Polymer Clay Hearts by ‘A-Walk-In-The-Park’ Mixed Media Artist

Susan's Polymer Clay Hearts

Susan Is One of the Nicest People You Will Ever Meet:

One of the many wonderful readers of this blog had a giveaway at her blog over Valentines. And I ended up winning a very special polymer clay heart pendant she had made. I’ve felt like a little kid for the last couple of weeks, checking the mail to see if my prize had arrived yet.

Susan from ‘A Walk in the Park’ is one of the sweetest and most cheerful bloggers out there. You can tell right away when your read her ‘About Me’ section. It starts out with, “I am probably the happiest person you will ever meet.” How sweet is that! :)  She has been a mixed media artist for quite some time and has recently taken up polymer clay.

I found her or she found me (can’t quite remember), and we have been commenting on each other’s web sites ever since.

Around Valentines, she posted pictures of some polymer clay hearts she had made (see photo above), and asked for feedback. about which ones everyone liked best and why.

I liked the top center one in the picture above… with the black seed beads pressed into its surface. I liked it for its color and texture. Also, the shape was a little quirky. It looked good shrunk down in the photo, which meant its overall design was good.

She showed pictures of quite a few other hearts in her valentines post, and a fair number of people left her comments. So I wasn’t expecting to win anything.

But Susan being the kindhearted soul that she is, ended up sending a heart to everyone who commented. It was such a sweet gesture… and it made me feel like she had sent me a small piece of her own loving heart.

Well, my sweet little gift arrived the other day and I was thrilled! Inside the package was the very heart I had commented on and a handwritten art card featuring a print of one of her own artworks on the front.

I love your gift Susan! I know that you were shy about sending it. But you should know that nothing touches me more than to hold in my hands the work of a new polymer clay artist. It is like holding the promise of great things to come!

Just imagine what it would be like to have one of Donna Kato’s early pieces… or something from Barbara McGuire or Kathleen Dustin. Well that’s the potential I see in your heart Susan. To me it is very exciting!

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  1. Susan, 13 March, 2009


    I was so surprised.. and pleased and humbled this morning when I saw your post. You are so kind to say such sweet things about me. To even mention me in the same sentence with these other famous polymer clay artists is an honor. I am so glad that you liked your heart, and to have you devote your entire post today to me is like winning a coveted award. Thank you for your support. Coming from you, a celebrity artist, is heart warming and motivating. Thank you again.


  2. Cindy Lietz, 13 March, 2009

    It was my pleasure Susan! I loved getting your little heart, the beautiful card and your sweet note inside. It really made my day and I thought you should know how much I appreciated it!

    Thanks for the shout out on your blog. That was really nice. Overall a pretty good Friday the 13th!

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