Polymer Clay Ornaments for the Christmas Tree – Snowman & Ladies

Snowman Ornaments “I have been working on Christmas ornaments for family so I have been busy, which is good.” ~Jackie-N

Me too Jackie! I’ve been making ornaments for my kids and their cousins for Christmas. Today’s photo is of a cute little polymer clay Skater Dude Snowman and his two Lady Friends. I still have two more to go, but I wanted to show everyone what I’ve got finished so far.

Ornaments that are heavy, tend to pull the branches down, so to keep these guys light, I used Sculpey UltraLight for their snow bodies and Premo for the colored details.

The Snow Girls were given the more traditional snowman garb with hats and scarves. As far as embellishments, you may recognize the flower buttons on the snow girls from the Extruder Flower Cane video from last week.

For the little Skater Dude Snowman, I used a slice from one of my Pirate Canes to make his cap and gave him some ‘Christmas Bling’ with a chain and a reindeer charm the size of his chest! The wheels on his skateboard were made with silver headpins for the axles, and large seed beads for the wheels.

Two small seed beads were used as eyes on each of the snowmen. I like to use the tiny beads as eyes instead of clay because they are easier than making tiny little clay balls and they have the twinkle of glass.

All three snow people were given a blue shimmer of Pearl-Ex Powder on the snowy areas and a pink sheen on their cheeks.

To protect the mica powdered surfaces, I gave them all a quick spray of PYMII after baking, which also gave them a lovely shine.

I really like how these guys turned out and am looking forward to making some more!

Anyone else making polymer clay ornaments for Christmas this year? Do tell!

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  1. sarahwww, 12 December, 2009

    Those are precious!! The ladies are lovely and the skater dude is classic! We want to see what else you come up with!!

  2. alexa, 12 December, 2009

    They are very beautiful!!
    I still have to start making somthing for Christmas.

  3. Aims A, 12 December, 2009

    What a fantastic job Cindy. They are incredibly cute. I bet they would sell out at a craft fair!

  4. Jeanne, 12 December, 2009

    I love snowmen and have several collections from Hallmark that I display year round in a curio, this time of the year I have snowmen in all sizes and shapes scattered around the house. I love the way you jazzed them up! How lucky are the people on your list!

  5. Cindy Graveline, 12 December, 2009

    I’ve made lots of Christmas ornaments this year! But I still have to take pictures of most of them…

  6. Lisa Whitham, 12 December, 2009

    I love these snowpeople! Thay’re adorable!!!
    I’m just now getting around to making the holly leaf / berry cane and I may use that to make some tiny ornaments for our tiny tree… :)


  7. Carrie, 12 December, 2009

    So cute! I love how you gave them some shimmer with the powder!

  8. Peggy, 13 December, 2009

    Adorable! Great idea with the Sculpey Ultra light. I will have to give it a try. Do you like how the Sculpey UL worked up for you?
    Super job and the detail is fantastic.

  9. Cindy Lietz, 13 December, 2009

    Thanks everyone! The Sculpey UltraLight is definitely a good option, when you are trying to keep something lightweight. It is a little strange to work with though. Like playing with a non sticky marshmallow! Gets fingerprints really easily too. Easier to work with when it it cold and has rested for a bit. :- )

  10. Rose, 17 December, 2009

    I’ve made half dozen different ornaments including a snowman which I did make out of ultra light sculpy but then I covered it with white Premo. Now why did I cover the sculpy with more white??? I think because it didn’t feel like clay. Oh well, the next snowman will be a lot easier. I’m new to clay & haven’t made many canes, but love the striped ones for snowman scarfs. I also had some odd looking extruded canes so I covered some clay with slices of the canes & then cut out 2 trees with a cookie cutter. I put the trees back to back & then covered the edge with some red clay. They turned out surprisingly good – like a decorated Christmas tree. I plan to make ornaments for friends next Christmas.

  11. Stephanie Bargelski, 30 December, 2009

    Happy New Year Cindy! I love all your snow people. I collect snowmen and ladies of all sizes and display them during the holidays. I made some real simple snowmen this year. They were fun!!

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