Purple Beads for Purple Pendants and Jewelry – Sculpey Color Mixing

Kimberlee Johnson's Plum Color Recipes

Making beads to support a cause… Kimberlee Johnson graciously shares her plum-colored, polymer clay recipe ideas:

In a previous post Kimberlee said… “I have to share with you that this article gave me the confidence to really commit to experimenting with mixing colors. I’m using your little pill sample technique and I’m so happy with the results! Plus my experimentation has led me to find a beautiful shade of purple that is just perfect for making beads to support my local university team. Fancy that! Plus it’s just a pretty purple! Thanks for instilling confidence and providing some really great recipes. I think the best part about these recipes is the way the translucent works to enhance the quality of the color. Kinda makes it POP!”  [Here’s a link to the original article that got Kimberlee so inspired: Mixing Polymer Clay Colors].

My response back to Kimberlee was… “You are very welcome Kimberlee! I am so proud that you are mixing your own colors, trying new techniques and having the confidence to start selling your things on Etsy and for fundraisers! That is fantastic! Hey if you wrote down the recipe for that pretty purple you’re talking about, why don’t you send it to me and I’ll post it! I’ll give you full credit of course!”

And here’s the result… Kimberlee’s Pretty Purple,
Polymer Clay Color Recipes:

Deep Plum Pearl:
1 part Premo Red Pearl
1 part Sculpey III Turquoise

Plum Pearl:
  1 part Premo Red Pearl
  1 part Sculpey III Turquoise
  2 parts Premo Pearl

Now I have to tell you… I mixed up these Plum colors and they are GORGEOUS! I didn’t have the Sculpey Turquoise so I substituted it for Premo Turquoise which is exactly the same color. Also made up some Skinner Blends going from the Deep Plum to Pearl… Lovely!

This purple also makes a wonderful grape color, perfect for grape canes. They sparkle and glisten like a real cluster of grapes!

So guys if you want to make your own purple beads and jewelry, give Kimberlee’s Premo / Sculpey color mix a try! And if anyone else has any other color recipes to share, just send them to me and I’ll post in another article with your name on it (photos are always nice to include as well).

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  1. MJ, 17 August, 2008


    Thanks for sending these along to the rest of us.

    Special thanks to Kimberlee for coming up with the recipes and sharing them.

  2. Garnie, 18 August, 2008

    Wow! These are gorgeous recipes (ye olde RecipeBox is getting fatter)….mucho thanks to Kimberlee…and to you,Cindy, for sharing..
    Colors are just plain “plum” delicious (you may groan now) :)

  3. Marianne Huber, 18 August, 2008

    The plum color in the picture is sure pretty, if that is the same plum. I have to go shopping again. I can’t get ahead with my projects since there is so much neat stuff always coming along.

  4. Kimberlee, 18 August, 2008

    Happy to share! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the plum in the photo is the lighter of the two colors, “Plum Pearl,” which as Cindy mentioned does make a great grapey color!

  5. Cindy Lietz, 18 August, 2008

    @MJ: You’ll have to give it a try, it’s a pretty color!

    Garnie: Groan!! :)

    Marianne: Oh I so know what you mean! So many things to try with polymer clay!

    Kimberlee: Thank you so much for submitting the recipes… their a hit!

    *Side note: Everyone should pop by Kimberlee’s Etsy store to see her pretty pendants and beads! Just click on her name by her comment, it will take you right there!!

    Cindy Lietz’s last blog post..Purple Beads for Purple Pendants and Jewelry – Sculpey Color Mixing

  6. Kimberlee, 18 August, 2008

    I’m claying tonight, and I realized that my Premo and Sculpey III Turquoise are not exactly the same shade. Cindy, I’ll send you a photo for comparison. I’m wondering if Sculpey changed the shade over time.

  7. Cindy Lietz, 19 August, 2008

    Thank you for the photo Kimberlee… You are right they are not the same color! The Sculpey is quite a bit darker. I obviously remembered wrong. I am sorry about that!

    The good news is that the Premo does look really good too! Looking at the photo above my mix looks very similar. I am surprised that yours isn’t a lot darker. Pigments stronger in Premo? Who knows!

    I apologize if I confused any of you. (Still making mistakes… so you don’t have to!)

    Thank you Kimberlee for bringing this to my attention!! And thanks once again for the great recipe!

    Cindy Lietz’s last blog post..Bird Pendant Jewelry Trends on Etsy – Make Them with Polymer Clay

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