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Polymer Clay Jewelry by Kris Johnson

Spotlight: “Polymer Clay is a non stop journey of experimentation and discoveries.” ~Kriss-J

Today’s Spotlight feature is all about Kriss Johnson. She has sent in photos of a few of her pieces based on video tutorials posted over at the Polymer Clay Members Library. I especially like how she combined several different techniques into one necklace. Way to go Kriss!

Her story is much like a lot of you who also end up becoming members. First discovering polymer clay in a book, magazine or on the net; Buying a few supplies; And then getting hooked! Kriss sent me a great little write up, posted below, that I think you will enjoy.

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Here is What Kriss Wrote…

I started using Polymer Clay about three years ago when I saw a magazine in Hobby Lobby.  I was so intrigued that I bought some clay; a few supplies and went to work.  When I did a search online I found a clay club that I just knew would help me to learn this unique craft.  I was right.  I joined the club and the rest is history.

As I progressed with learning I felt like a sponge.  I couldn’t get enough of the wonderful things you can do with Polymer Clay.  My mouth was constantly dropping at all the gorgeous things I saw and I wanted to learn and do it all.

Challenges I have faced have been with my own imagination and ability to get my own niche.  To this day I am not sure which direction to go.  I have done jewelry, figures, sculpting and whatever I can, to come up with my own style and niche.  Someday it will happen.  I am being free and open at this point.

I want to be open in everything I do.  I experiment with colors and inclusions to see what works best with what.  Sometimes it fails and other times it is something unique that only a mother can love.  LOL  Bottom line is the Polymer Clay is a non stop journey of experimentation and discoveries.  I have never found a medium like this in my life and hope to never stop learning.

Photo-1 + Photo-2 DESCRIPTION FROM KRISS’S WEB SITE: 2009-05-30: I made these sets today. What fun mixing clay with gold leaf, with inks. These sets were fun. I may have to do some more as they are all unique. I don’t make many sets so these were fun. The concept came from a video by Cindy Lietz.

Photo-3 DESCRIPTION FROM KRISS’S WEB SITE: 2009-05-31: This was a fun project today. It is a combination of mobius and pillow beads. I saw the technique on Cindy Lietz’s site this weekend and it gave me ammo to work on something new.
I like how this came out. Nothing like several techniques tucked into one to come up with a new necklace. :-)

~Kriss Johnson (Snellville, GA)

Polymer Clay Jewelry by Kris Johnson Polymer Clay Jewelry by Kris Johnson

Please join me in thanking Kriss for taking the time share her photos and story here at the blog. These Spotlight features are a great way for everyone to get to know one another just a bit better.

** If you have been inspired by my teachings and would like to be featured in an upcoming Spotlight Article, then please do write up something creative and email it to me along with a selection of your project pics. Make sure to send me high resolution photos that I’ll be able to zoom in on to show the details of your work. If you don’t already have my email address, simply leave a comment below and I will get it to you right away.

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  1. Melinda, 02 October, 2009

    How very pretty. I love your crackled foil beads. And I like the pillow and mobius beads…. very pretty colors.

  2. Silverleaf, 02 October, 2009

    Fantastic! I love the heart pendant, very cute but grownup as well. Great job!

  3. Lisa Whitham, 02 October, 2009

    Way cool… I’ve always loved the look of the gold leaf – inked or not. And pillow beads are a personal fave. Keep up the beautiful work Kriss!!!


  4. aims, 02 October, 2009

    Wow Kriss! For someone who doesn’t make many sets you’ve certainly nailed these ones. Your colours and styles are incredible and mixing the techniques has certainly worked in these pieces. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Lupe Meter, 02 October, 2009

    Wow, abolutely fantastic! Loved the pendants you made…loved how the colors went together quite nicely. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. JoyceM, 02 October, 2009

    Kriss, your items are lovely. I especially love your color combinations. I peeked at your website and you are one versatile lady! Your enjoyment with clay shines through your items. Continued success and thanks so much for sharing your uniqueness.

  7. lynn watts, 02 October, 2009

    Kriss your items and colors are lovely. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing, hope to see more of your work.

  8. Marsha, 02 October, 2009

    I love your heart pendant! I’ve been thinking of designing a heart within a heart and here you’ve already done it! Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing and keep it up!!!

  9. Cindy Lietz, 03 October, 2009

    Thank you everyone for sending Kriss such nice comments. She really deserves them!

  10. Charles Rankin, 03 October, 2009

    I’m beginning to learn that polymer clay is a never ending road of beauty.

  11. Cindy Lietz, 03 October, 2009

    What a beautiful thing to say Charles. I agree!!!

    By the way, were you able to log-in to the beginners course OK. I did get your recent email and responded to you, but did not hear back. Just want to make sure everything is OK now.

  12. Kriss Johnson, 04 October, 2009

    WOW, thanks to EVERYBODY for the awesome comments and a special thanks to Cindy for inviting me to participate. I am sorry I am just now getting here to see all the awesome comments. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Definitely made my entire month. :-)

    Giant Hugs to everybody.

  13. Charles Rankin, 05 October, 2009

    Everything OK Now. Thank you, you are so professional. I feel good about your website and what I can learn. Once again thank you.

  14. Cindy Lietz, 05 October, 2009

    @Kriss – Giant hugs right back at ya. You are very much appreciated here.

    @Charles – You are welcome… and thanks for your vote of confidence. I try :-)

  15. Doug Kelly, 07 October, 2009

    I am so lame I can’t ever find the right place to comment. arggggh.

    I did find a solution to my problem with burning.

    I quit using the tile as a bottom and replaced it with the right size of manila folder. and Secondly I made an tent out of aluminum foil (aluminium for our UK friends). Worked like a champ.

    Seems as though the tile cause temperature fluctuations. So that’s that.o more tile for me.


  16. Cindy Lietz, 16 October, 2009

    You’re doing OK Doug. Just use the search box at the top of the page to type in your keyword to find the best place to comment.

    If anyone wants to follow Doug’s baking journey, click the Polymer Clay Library link by my name to read his previous comments.

    Cindy Lietz
    Surrey, BC, Canada
    Where Are You From?

  17. Anna Sabina, 27 December, 2009

    I just went to Kriss’s blog and really enjoyed looking over her work in progress. What I like best is your ability to say… whooo…I know this looks really weird but it is so much better than the last one. Or, my dream is do sculpt and this face looks really strange but look how good the lips are. I loved the intial attempt at TaTa’s. I did say a prayer for your Murdered Mermaid. May she rest in peace.

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