Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Columbine Flower 2009 Summer Colors

Columbine Flower Polymer Clay Color Palette

1B – Pink Columbine
2B – In the Pink
3B – Buttermilk
4B – New Bud

Oh isn’t this just the prettiest flower you’ve ever seen! I just love the way the colors Skinner Blend from dark to light pink, from pink to green, and cream to pink. Plus the white and greens are so creamy, they’re like heaven. I also love how the new buds start out a pale creamy shade of green, draped in a blended green and pink coverlet.

This flower, like many in my garden is a bee’s creation. What I mean is… I planted a blue columbine and a white columbine and the bees pollinated the two and gave me this pink and white one. A gift from nature.

This stunning blossom (photographed by my husband Doug), is the color inspiration for a 2009 Summer Color Palette.

The actual color recipes for each of the 4 colors in this B-Series custom palette will be released during the month of June in Volume-013. Everyone who is subscribed to my Polymer Clay Guest List will be able to download them for free:

  • Pink Columbine (Recipe 013-1B)
  • In the Pink (Recipe 013-2B)
  • Buttermilk (Recipe 013-3B)
  • New Bud (Recipe 013-4B)

Pink Columbine is the darker warm pink edges of the outside petals on the smaller bud. In the Pink is the fresh light pink of the petals. Buttermilk is the creamy white of the inner petals and New Bud is the soft buttery green of the unopened blossom.

To see the Volume-013 A-Series Color Palette that will be released in June for paid library members, you can click on the following link: Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Cat Colors, Eyes of Green

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  1. Norma Baggs, 31 May, 2009

    Just wanted to let you know that after I joined your club that I stopped all the others that I belonged to. Thank you for sooooo much information and for saving me mucho dollars. Your new dedicated student.

  2. Illaya, 01 June, 2009

    I so enjoy your posts and adore the photographs that Doug takes for your inspiration. Just love those flowers in your garden. Where do you get the time to do all that you do? You are a Wonder Woman indeed.

  3. Cindy Lietz, 02 June, 2009

    Thank you Illaya! Doug will be pleased to hear you like his photographs! (I wouldn’t exactly call me Wonder Woman, the flowers have to fight pretty hard against the weeds this year, since I am too busy to get out there often.) :-)

  4. Marianne, 05 June, 2009

    Thank you very much for your help and congratulations for your work. A big hello from Brussels. Love polymer clay. Marianne

  5. Cindy Lietz, 08 June, 2009

    A big hello back form Vancouver Marianne!! Thanks for your comment!

  6. M. Céu Fernandes, 22 June, 2009

    Thanks for all the advice! Love them all and we learn very much!
    Have a nice week,
    Maria [Portugal]

  7. Ken H., 25 June, 2009

    I have a color question, what color should I use darken the premo cad. yellow into a mustard color (sort of like French’s) The person who asked me to make a necklace for them mentioned this mustard name, I’ve never used French’s in my mind I’m thinking of Gulden’s(sp)which isn’t really yellow.

  8. Cindy Lietz, 29 June, 2009

    @Maria: You are very welcome. Have a nice week too!

    @Ken: You could try the tiniest trace of Cad Red to darken up the Cad Yellow. Cad Yellow is already fairly close to French’s yellow so be careful how much you add.

  9. Ken H., 29 June, 2009

    Thanks a million Cindy!

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