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Mica Shift Softflex Earrings “I am so excited! I am going to be a mica shift fool for a while.”

You may recognize these earrings from the Mica Shift tutorial video I released a while back in Volume-018 at the Polymer Clay Library. As you can see, they were made using a teardrop cutter. What is really neat about this technique is how the clay has the look of three dimensional texture, but it is actually perfectly smooth to the touch. If you have never done this cool polymer clay technique before, you should definitely give it a try.

Hi Cindy, I have NEVER been good at mica shift. I normally screw it up by slicing too deep. Your technique made me like it a lot better. And MAN the sanding and buffing really makes the pattern pop. I am so excited. I am going to be a mica shift fool for a while. Thanks for showing me and the entire group a better way to do this fascinating technique. ~Kriss-J

A unique feature of the earrings pictured above, is the use of Trios SoftFlex Beading Wire looped and crimped into a circle, from which the clay pieces can be hung. Softflex comes in such beautiful colors and has a soft silky feel.

If you like the look of the earrings in today’s photo, there is another jewelry project at the following link that you may want to check out as well: Mica Shift Polymer Clay – SoftFlex Trios Beading Wire

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  1. Lisa Crone, 23 January, 2010

    Thanks so much Cindy for allowing me to mention your website and your work. It is posted here: Featured Designer: Cindy Lietz, The Polymer Clay Tutor

    Have a great weekend! You had also mentioned you would be interested in doing a book review. I appreciate that! Please send me an email with your address. :) Lisa

  2. Zarah, 23 January, 2010

    Great earrings! And they don’t look too difficult to make :) The wires look super nice on them.

  3. Freda, 23 January, 2010

    Lisa, I looked inside your book and see that you’ve got some interesting projects – explained really well. Congratulations!

  4. carolyn, 23 January, 2010

    So much I want to do and so little time! I just don’t know how you manage all this polymer clay and a family too. It seems since Don is gone that I have less time than ever before. I don’t understand!

  5. Carrie, 23 January, 2010

    I totally identify with what Kriss said! I have been doing tons of mica shift dangle earrings, they are selling like crazy at a hair salon that has my stuff for sale! Plus, I’m having a lot of fun seeing what new colors I can make by mixing the pearl clay colors! Also, it is SOOO much easier to slice the design when it is on something round! Thanks Cindy!

  6. Phaedrakat, 26 January, 2010

    Really cute, simple earrings! “Simple” is the wrong word, what I mean is that they aren’t busy. The colored soft-flex really adds to the design. My sister will go crazy over these earrings! I am going to have to make something like these ASAP. You are fabulous, Cindy Lietz! I just love this site and with so many great ideas & teachings.

  7. Cindy Lietz, 27 January, 2010

    Thanks guys for the sweet comments!

    Congrats goes to Lisa for her new book (which hopefully I will be reviewing soon) and to Carrie for all her mica shift sales!

  8. Kelly Kizer, 29 January, 2010

    Dear Cindy,

    I wanted to say thanks for the tips in your videos, I’ve been working with Polymer Clay for years, I make my own custom cake toppers. I do caricatures of real people from photos, cartoons and even animals, cartoon and real. I really enjoy it and have gotten quite good at it, but I didn’t know how much of a difference sanding and polishing my pieces could make, and I now make sure I work my clay completely before I start.

    Thanks again,

  9. Cindy Lietz, 29 January, 2010

    You are very welcome Kelly. I’m so glad to hear the videos helped you discover the benefits of sanding. It really can make a huge difference. ~Cindy

  10. Sara Hardin, 16 February, 2010

    I feel so behind. Everyone has been making such neat jewelry using our Trios while I was away at CHA & Tucson. May I share your earrings?


  11. Cindy Lietz, 17 February, 2010

    Hi Sara! Great to hear from you. I bet CHA was a real whirlwind of excitement. I am dieing to get there myself sometime. Hopefully next year. The inspiration and networking must be incredible!

    Of course you can ‘share’ these earring on your blog! I would love that. I also have a couple more Trios projects that I will be posting about soon, and you are welcome to share them as well. I will try to remember to let you know when they go live, but please do keep an eye out for them just in case I forget. My life here at the blog seems to be a bit of whirlwind as well… trying my best not to let things slip through the cracks.

  12. Thomas, The Soft Flex Guy, 19 February, 2010

    Those earring are lovely!

  13. carolyn, 19 February, 2010

    High praise right from the ‘horse’s mouth’ as they say! He is so right, Cindy. I haven’t yet used Soft Flex, but I sure am going to get some the next time I get off the mountain!

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