Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Alpine Lichen Palette (Premo Sculpey)

Alpine Lichen Polymer Clay Color Palette

1B: Alpine Lichen
2B: Black Moss
3B: Mountain Top
4B: Stone Gray

Here is yet another creative photo that Doug shot during our Whistler vacation last summer. I just love how the vibrant colors of the lichen covered rock, jut out against the background of the cloudy mountain tops.

Cindy, I’ve always loved rocks, especially lichen-covered ones. ~Silverleaf

If I was one of those gallery artsy types, I would say, “The jagged lichen encrusted outcropping was juxtaposed against the ethereal mountain backdrop”… but that just ain’t my style! :-)

The recipes for each of the following 4 Spring colors will be released during the month of April in Volume-023 [B-series]. Everyone who is subscribed to my Polymer Clay Guest List will be able to download them for free. They will be emailed to you one per week on Friday Mornings throughout the month of April:

  • Alpine Lichen (Recipe 023-1B)
  • Black Moss (Recipe 023-2B)
  • Mountain Top (Recipe 023-3B)
  • Stone Gray (Recipe 023-4B)

Alpine Lichen is the electric lime green of the lichen that covers the pointed rock. Black Moss is the black green that surrounds the bright green of the lichen. Mountain Top is the smoky blue gray of the mountain tops in the background. And Stone Gray was pulled from the soft gray flecks in the stone underneath.

Cindy. How I love rock hunting – and now I’ll be able to rock hunt right in my Premo bin! ~Carolyn-F

I love these colors, how u put so much effort into them, making them so accurate. This really saves alot of time, and no weird heap poo colored clay at the end which u aren’t able to do nothing much with. ~Shirley-L

Thanks for the great tips and color recipes Cindy. You’re the best!!! ~Andrea-R

I love your videos and your PC color recipes; you are very knowledgeable and a very good instructor. Thanks for all of your inspiring info. ~Anna-S

The recipe names listed above are from the Vol-023 B-Series Palette. They are free for everyone subscribed to my Polymer Clay Guest List. If you want to see the Vol-023 A-Series Color Palette that paid library members will also receive during the month of April, then click here: Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Johnny Jump-Up Viola Palette (Premo)

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  1. Elizabeth S., 26 March, 2010

    I’m learning more about color theory from the recipes than I could ever learn from a book. This is another beautiful palette-thanks Doug for your uncanny ability to capture the beauty of nature, and to you, Cindy, for your uncanny ability to translate it into recipes we can incorporate into our work. What a team!!

  2. Lawrence, 26 March, 2010

    THANKS for the great colour recipes Cindy. I regret I have not been active here for the past six weeks or so but have been busy with some other projects as well as Olympic visitors. I did not get to any Olympic events ($$$) but did get to Heineken House courtesy of a visiting Dutch friend. I also got to the opening ceremonies of the Paralympics .
    Now I have to really work hard to catch up on all my colour recipes and the fantastic techniques in the past few weeks of videos.

  3. Cindy Lietz, 26 March, 2010

    @Elizabeth S.: Thank you! :-)

    @Lawrence: Nice to have you back Lawrence. I was wondering where you had gotten to. Wasn’t that Olympics the coolest thing? I have never been more excited or proud to be a Canadian! We really do live in a beautiful place!

  4. Phaedrakat, 26 March, 2010

    Cindy, Lawrence, and the other Canadian members – your Winter-hosted Olympics were wonderful! I’ve never felt so close or proud of my Northern neighbors! I watched on TV, and felt such a bond with you. I can imagine how strong that feeling is for you! (I also caught myself humming O’Canada quite a few times during that time period.) It’s too bad you weren’t able to see any events, Lawrence, but the Heinekin House sounds good, as does the Paralympics opening. Some great memories were made, yeah?

    Cindy & Doug, another gorgeous palette! I really love this one, and I plan to make it right away (as soon as i get it, I mean.) This is perfect for a project I have in mind. Thanks for everything you do!

  5. carolyn, 27 March, 2010

    Cindy, I just love the way your color pallets are based on nature – God’s natural color combinations. We really can’t improve on that, but you do a superb job of capturing the colors that we might not really notice otherwise. Thank you so much!

  6. DawnB, 27 March, 2010

    Ooh, I love these colors. Cindy, I can’t thank you enough. For ALL you do.

  7. Deb Norling, 17 April, 2010

    Is there a way to search the color recipes? I copy them onto my computer, so no color chip. If I want a peachy shade, is there a way to search without having to look at each one?

    I absolutely love being a part of your community. You are the best business investment I’ve made in a long time!


  8. carolyn, 17 April, 2010

    @Deb Norling: I went to the search field on the right hand side of the members page and typed in ‘peach’ and it led me to volume 013. Take a look at those colors and see what you find.

  9. Phaedrakat, 18 April, 2010

    @Deb Norling: Hi! I see Caroline explained how to find the A-list colors for you. What about your B-list colors? I don’t know if you’re interested in just the peach color, or if you want a way to find any color you have a recipe for. There’s no easy way, but there are several things you can do in order to search for your B-recipes (or all of them) in your home computer.

    One way is to save the B-palette pictures to your computer. Then you can do a visual search for the color you want. If you aren’t sure how to save them, I wrote about it here: Polymer Clay Color Recipe Photos

    You’ll have to find the article with the picture in it first. You can go to the 09: Color Recipes file at the top left of this page, which will give you a list of posts about color palettes & recipes. You’ll have to scout through them to find the B-recipes, though. (Or you may want to save them all—that way you have the A pictures, as well.) Another way is to use the search box. Type in “B series color palettes” or something like that, and you’ll get a list of articles. (Or you can search one-by-one, by volume #.) You could also check your emails, if you’ve saved them. It could help to confirm the names of the palettes, or you might be able to save the photos from within the email. (I had trouble doing that, though. Probably just my email…)

    A better way to search for colors, especially if you have lots of recipes, is to add something to your saved recipe file to make it “searchable.”. There are a few ways to do it. 1. You could manually add the color or hue to the file name when you save it to your computer, e.g., 023B-1b-alpine-lichen, GREEN.jpg. (You can also “rename” the ones you already have.) This way you can search for the color you want directly within your computer folder. 2. You could put your recipe files in separate folders, according to color. Create sub-folders within your main color folder, and name them Blue, Green, etc. Then move the color recipe files to their proper folder (or place a copy of each one in the folders. That way you have the recipes in both places.)

    3. You could “tag” your recipe files with the color names, type of clay, hue, etc. I did this recently. I opened the folder that contains my color recipes and clicked on the 1st recipe; this opened the recipe jpg in Windows Photo Gallery. I then went through each recipe, adding tags to every one. For example, I tagged one recipe with “red” (color family on recipe card), “pink” (my color family), “premo”, and “pastel” on it. This way I can search on any of these terms within my color folder. It didn’t take long to finish, either. Now it’s just upkeep — I just add the tags each Friday when I save the 3 new files. What I really need to do, of course, is make the actual color samples with clay!

    I don’t know if this helped at all, but it might help someone! I imagine Cindy will eventually come out with a list of her B-recipes, with a search function. She hasn’t had time to do it yet, but… (If it comes out tomorrow, I’ll be mad at myself for typing up all this confusing stuff!) LOL If you have questions about any of this, or need help with anything else, just leave another comment. Have fun, Deb!

  10. Cindy Lietz, 18 April, 2010

    Awesome! Thanks Phaedrakat and Carolyn for providing Deb with some GREAT info.

    And in regards to “…Cindy will eventually come out with a list of her B-recipes, with a search function.” >> yes I will… this is definitely a project that is on my to do list.

    “but… (If it comes out tomorrow, I’ll be mad at myself for typing up all this confusing stuff!) LOL.” >> Unfortunately Phaedrakat, you won’t have to get mad at yourself tomorrow ;-)

  11. Deb Norling, 18 April, 2010

    Thanks so much! You are all so generous. Deb

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