Polymer Clay Jewelry Glue and Adhesives for Your Beading Projects

Michaels GlueItToIt Reference Tool

The Michael’s Glue-It-To-It Reference Tool For Choosing Craft Adhesives:

The other day I wrote about buying Weldbond Craft Glue for Jewelry Making projects. It’s an excellent general purpose adhesive that works very well with polymer clay beads, rhinestones, glass, leather, wood and metal.

Like white glue, Weldbond has a fairly long cure time. It is highly water resistant but not necessarily waterproof (i.e. completely submerged).

If you are looking for alternatives to Weldbond as a Craft Glue, I discovered this handy Glue-It-To-It reference tool at the Michael’s web site.

Basically you “tell” the app what types of materials you’re working with, and it then provides tips and product suggestions to use. They even have polymer clay on the list which is very cool. But I didn’t see Weldbond, so it’s not perfect.

Now as luck would have it, this GlueIt tool was having some technical difficulties just before I went to publish this article post, But I did call the Michael’s customer support number (1-800-642-4235), and they said it was just a temporary glitch. So hopefully by the time you read this, the problem will be resolved. If not, feel free to give them a call to find out what’s up.

In the comments section of this post, let’s talk about your favorite craft glues and adhesives. What do you use, love, hate, recommend for jewelry making or whatever?

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  1. aims, 23 June, 2009

    I’ve used Weldbond on so many projects! I love the stuff. Enough to go out and buy it in a 4 litre jug at Home Depot.

  2. Lindsay Weirich, 23 June, 2009

    What a great resource! I’ll have to check that out because I am often stimied as to what glue to use and reach for my glue gun (don’t worry not for clay…ok only on clay when I have a tight deadline and it is not going to be worn LOL) I love gorilla super glue, I have used it with polymer clay to metal AND to fix my food processor mixing bowl, talk about all purpose! plus it has rubber particles in it so it will flex rather than get brittle like other super glue. Great article Cindy!

  3. Freda, 26 June, 2009

    I like zap-a-gap for gluing things to my pc pieces.

  4. Jamie, 26 June, 2009

    I like Lisa Pavelka’s Poly Bonder for polymer clay because it can be baked if a piece needs to go back in the oven for a finish etc. And it hold on metal findings and bails very well. But I also like WeldBond for lots of jobs around the craft room. And Gorilla Glue works great for furniture/wood gluing too. It has taken the place of my Elmers wood glue in my woodworking projects. Because like Lindsay said, it doesnt get brittle and crack like Elmers does. XOXO Jamie

  5. Peggy, 27 June, 2009

    Hi, I agree great article Cindy. Not in regards to glueing pc but does anyone know the name of the paste glue that is used a lot in card making. I have seen it used on some shows and you tube but can never find reference to the name of the paste. Can’t find anything at hobby lobby or Wal-mart. Any ideas what I might be looking for.
    Stick together, Peggy

  6. Paul, 09 July, 2009

    Hi Peggy
    The glue you might be thinking of is called PVA it is a Polyvinyl Acetate Adhesive designed for paper and bookbinding projects. You can find it at Paper Source


    Good luck!
    Swirly Designs

  7. Susan, 09 July, 2009

    Hi, Peggy…I would suggest Yes Paste. You can use it on lots of surfaces. It is very good for light weight papers, wont ripple or tear. I use it for almost everything, including tissue and fabric. Just do a search for the store nearest you that carries it.

  8. Kim Misenheimer, 18 July, 2009

    Hey! I am hopefully not in trouble! I made my first Etsy sale (YEAH!) but just realized the metal bail I glued to my piece is not sticking! I scanned your site and could not find a specific answer. I am sure it is here but could you guide me to it? THANKS!

    Kim Misenheimer

  9. Jocelyn, 12 July, 2011

    @Kim Misenheimer: The first sentence of the blog gives Wellbond as the choice for metal. For other metal glue bonds, key words into the search facility in the upper left, and sure you will get pages of information.

    Hope that helps.

  10. Cindy Lietz, 18 July, 2009

    @Kim: Krazy Glue or Weldbond will work to glue metal to polymer clay.

  11. Peggy, 20 July, 2009

    Thank you for the information. In some research on Yes Paste I came across some articles where people were having problems with it turning yellow and brown just after a couple of years. I just wanted to post this comment to let you decide for yourself if you want to continue to use this adhesive or not. One article mentioned they have changed the formula. It seems PVA works as well in the comments I read. I think PVA is the way I will go but I so appreciate the information and kindness from everyone trying to help. This is in reference to the articles I read.
    – Re: [BKARTS] Yes! Paste
    Jul 20, 2006 … I collected info on Yes paste some time ago, I would never use it again. Info below. I have been told they changed their formula but I still …
    palimpsest.stanford.edu/byform/mailing…/msg00131.html –
    Crafters sticking together, Peggy

  12. Squash, 21 July, 2009

    Dear Cindy, I saw your answer to one of the members that asked when you will be making the video about the faux raku technique and you said it will be a part of the 014 volume. I sweared to myself that I’ll become a member as soon as you’ll learn us how to make the faux raku beads, so I had to do it!

  13. Linda L. Bennett-Perez, 09 April, 2011

    Hi I need to know about heat glue for polymer clay. What I need to know which one is best kind of glue to put on knife glue then put on polymer clay won’t BURN POLYMER CLAY. Thank you.

  14. Cindy Lietz, 12 April, 2011

    @Linda L. Bennett-Perez: I am not sure if I totally understand your question, but if you are talking about using hot glue on polymer clay, it is not really your best choice. I just tried it and although it does not burn the clay and it sticks pretty good, it can be pulled apart quite easily. So it may be good for a craft that won’t be touched very much, but it is not a good permanent solution for gluing polymer clay. A better solution is to use Weldbond or another polymer clay safe adhesive.

  15. Reyna Castano, 11 July, 2011

    Hello Cindy!

    What type of glue do you recommend to glue rhinestones onto polymer clay? Also, do I glue them before or after I bake the piece? If after, should I leave small indentations were I want the rhinestones to go? Thanks!

  16. Jocelyn, 12 July, 2011

    @Reyna Castano: Hi Reyna! Think in the blog article above Cindy specifies Wellbond as glue of choice. You can also key “glue or adhesive for polymer clay” in the upper left search box to get even more information.

    Hope this helps.

  17. Phaedrakat, 01 August, 2011

    @Reyna Castano: Hi Reyna, if you want the rhinestones to be “set into” the clay, then yes, do leave a dent for them. If they’re oven safe, you can bake the piece with them, then remove them, add glue, and put back into place. (Finding something that makes a similar-sized dent is probably the easiest way.)

    I remembered another of Cindy’s posts where she goes a little deeper into which glues work best for certain projects. She mentions 4 types — Craft Glues for Polymer Clay Beads/Jewelry.

    All glues on the list (except Liquid clay) should work for your rhinestones, it’s a matter of which is most convenient. Hypo Cement (with it’s fine tip) or a specially-formulated rhinestones glue would work, as well.

    Have fun, Kat :D

  18. Dixie Ann, 31 October, 2012

    Hi Cindy, was searching for info on glueing PC to metal and came across the Michaels Glue it Tool. Just so you know, it still does not work but I did find my answer on another blog search. Thanks for such a great search engine on the blog!

  19. Pamela Stansbury, 25 September, 2014

    Hello, I need to use a glue for rhinestone crystals with my polymer clay… What I want to do is put the glue under the rhinestone before I bake. (I will press it in a bit first) I know it can be done with some glues, but wondering about the new Crafters Pick Glue, as I already have that on hand. Also, want to avoid any cloudiness in the stone. Thanks!

  20. Pamela Stansbury, 25 September, 2014

    I always have one more question that I forgot to ask…. Those of you using the rhinestones with your clay—- Are you using the hot fix or the non hot fix and does it matter if you are gluing? I don’t have the hot fix tool… and really don’t want to buy one right now…
    Thanks again…

  21. Cindy Lietz, 25 September, 2014

    Hi Pamela, the easiest thing to do is to use hotfix crystals before baking and let the heat from the oven, glue them to the clay. Of course that does make it difficult to sand around, but for projects that don’t need sanding, it is perfect!

  22. Pamela Stansbury, 30 September, 2014

    Thanks so much for your help Cindy…

  23. Dixie Ann, 25 September, 2014

    Hi Pamela, I use 2 different methods, the one Cindy describes above and the other type that are glue on only. Since I have a hot fix tool, I find it easier to attach the hot fix crystals after baking and then attaching as the final step. However, there are some applications where you do want to bake them in the raw clay. If you use the other glass crystals and apply them to the raw clay, you will definitely have to glue them afterwards. I have used both white glue, (weldbond), super glue and E6000 depending on what my project is.

  24. Pamela Stansbury, 30 September, 2014

    Thanks Dixie! So much appreciate advice from those are a bit more experienced with polymer clay. I am just getting my feet wet but having so much fun!

  25. Pamela Stansbury, 30 September, 2014

    Oh Cindy and Dixie, yes this project I am working on is a fairly textured piece, so I wont be sanding… so will try that method… Thanks Again!

  26. Elizabeth W, 31 March, 2017


    I was hoping you might be able to help me out with a recommendation for a non-hardening clay. I’m going to be placing dime-sized rhinestones on patent leather pumps for a photoshoot. The problem is, is that this is just a temporary project, and I may want to experiment with different rhinestone designs.

    Soooo, it you have any ideas if a particular kind of clay (or other substance) would work — sticky enough to hold the rhinestone down to the shoe, yet not harden so that I could get it off the patent leather shoe without ruining it, I’d greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks so much in advance for any advice you could give,


  27. Dixie Ann, 03 April, 2017

    Hi Elizabeth, why couldn’t you try some of that tack it putty? It will tempararily hold just about anything. I’ve used it to hang all kinds of things everywhere. It comes in a package of blue strips and you just tear off a piece however much you need and stick it to your object and then stick it where ever you want.

  28. Cindy Lietz, 04 April, 2017

    That’s a good suggestion Dixie Ann! I have seen that stuff in white as well. Another option is that really soft sticky wax that photographers use to hold things. Doug uses it and it removes cleanly. Here is an Amazon link to the product I am talking about.

  29. Frazier Markur, 23 July, 2018

    Generally, shoe glue requires up to 30-degree temperature for drying up properly

  30. Ashley S, 09 February, 2021

    I have been struggling to find an adhesive that adheres well to baked polymer clay and plastic. Any recommendations?

  31. Cindy Lietz, 09 February, 2021

    Have you tried Gorilla Glue White? It works great! Also 2 part epoxies are excellent. Gel superglues like Loctite Gel Superglue. Try those and see what works best for you.

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