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Volume-008 Back Issue Package

Volume-008 Back Issue Package is Now Available at the Polymer Clay Tutor, Members Library:

If you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat for the Vol-008 back issue collection of tutorial videos and A-list color recipe cards, then you are in luck. It is now available for purchase at the Polymer Clay Members Library. Topics covered in the package include:

  • How to take apart your Pasta Machine; Thoroughly clean it; And of course, how to put all the pieces back together again.
  • How to form, texturize and antique the unique shaped Fossil Shell Bead. A very fun and unique faux project.
  • How to create stunning Cupped Shaped Beads that are baked on a curved light bulb in your polymer clay oven.
  • How to make your own Felt Buffing Wheel that works in your Dremel Tool for adding a beautiful shine to your polymer beads.

Also included in the Volume-008 Back Issue Package are the 4 Polymer Clay Color Recipes from the Snowy Mountain Color Palette!

To see preview clips for all the videos in the Volume-008 Back Issue Package and for current pricing click here: Polymer Clay Tutorials

Many of you may be wondering if paying for instructional videos is worth it when there are free tutorial videos available on places such as YouTube.

I’ve already partially addressed this question myself, in another post [SEE: Polymer Clay Instructions]. So in today’s article, I’d like to share with you some comments and opinions posted by other members of the polymer clay community…

Wow Cindy! This is the first of your videos I have watched, and I have to say what a nice job! The camera angles were great and the picture was very bright and clear. Much better than the blurry, dark, jumpy videos I have seen elsewhere. If all your vids are this well done, then what a value your membership really is! Thank you so very much for sharing this one in particular with all of us. I am sure everyone who watches this will be able to use this method easily after watching you do it. Even if they have been intimidated by the skinner blend in the past. What a sweetheart you are to give us all this chance to see it. XOXO ~Jamie

To see original comment click here: Quick Skinner Blend

The video that Jamie is referring to in the comment above, is the Lietz Teardrop Tutorial which I recently made available to everyone (even non-members), for a limited time. It is still accessible without requiring a password if you want to check it out. Click here for details: Lietz Teardrop Video

By the way, Jamie has since come on board as a full paying member. And here’s what she had to say after having the opportunity to see a few more of the library videos…

I just enjoy watching your videos Cindy! Not only are they instructive and helpful. They are also “real”. I love that you don’t edit out the little oopses or have an elaborate set, in a dream studio, like some videos I have watched. For most of us who do or have done, the majority of our crafting at the kitchen table or less. Its nice to see you work in a simple setting and with tools that most of us probably have too. And to see you dealing with the clay, even when it doesn’t always cooperate, the same as we do. Although,(evil grin) I’d love to see if you have the same untidy creative effect on the rest of your studio, as most of us probably do. LOL, I know mine is a wreck when I get done with a major idea storm. Any chance of a peek at the rest of your clay haven?  XOXO ~Jamie

To see original comment click here: Polymer Clay Tutorials

Jamie… I’m so glad you decided to come inside as a full member at the Library. You have such a wonderful positive attitude! And I love your “evil grin” idea about wanting to see pics of some of my untidy creative spaces. Stay tuned for that…

Moving on to some comments from a few other people…

Yes there is free info out there if you want to spend hours searching, though the quality of filming is usually a let down. ~Andrea

Comment received via Email

Part of the reason why the filming quality is low for much of the free stuff out there, is because you need to know a thing or two about multimedia production. Even for the “real life” style of filming that you see in my videos.

Things like which camera to use, sound quality, lighting, close-ups, editing software, encoding for the web, etc. are all important considerations.

Just because someone can teach, does not necessarily mean they are going to be good at capturing it on video and then posting it to the web. The results can often be a disappointing “let down” as Andrea pointed out above.

Plus with all the time it takes, artists will often only do one or two videos and then quit because it isn’t worth their effort. So there isn’t a lot of consistency or continuity in what you’ll find out there. Just a mish-mash of techniques scattered all over the place which require hours of searching to find.

You can tell your video camera person that they did a great job. Too many videos don’t show the close-ups so one can tell exactly what to do. Also your tips are great. Great job. Thanks in advance for any trouble or effort. ~Lynellen

Comment received via email.

The fact of the matter is that not everyone can teach. Although an artist may be extremely talented at making things, that doesn’t mean he/she is going to be good at teaching what they know to you.

Some artists are boring to listen to. Some are pretentious. And some assume you know more than you actually do, so they skip over a lot of important details.

You don’t need that! You need someone who will teach you how to do the technique properly, in an informative and friendly way. Just like an experienced friend would teach you!

The manner of your teaching is pleasant and relaxed. I feel like I’m in your studio having coffee with you …. The camera work is great, close enough to see the detail. You share all of your vast knowledge on each subject, not just the general instructions. ~Sandra

Comment received via email.

All of your videos have been super great! … You have a pleasant speaking voice and the camera work is good too. The info is complete, easy to follow and entertaining. God bless you from all of us. ~Zoe

To see original comment click here: Making Jewelry

So if you been humming and hawing over whether or not you should bother buying any of my video tutorials, just re-read what the happy customers above have said, and treat yourself to some great polymer clay lessons. You’ll find they are worth every penny you paid for them!

FYI: Here’s a little bit of inside information for you, about pricing. Although the current cost of accessing my weekly polymer clay tutorial videos works out to only $3.32 per month, this will be going up.

I’ve set this price so low to encourage sign ups during the start-up phase of the library. The good news is that if you subscribe before the price increase, you will be “grandfathered” in at the low charter membership rate. Just thought I’d let you know…


Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor

  1. Cindy Lietz, 08 March, 2009

    One thing I did not mention in the article above, which is another important issue to be aware of, is the fact that some of the free tutorial videos out on the web at large can actually be misleading.

    I’ve seen many presentations that provide advice which if followed, will lead to a great deal of frustration. Not to mention the actual hard cost of wasted clay and materials.

    My point is that Free can end up costing you a heck of a lot more than $3.32 per month… the extremely affordable price of a subscription at my Polymer Clay Tutor Library :-)

  2. Debbie McLelland, 17 March, 2009

    In watching your beginning series, you showed that you like to use the metal AMACO Bead Rack. I looked it up online and they look great but cost $25.99 each. I have seen others less expensive. If the AMACO is really better, that’s the one I will purchase. What do you think?

    Debbie at FGS

  3. Cindy Lietz, 17 March, 2009

    Hi Debbie! I like the Amaco rack because of its size, its sturdiness and the number of bead pins it comes with but if you can find one cheaper that that is just as good, go for it!

  4. Jamie, 20 March, 2009

    Hi Cindy. Geesh Im all blushing and stuff that you used my comments in this article. Thank you. But every word I wrote is the truth. If I was asked right now what tools you would need to get started in polymer clay? I would have to say that besides the pasta machine and some clay. The best tool you could have, and the best value for your money, would be a membership to the Polymer Clay Tutor and your wonderful tutorial library. I cant say it enough. Where were you 20 years ago when I started with this stuff? LOL. You’ve even taught this “old dog” a few tricks. Gotta love that! XOXO Jamie

  5. Cindy Lietz, 20 March, 2009

    Geesh Jamie now I’m blushing!

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