Polymer Clay Tutorial | Silver Spoon Bails for Jewelry

Silver Spoon Bails for Polymer Clay JewelryVideo #149: “This really looks like an interesting technique that has a cool recycle thing going.” ~Sue-W

As many of you already know, I love to use vintage silverware in my polymer clay jewelry. The pieces end up with lots of character, style and one-of-a-kind uniqueness. And due to popular demand, I have finally put together a video tutorial on how to use silver spoons as bails. It will be posted later this week as Vid-022-4 in the Polymer Clay Members Library.

Listed below are several of the “Tutorial Yes Votes” that were originally posted in the comment section of this article: Silverware Jewelry Pendant Made with Polymer Clay Dogwood Flower

I love the idea of working with reclaimed materials, so I vote “yes” for sure. The pictures show such a wide range of project ideas which makes this really appealing as well.

Yes from me Cindy. This really looks like an interesting technique that has a cool recycle thing going. ~Sue-W

A yes from me. I think these are beautiful! It’s a versatile and useful technique, but I’m gonna have to visit some thrift stores to be able to try it. (My sister snagged the family silver for herself!) I especially love one of your pieces I found in an older post. It’s a birdie pendant with a spoon-handle bail. ~Phaedrakat

Ooh yes. I sense a Goodwill visit coming. I need some pretty plates to break up for pendants… it started as an accident… and I’ll raid for spoons too. ~Katie-C

Yes from me too. I have a little box of spoons waiting for something. I’ve wondered what it takes to cut them.

Interesting! That’s a yes from me – it isn’t really my style but I’d still like to see how it’s done. ~Silverleaf

Hi Cindy, I’ve made a few silverware items and would like more ideas for sure!! ~Lynn-V

Like everyone else, I would love to see a video on using silver spoons for jewelry. It is a great idea!! Hugs.

Love to see how to use silver spoons video. I used to hate rainy days but now I don’t mind at all I can spend many happy hours on your site. I don’t seem to have any trouble finding my way around and enjoy going back to the beginning and I learn something new every day. ~Josie-T

Oh, Cindy, this would be GREAT! I have a lot of old silverware that has been passed down through the generations. ~Carolyn-F

With such a clear Yes vote, I am happy to say that the Polymer Clay Silver Spoon Bail Tutorial has now been filmed and will be available in the Polymer Clay Library (Vol-022-4) on Friday March 26th, 2010.


Supplies & Tools: Video-022-4: Silver Spoon Bail:

  • Silver or Silver Plated Silverware. I prefer to use Silver Plate since it is much cheaper and still has a great look. Look for teaspoons with pretty handles though any type of silverware will work, depending on the project. Avoid knives however. They are ususally difficult to cut or bend, and are often too large and heavy for jewelry anyway.
  • Vise (Optional but very helpful, especially if your hands are not very strong. I placed two small pieces of wood in the jaws to protect the silverware from scratching. Some vises come with plastic/nylon jaws for this purpose.
  • Hacksaw (Optional) This is just the regular old type of hacksaw you would get at the hardware store.
  • Metal File (Optional) You will only need a file if you are cutting the cutlery.
  • Strong Pliers (Optional) Not your good jewelry pliers. Just use the ones from the hardware store. Wrap the jaws with tape to help avoid leaving scratch marks on your silverware.
  • Steel Wool.

The full version of the Vid-022-4 Silver Spoon Bail Video will be posted in the Polymer Clay Members Library on Friday March 26, 2010. But if you would like to see a sneak peek intro clip right now, scroll down the page a bit to the video player below.

Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor




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Here’s That “Link Below” Referred To at End of the Video
>> Polymer Clay Tutorials <<

The full version of the “Silver Spoon” preview video shown above, is now available for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Vol-022 Back Issue Package.

Customer Feedback About Membership Value:

Loved your course videos and as it was mentioned there is 24/7 availability. I’ve paid for quite a few classes in different mediums and yes, after a few days I’ve forgotten many important details and forget about trying to read my scribbled notes (I can’t even make out my handwriting!). More importantly, Cindy, is that I feel, as I’m sure everyone else does, that you are a friend, always helping when help is requested. For all of this, this course and subsequent membership in your monthly videos is: PRICELESS!!! ~Catherine-R

The following topics are included in this week’s Silver Spoon Bail video tutorial:

  • See examples of several different Silver Spoon Bails, used in a variety of ways.
  • Discussion of the supplies needed to create these beautiful silverware pendants and bails.
  • Learn how to bend silverware spoons so that you can show off the lovely patterned handles.
  • Tips on how to get more than one bail out of one piece of vintage cutlery.
  • Find out how to fill the bail with polymer clay and get it ready for further decoration.

The full version of the “Silver Spoon” preview video shown above, is now available for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Vol-022 Back Issue Package.

  1. Brenda, 23 March, 2010

    YAY!!!! I am excited about this tut. I have tried this and every-time I tried to bend that spoon it broke.

  2. Elizabeth S., 23 March, 2010

    Me too, Brenda. Guess we will just have to wait for Cindy’s magic touch on this one.

  3. Cara, 23 March, 2010

    Just need a supply of vintage silver spoons now.

  4. Peggy Barnes, 23 March, 2010

    You said it ELIZABETH a magic touch indeed. I am going to have to sort thru my old silverware. I am really looking forward to Friday. I have very weak hands so I might have to ask hubby for HELP! This year just keeps getting better and better thanks to Cindy and Doug.
    Uuuuugggggggggs for all, Peggy

  5. Ritzs, 23 March, 2010

    I made two some time ago, and then I did not like them, but I will have another go, the man of the house comes in very handy at times like this bless him, I also need help with the bending.

  6. Katie, 23 March, 2010

    Looks like I’m going to enlist some help from dad, uncle, or brother in bending spoons… soon as I make it to Goodwill. Too many projects in mind for my College Spring Break :( A week is not long enough!

  7. Lupe Meter, 23 March, 2010

    WooHoo, the spoon bail tutorial! I am excited to try this out!

  8. Phaedrakat, 23 March, 2010

    Thanks in advance, Cindy! Seeing all those cool examples in the preview has me all excited again about this. I need to get to Goodwill and grab a few items. I should have checked out a couple yard sales last weekend — seems like everyone in my neighborhood was having one! (Must be Spring-cleaning time…)

    Does anyone have any quick tips on how to tell if something is silver/plated vs. other metals? I know sometimes they’re labeled, but other than that? C’mon metal experts, help us out here… :D

  9. carolyn, 23 March, 2010

    I had to go to the attic yesterday to reset the chipmunk trap. While up there I rummaged around looking for some knitting needles. I never found the needles, but I did find some badly tarnished silverware tucked in the bottom of a box of stuff I got from my mom’s estate. It is mostly silver plate though I’m pretty sure a couple pieces are sterling based on the markings. The markings are the only real way to know if something is plate or sterling. In the USA manufacturers are required to state on the piece if it is other than sterling. Some say Triple – meaning triple plate; others may just have SP – if that P is there it is plate. At a glance, with older silverware, if the back of the bowl is dark and worn, especially if you can catch your fingernail on it, it is plate.

    Now that I have the spoons – tea and soup – and have cleaned them, I’m anxious to see Cindy’s tutorial. It may be a while before I can actually work on them, but watching will put it in my brain where it can run around and nag me to get to it!

  10. Phaedrakat, 24 March, 2010

    @carolyn: Chipmunk trap – that sounds bizarre! I think I remember seeing a picture of one on your blog. It was really cute (I’ll have to go visit later today.) Thanks for the information on how to tell which is silver & which is plate. I guess no markings means it’s just “some metal.” Stainless steel or that type of flatware would also be labeled as such.

    I’ll go check out the thrift store tomorrow. I haven’t left the house yet, so my shopping/errand list is a mile long. I hope I can get it all done in one outing, and before my family all return from their respective trips!

  11. Phaedrakat, 24 March, 2010

    I need help with something else – does anyone know the of a good, inexpensive vise I can get for my money? Something I can use for this project, as well as hold my dremel in place for hands-free buffing. I’m in Riverside, CA USA. Thanks!

  12. Brenda, 29 March, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: I got a small one from Harbor Freight. they are pretty cheep there.

  13. Phaedrakat, 29 March, 2010

    @Brenda: Thanks, Brenda! I will check it out, I just discovered I have a 15% off purchase coupon for that store, which is great (every little bit helps!)

  14. Phaedrakat, 16 April, 2010

    @Brenda: Thanks, I did end up getting a vise from Harbor Freight (forgot to use my coupon, but still cheap!) Thanks for the great tip!

  15. Maureen, 25 March, 2010

    I was cleaning my silverware drawer this morning and what did I come across. My sons silver baby spoon (now 22 years old)! What a great thing to do with it! My other children had the silver baby spoons also. I can make them each a piece of jewelry with their baby spoons!!

  16. Phaedrakat, 25 March, 2010

    @Maureen: Perfect, Maureen! And since they’re small, you probably won’t need to cut the length. What a great idea, putting a keepsake to use instead of just displaying it, or storing it away. I didn’t get to the thrift store today, so I’ll only get to watch tomorrow… (But I can hit some yard/garage sales this weekend – I’m bound to find something that way! Better late than never~)

  17. Elizabeth K., 26 March, 2010

    Hi ,You gals are way ahead of me. I have just watched the actual Spoon Bail Tutorial which has just come in to me about 6pm Friday night 26th here in Australia
    Dont know how that comes into it for your time zones. I presume most may have seen the Tut, but I want to say, what an interesting Tut.
    Whether I will be doing this one re findng the right spoons and the right equipment re the vice, (which I gave away after my DH passed away) (I always liked that vice too) He always seemed to be able to do something I wanted on it. Anyway I’ll keep it in mind if something comes up that looks like it needs that sort of bail.
    I enjoyed seeing you Cindy with all those spoons, you looked ready for lots of work.
    You see a collection like that in the Op shop stores as we call them you would never even think how useful they would be in our Polyclay work LOL ,so I will look at them in a different light from now on.
    Think it was one of the most interesting Tuts in a long time. Not that all the Tuts arent, but that did just take my fancy a bit.
    Thank you so much. Will see what I can do, when I can do’
    Elizabeth XXX

  18. Ritzs, 26 March, 2010

    Hello Phaedrakat I got a wonderfull vise that is made for the dremol it swivels in any direction so when it is on the work bench you can put it were you want it, If you look on the dremol site on the internet you will see it, well worth the money It is called the( DREMOL MULTY-VISE) have fun

  19. Phaedrakat, 26 March, 2010

    @Ritzs: Oooh, that’s nice, Ritzs! Cushioned & able to rotate, I love it! I’ll look around and see if I can get a cheaper price, tho’ (I’m on a low, low – did I say low? LOL – income.) Thanks for your help! BTW, I’ve often wondered about your name. Is that your real name, or a user name or? I’ve never heard it before… :-)

    I want to go watch the video now, but it’s 4 in the morning. I think I better go to bed & start fresh tomorrow. G’night!

  20. Cara L, 26 March, 2010

    Thanks Cindy for another terrific video tutorial. The information about the silverspoon bails was really informative. All the best.

  21. Silverleaf, 26 March, 2010

    Fun! If I pop into town later I might trawl the charity shops to see if they have any stray spoons (knowing me I’ll come back with about a million books at £1 each though, lol!)

    I know I said this wasn’t my style, but I’m sure I could think of something that’s “me”. Hmm… will think about it!

  22. Ritzs, 26 March, 2010

    Good night Phaedrakat sleep well ,and my real name is Rita

  23. Elizabeth S., 26 March, 2010

    I was getting my hair cut the other day and describing the silver spoon bail tut to my stylist, who is a multi-media artist and always interested in what I am doing with clay. Anyway, I had expressed disappointment that I had been unable to find spoons for the project. She immediately directed me to a little antique shop she frequents where she had seen some. Sure enough, when I got there I found a huge tub of them exactly like the one in the tut, in all sizes and best of all, cheap. Maybe it was meant to be. The short version of this saga is that I am ready to go!! I have loved the idea of these pieces since the first picture you posted, Cindy, and I am so anxious to try them I can’t stand it. Thank you. Thank you!

  24. Lynn V, 26 March, 2010

    Hi Cindy, I love to hunt for silverware/flatware too! I’ve made some lovely beads to string with silverware pendants by imprinting the handle design into thin layers of raw clay. The design portion may then be wrapped around scrap clay tube or round beads & highlighted with metallic powders,paints etc.to create complimentary beads. Thanks for showing how to recycle everyday items into art, and making a little less trash in the landfills!

  25. carolyn, 26 March, 2010

    @Lynn V: What a clever addition to this great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Koolbraider, 26 March, 2010

    I forsee a shortage of old silver spoons! Here I thought all you needed to do was just bend the spoon and voila! Once again, a wealth of information from Cindy’s experience.

  27. Maria, 26 March, 2010

    Add to list of supplies/tools for this tutorial: a male servant with strong hands! LOL
    Cindy : Great video as always! Have been meaning to ask you for a while – do you remember where you got that wonderful large clay blade?

  28. carolyn, 26 March, 2010

    @Maria: Studio by Sculpey: Super Slicer with Comfort Handles. This is a set with one long, one short and two crinkle edge cutters. Here is a link with more info:
    Studio by Sculpey Polymer Clay Tools

  29. Catalina, 26 March, 2010

    What a fun idea! Can’t wait to try this!
    Garage Sales/Estate Sales are a great place to find old silver spoons. You may find an old vise. (A Great way to get the hubby to come along! Tell him he can look for tools!) My husband LOVES to hunt for tools. He is the one who drags me with him to all the sales.
    I guess if you buy the really cheap spoons, the ones that bend when you scoop ice cream, then you know you won’t have trouble bending them! :) – I guess you all know now, my spoons aren’t the most expensive. :) I know you can get a spray paint that looks like chrome. they sell it at Michaels. Maybe you can spray paint the really cheap ones to make them “look” expensive!

  30. Phaedrakat, 26 March, 2010

    @Catalina: I know what you mean. I’ve hate the “cheap” spoons that bend in the ice cream! Although my flatware isn’t expensive, I do always make sure they pass the ice cream test before I buy more! And yeah, no silver spoon in my mouth! Hopefully I’ll be able to find some good stuff at garage sales this weekend. I can’t do too much shoppin’ around with my back, so I’m hoping to get lucky right away!

    @Cindy: Loved the tut! Can’t wait to try it. You’re so creative, thank you for sharing all of your fantastic insights & ideas with us! As for this project: I need a man, but I’ll settle for a vise! :D Thanks, Cindy!

  31. Phaedrakat, 26 March, 2010

    @Ritzs: Thanks Rita! I thought Ritzs might be a Welsh word or something. ;)

    @Elizabeth K.: Hi Elizabeth, you sounded like you didn’t understand the timing of when we get the video tute emails from Cindy. Forgive me if you already know this, but here in the US we get them in the wee hours of the morning. When you watched today, most of us were sleeping! I should have been, but my back pain was keeping me up… Anyway, it’s usually you guys “down under” and the Europeans (& those in Asia!) who watch it early. We Americans & the Canadian are usually last to see the videos! Anyway, I’m glad it caught your fancy — mine too! I need to get my hands on a vise, too. Good luck, and have fun!

    @Elizabeth S.: If my garage sale shopping doesn’t work out this weekend, I’ll try an antique shop. There are lots of them downtown; I hope to find a bin of cheap ones like you did! Also, thanks for the reminder. I really need a haircut!

    @Lynn V: What a great design idea! I can see enormous potential with that! I can’t wait to get started, these spoons are going to make some really pretty jewelry! (If I can find them…crossed fingers.)

    @Koolbraider: That’s my concern — I won’t be able to find spoons because everyone will be grabbing them up for these cool jewelry & craft ideas! You’re right, Cindy is a treasure trove of amazing info!

    @Maria: I’ve had “man servant” on my supply list for a long time. ;~) I don’t see it happening, though. So the vise is on my list instead…

    Have fun, everyone!

  32. Elizabeth K., 27 March, 2010

    Hi Phaedracat, thanks for putting me right. I had no idea when you saw the Videos but it always seemed to me that students were talking about it before I had seen it. Arent we lucky we see it early.I did not know that.But it is always Friday night when I get it to watch.So that must be wee hrs of Thursday morn for you is that right.
    Do you mean when you wake up Fri morn it is there for you? Your Friday morn is our Sauturday sometime. Not good at time zones altho I can look them up.
    Must do that, just out of interest
    We lose a day if we travel to Us and gain it back coming home.
    weird but true. wonder where it goes.
    I have been to US.but not for a long time.
    Ok thanks for the info love E XXX

  33. Phaedrakat, 28 March, 2010

    @Elizabeth K.: Hi Elizabeth, you have me curious now, so I looked up the time difference. I’m not sure where in Australia you live (or which time zone,) but Sydney is 18 hours ahead of me here in California. I notice that Cindy usually posts the videos right after midnight on Friday morning (if I stay up late Thursday night past 12:00 I can see them.) This would be around 6 pm Friday in Sydney. I noticed the video came late for us a couple weeks ago (the button video,) so if that was late for you, it would not have got there until 9 pm Friday night. Depending on your time zone (and if you observe daylight savings,) it could be anywhere from 16 to 19 hours time difference between us! Whew, that’s confusing! Of course, I’m not sure how Cindy actually sends the videos out. I’m just assuming they all go out at once (I could be wrong — it’s happened before!) Anyway, I hope this helps! Have a nice night. (I’m writing this at 1:45 am Sunday morning. It should be about 7:45 pm in Sydney.) Hugs!

  34. Elizabeth K., 28 March, 2010

    Hi Phaedratcat
    thanks for your answer. Now, I live in Queensland In the Central part called the Tropics. Mackay to be exact.
    We dont have daylight saving up here, already too much sun, so nobdy wants more hours. It does make for confusion when people come up from down south N.S. W.( Sydney) they are an hour ahead of us, so have to go back. at least all that is coming to an end soon now that summer is over.
    You were nearly right tho.
    I always take it as 15 or 16 hrs back when thinking of the U.S.depending where Im thinking of, as there are about 3 time zones in the U.S. I think.
    Yes Im sure Cindy pushes a button and the video goes out to all at the same time, as I said comes into me at about 6 pm Friday which is your after midnight.
    It just seemed everyone was talking as if they had already watched ,but may be just talking about what they are going to see.
    Still I some times dont get to it til Saturday or Sunday, so thats when I feel left behind.
    Still I do get there and love all the comments and pics I see .Dont worry whatever the time zone we know its coming and just love when it arrives.
    Thanks for the interest
    Elizabeth K. XXX

  35. Loretta, 27 March, 2010

    What a fun project. I can think of a lot of fun ideas for this. Mother’s day is coming and a picture transfer on clay of a favorite grandchild would be perfect as a gift. Thanks for inspiring me.

  36. Elizabeth K., 28 March, 2010

    P.S. I just looked at the time by my avatar says 4:27am and my clock says 9:27pm and it is Sunday night here.
    Havent really taken much notice of the time by the avatar before,not really knowing which day it meant. So I have learnt something.I am 17hrs ahead of where this is going Yowee!! now I know. Sorry to be so– duh– have to have those senior moments just to jolt yourself into thinking things out.ROFLOL!
    Sleep well pet, see you later

  37. Phaedrakat, 28 March, 2010

    @Elizabeth K.: Hi Elizabeth – I’m not officially a senior yet, but I certainly have “those moments”, I think we all do. LOL I’m glad the time difference is settled. Now I understand where the confusion came in. You are seeing the comments people made ahead of time. When you leave the video tute by clicking on the comment link, it takes you to an article from several days earlier (when she “teases” us with a preview video.) If you notice the date at the top of this post, it says March 23 (Tuesday,) but the video came out on Friday, Mar. 26th. The comments you’re seeing are talking about the preview, or questions & excitement about the upcoming video. You’re not behind — you are right in there, lady! You actually see it before alot of others, since lots of N. Americans are sleeping (after midnight) when the video comes out.

    I learned something, too. I wondered about that time stamp by the avatar — if it was the same for everyone, or if it adjusted to each person’s local time. Now I know! Anyway, I hope I explained it clearly. Cindy writes a post ahead of time and puts the video preview on it. Everyone writes comments about how the preview looks and what they are excited to see in the video. Then when the video tutorial comes out, Cindy links back to the previous article (with the preview on it,) instead of creating a brand new page just for the comments. I hope that makes sense. Have a lovely day, Elizabeth! Picturing you ROTF made me laugh, too!

  38. Mary, 29 March, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: Kat and Elizabeth and Mary and the Great Time Zone Mystery. We (the US & Aus) sit on different sides of the IDL running between Tonga and Samoa; and then each country has three Time Zones. Difficult enough. Spare a thought then for Russia, with its vast, vast landmass and its ELEVEN time zones. Until today (29th/28th) that is: silly having 11 tzs, they thought, so they’ve cut it down to just NINE. Count our only-3-tzs blessings!

  39. Elizabeth K., 29 March, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: and Mary
    Hi gals, now Ive got it, didnt think about the comments being on the same page before and after, shows I dont read it properly ? so now got that sorted. Yes we all have those moments, so just have to live with that. Glad we dont have those 11 time zones Mary, that is a different kettle of fish so to speak, and I think would be beyond me.
    Just have to stay home if I lived there, no venturing into dif T/Zs, too confusing. Yes I think ROFL might be a way to get some exercise HEE HEE. go to bed sleepy head. Bye See you soon
    Elizabeth XXX

  40. Cindy Lietz, 29 March, 2010

    Thank you so much everyone for the great comments! I am so glad that you enjoyed the tutorial and are now hunting for silver spoons and man-servants in Maria’s case! LOL

    @Elizabeth K.: ROFL as a form of exercising! That’s hilarious! I think I will do that instead of going to the Y. Sounds more fun!

    BTW Canada has 6 time zones: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic and Newfoundland Time. But 9 or 11 is quite a few!

  41. Kathy Bloom, 30 March, 2010

    Have you thought of annealing the area of the spoon that you want to bend with a small torch to make the metal more pliable? I don’t know if this works with silver plate but it does work with sterling and other metals.

  42. carolyn, 30 March, 2010

    @Kathy Bloom: Do you have to work it while it is still hot?

  43. Kathy Bloom, 30 March, 2010

    If it works with plated metals like it does with other metals, you heat the metal until it is red hot, wait about 10 seconds and then dip it in water. It cools immediately and becomes much easier to work with.

  44. Cindy Lietz, 30 March, 2010

    @Kathy Bloom: Great idea Kathy! I did try it once and it didn’t make much difference. But I didn’t get it to turn red, so that could be why. Will try again and see if I can get it to go red first before dipping in the water. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  45. Kathy Bloom, 31 March, 2010

    The annealing might also help when you are pounding on the bowl of the spoon. Possibly less cracking.

  46. Phaedrakat, 01 April, 2010

    @Kathy & Cindy: I think I’m going to get a torch to try this out; where can I find a small one that will work to anneal spoons? Hardware store? Kitchen store? Is there a common brand name I should look for? I live in the US.

    I also want to learn to make headpins. I’m hoping Cindy will make a video tute for this; she’s “teased” us with the idea before. She showed them in an article called “Making Headpins and Copper Findings.”

    I know there are things out there on the web, but no one does it (by “it” I mean the best tutorials!) like Cindy! So I’m going to wait for that tute. C’mon, Cindy, we already know you know how to make them! Please hurry and add them to your monthly lineup! In the meantime, I want to get the torch so it’s easier to bend spoons. In the headpin article, you wrote that a small kitchen torch will work. You recommended butane or propane. I know nothing about these things. Which is best? And where do you buy a small torch like that? Oh, yeah. I already asked that… lol. Thanks in advance for any help! :D

  47. Cindy Lietz, 01 April, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: I’ve seen small torches at places like Walmart and Home Depot. Look in the hardware section wear the soldering, welding or even plumbing stuff is. I like to use the kind of torch that has a nozzle you screw directly into a small propane bottle. You know the kind of propane you use for a camp stove. Propane gets nice and hot. I hear that the tiny torches sometimes have trouble with copper and heavier gauge wires. Plus propane is dead cheap. I found a 479g bottle for $3. WAY cheaper than Butane. The only thing about the propane torch set up is it is much bigger and the little ones are just so darn cute!

    I will do a head pin tutorial in May actually so all is good in your world! :-)

  48. Kathy Bloom, 01 April, 2010

    My torch is a Rekrow Micro Torch. Unfortuntely, I’m not sure where I got it or how much it cost but it is very safe and easy to use. Google Micro Torches and I’m sure you will find it.

  49. Phaedrakat, 01 April, 2010

    Wow, that was fast! Thanks for the information on the torches, Kathy & Cindy! That will help me find something quickly. As for the headpin tute — YAY! Thanks again~ :D

  50. Kathy Bloom, 01 April, 2010

    The small propane tanks are nice, cheap and convenient but you have to be very careful with them. They have to be used in a fairly open area not only because of the fumes they produce but because of the size of the flame that they produce. I would never use one in my home shop.

  51. Cindy Lietz, 02 April, 2010

    You make an excellent point Kathy! Working with a flame such as this can be very dangerous. People who use any form of torch, large or small need to extremely diligent and careful about where and how it is used. Because of this risk, I have been debating over whether or not I should even teach this technique. If I do, it would definitely be at the users risk. I couldn’t be responsible for anyone burning themselves or their property. I have enough things to worry about besides that!

  52. Kathy Bloom, 02 April, 2010

    It’s true. Even with the small torch I always worry about what I have around my work area to make sure I’m not going to set anything on fire.

  53. Phaedrakat, 03 April, 2010

    I bought a micro torch at Harbor Freight ($7.99,) but they did not have the butane. The cashier told me they sold it at several places, including CVS.) Of course, they didn’t have them there, I checked. But, I’ll be able to get some when I go to Home D. to pick up the galv. flashing I need for the tute in a couple weeks. Thanks for the info, ladies! (Don’t worry, I will be extremely careful!)

  54. Kathy Bloom, 03 April, 2010

    I had no idea my suggestion would turn into such a long discussion.

  55. Cindy Lietz, 21 April, 2010


    Polymer Clay Vintage Silverware Jewelry

    Hello to Everyone,

    Some new Spotlight project pictures that relate to the topic of this page (Silver Spoon Bails for Jewelry), have just been added in another post. They were submitted by Lupe Meter. The link by my name will take you to where you can see them, along with a bit of a write up. Hopefully they will inspire you to achieve great things with your own polymer clay projects.

    BTW: Thanks to everyone above, who took the time to comment in this thread. Your feedback, support and engaging conversations are always such a wonderful part of my day. Although I don’t get a chance to address everyone individually, please know that I do read everything. ~Cindy

  56. Phaedrakat, 03 June, 2010

    In case you haven’t seen them, Cindy has some older posts showing more examples of these beautiful spoon bails and pendants, take a look!

    Spoon Jewelry Using Vintage Silverware & PC Canes (follow the links in this article to more posts with info & tips, as well as photos of additional pendants & gorgeous spoon bail jewelry!)

    Dogwood Flower Pendant made with Silverware & Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Spoon Pendant using Polymer Clay

    Those are a few, you can always find additional things by using the good old search box at the top left of each page. Just type in a word or phrase and you’ll get a list of articles on your topic of interest. Have fun!

  57. Sarahjane, 12 September, 2010

    Have been a member for 2 years and just now using Tutor. Fantastic!

    FYI: A great way to determine if a spoon is silver, all you have to do is hold a magnet to the spoon. If it does not cling, it is silver. If is sort of clings, it has some silver. If it clings… it is just metal.

  58. Phaedrakat, 13 September, 2010

    @Sarahjane: Smart tip…thanks!

  59. carolyn, 13 September, 2010

    There are some metal spoons that are not silver and are not magnetic.

  60. Sarahjane, 13 September, 2010

    Yes, that is correct. Sorry, I should have made it clear that a magnet does not cling to any semi-precious metals such as brass, copper, etc.. I only mentioned silver because silver looking spoons are mostly used for bails and some people like to know if an old spoon they have or will be purchasing is silver, silver plated or stainless steel. Other metals are easily identified. Sometimes the engraved identification has rubbed off on silver looking antiqued spoons. My husband is a silversmith and he uses this method when purchasing antique silver jewelry. :)

  61. carolyn, 13 September, 2010

    @Sarahjane – Thanks for clarifying.

  62. Cindy Lietz, 25 November, 2010

    JUST POSTED… Member project photos that relate to the theme of this page… Silver Spoon Bails for Jewelry.

    Polymer Clay Silver Spoon Polymer Clay Jewelry

    You can view the larger images by clicking on the link by my name.

    BTW: Thanks to everyone above, who took the time to comment in this thread. Your feedback, support and engaging conversations are always such a wonderful part of my day. Although I don’t get a chance to address everyone individually, please know that I do read and give consideration to everything that is said here. ~Cindy

  63. Marney, 06 December, 2010

    Just lovely idea. I had no problem bending a spoon by hand and then even snapping off the top half of the handle using 2 pair of needle nose pliers.
    Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and everyones feedback, so interesting and helpful.

  64. Joyce R, 17 October, 2012

    Now darn it Cindy! I’m losing sleep and it’s all your fault, LOL! It’s just after midnight and I’m supposed to get up at 3am for work. I woke up a few minutes ago with an idea using the spoons and HAD to find this video. Can’t wait to get home to try it out! (sleeping in a hotel room because I’m a flight attendant)

  65. Shauna B, 07 June, 2013

    I know this is old now, but I am just seeing it. I love this idea! I already have just started working with spoons for jewelry and/or decor but hadn’t thought of or seen filling the spoon with clay. Love it! What I am working on (then I will try the clay in the spoon) is after cutting down the spoon handle filling the spoon bowl with either real semi precious stones, glass beads, glass glitter, crystals, charms, and usually a mix of all the above. Then bending what’s left of the handle into a bail. Finally, pouring resin over all. You can mix colors or make them monochromatic. Some flatware have the hollow handles and you can this time cut the spoon or fork off leaving the handle. Then you can put beaded “flowers” in them or my favorite, polymer clay beads on wire stems (similar to hat pins). If small enough they can be worn as pendants or if larger put a few together in a shadow box, on a wooden display, or just on the wall. Now I’m off to watch your video since I only saw the photo as of yet. Thanks so much for your fantastic inspiration!

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