clay as I am new to this I was wondering where I can get the ink that you used and hopefully many colors im sure.



  15. Dixie Ann, 09 January, 2014

    Hi Bob, welcome to our blog. Alcohol Inks come in several different brands. Pinata, Adirondack, etc;
    They can be purchased at MIchaels, JoAnns, MisterArts, Dick Blicks, and from many online retailers. If you do a google search for alcohol inks I’m sure you will find many links. Also, at the top of this blog is a Search window in which you can find just about any answers to your questions. I personally like the Adirondack Inks but I also have made my own from Sharpie Markers. This gives me a huge range of colors but you can also mix colors if needed. Cindys video will show you how to use and dry these inks with polymer clay. I hope this helps you, don’t forget the search feature and lots of luck and enjoyment working with clay. ?

  16. Cindy Lietz, 09 January, 2014

    Hi Robert, the ink I used in this video was Brilliance Fast Drying Pigment Ink by Tsukineko. I bought it at Michaels. It comes in many colors and can be bought in sets as well. As you see, it works beautifully with polymer clay.

  17. Mary Anne M, 09 January, 2014

    Hi Robert! I use Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink. MisterArt has tons of colors.
    Passed clay through the pasta machine, then ran the color down the middle
    of the clay. Let the alcohol evaporate before working with clay, otherwise
    you’ll have ink all over your hands, pasta machine, etc. I just finished
    making beads with dried flower petal and clay. My first attempt and the color is
    beautiful! Have Fun!

  18. Cindy Lietz, 09 January, 2014

    Thank you Mary Anne and Dixie Ann for popping in and sharing your tips with Robert. I appreciate the help!

  19. Robert M, 10 January, 2014

    Hey everyone thanks for all the response, I have just finished playing with some of the texture sheets and the results were just great, can’t wait to get into some fun stuff and then try the ink after I get some. Thanks again everyone.

    Cindy hank you very much for all the additional info. This is the best information I have yet found. Being retired I need to fill in my time with something challenging as I was a stained glass artist recently and have found that it needed me to be on my feet to do alot of the work. Polymer clay I can do sitting down. I once again thank you.


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