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Polymer Clay Library Volume 11 Back Issue Package

Maria’s Church Bazaar Pendants are “Light Years” Better, says Her Dear Hubby:

The most rewarding part of teaching (at least for me anyways), is reading all of the success stories that come in from students. I LOVE receiving feedback about how you are applying the tips and techniques learned here at the blog, as well as in the video library. It lets me know I must be doing something right :)

Here’s some references for just a few of these success stories so far:

  • Bren Landers-Smith, accomplished digital artist and self proclaimed “Crazy-In-Love-With-Roses” person, is doing well selling her rose pendant necklaces and rose image transfers on Etsy. When Bren emailed me some photos, she said: “Here are some of my recent sales THANKS to your clay videos!” Now as a teacher, those are the types of words that give me a warm feeling inside. I am so, so proud of you Bren!
  • Paul Arthur is using the skills he learned in the Thread Fiber Beads video to also sell on Etsy. After providing him with some feedback and encouragement about his bead work, Paul was gracious enough to post this comment: “Cindy you have no idea how over whelmed I feel about what you said about my beads. I could never have made them without your video on thread beads. All your videos and tips are wonderful to newbies like me. Please keep up the great job. Thanks for the advice and information. I purchased your course and every bit of it’s helped me out. I refer back to it nightly and nonstop on the weekends. Thank you, thank you, thank you YOU ROCK!” [me blushing]
  • Then in an article discussing beginner polymer clay cane beads, Maria Casey said: “Cindy, my husband gave me the ultimate compliment when he noticed that the pendants I made for this year’s church bazaar were “light years” better than last year’s. I must say that one reason for this is the online education you provide us. Thank you!”

These are of course many more stories like the ones been posted above… and I’m truly hoping there will be many more in the coming months and years ahead of us. Please don’t be shy. Your stories are what drive and inspire me every day to become a better teacher.

Ladybug Polymer Clay Color Palette

By the way, today’s photo at the top of this article, and the picture of the ladybug color palette to the left, are from the Vol-011 back issue package that was recently made available in the Polymer Clay Library << This link will allow you to watch the preview video clips for the Volume 11 tutorials about Disk Beads, Patterned Background Sheets, Pillow Beads and Polymer Clay Rock Tumblers.

To all existing members who have already seen these Vol-011 videos, please share your success stories below. Actually, you don’t have to limit your feedback to the Vol-011 topics. Anything goes. Go ahead and make a teacher proud :)

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  1. Cindy Lietz, 22 May, 2009

    Laurel from Jewelry Jungle sent in a wonderful success story complete with photos and some step by step instructions for her polymer clay image transfer charms. You can follow the “Making Charms” link by my name above to read more if you like.

    Anyone else care to share? You are welcome to submit photos and an article if you like. But you certainly don’t have to go to that much effort if you don’t want to. Short comments added below, are just fine. What polymer clay techniques have you learned that you are proud of?

  2. Judith Stonier, 23 May, 2009

    Hi Cindy,

    I’m really enjoying the weekly lessons, and have learned a great deal in a short time. Thanks.

    I have two questions….since I now know how to make a “clay fabric”, I have gone wild and fabriced (no such word)nearly every cane sitting on my shelves. Also made lots of beads from that fabric. Can I put these beads into the rock tumbler? or is the surface too delicate. (I used a thickness of 4 0r 5 on my pasta machine with 7 being the thickest) I haven’t a tumbler yet but will buy one after hearing from you. . Would the vibrating kind be a better kind to use? Thanks for your help. Judith

  3. Cindy Lietz, 26 May, 2009

    Thanks for your questions Judith!

    That’s very cute that you have ‘fabriced’ every cane on your shelf. :-) As far as whether they could handle the tumbler or not, that really depends on how thin the cane ends up getting, not the fabric.

    If you’ve seen the video for the ink and crackled gold leaf (the link by my name will get you to the preview), you can use the technique for making the ultra-thin sheet of translucent and lay that on top of your fabric sheet. That will give it a barrier to protect it from sanding.

    I can’t tell you whether the vibrating rock polisher one is better since I haven’t tried it myself, but several trusted members here have recommended them, so that is up to you.

    A tumbler is a nice time saver, not matter which kind you get and I’m sure you will like it. Make sure to keep reading the comments on the tumbler post because new info gets added by members often.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Marija, 29 May, 2009

    Hi Cindy, your work is amazing. i’m beginer in work with polymer clay and i dont have experience. i’m interested very much. But, unfortunately, i am from Serbia and i dont have a chanse to order something from you. And i just want to thank you for your free tutorials. best wishis. marija

  5. Cindy Lietz, 29 May, 2009

    Hi Marija,

    Thanks so much for writing your kind words. I’m glad the free tutorial videos were helpful. Occasionally I email out other free videos as well. So be sure to stay subscribed to the Polymer Clay Guest List.

    Also, you may be interested to know there are at least a couple of others from Serbia who have left comments here at the blog. You can read what they have to say by following this link: International Polymer Clay Artists

    By the way, if you are ever interested in purchasing my library videos, and you are not able to use Paypal, just let me know. There may be other ways for you to transfer funds that could work.

    All the best,

  6. Louise Mackey, 29 May, 2009

    I thought I had signed up because I did get your weekly new letter but your system won’t let me log in. How long do you need to tumble beads in a bead tumbler to get a shine? I put my beads in a tumbler with stainless steel pellets, 4 teaspoons of liquid soap and tumbled several hours and they were nice and smooth but not shiny???

  7. Cindy Lietz, 01 June, 2009

    Louise, in order to log into the beadvideos membership library site, you need to pay a monthly fee of $3.32. As a newsletter subscriber, you receive free color recipes but don’t get access to the videos.

    As far as tumbling goes, there is a video on that in the membership library. If you click the link by my name, it will take you to an article that has more info on tumbling plus a preview video of the rock tumbling technique. There is also information about how to join the membership library if that interests you.

    For tons of free info, type your topic into the search box at the top left hand corner of every page. Hope that helps!

  8. Jo Southwick, 15 June, 2009

    Hi Cindy. I really enjoy your videos and the way you explain things. You have inspired me to try different things. I am new to polymer clay so really appreciate that there is some online teaching available as there is very little in New Zealand. I have attached a couple of pictures of things I have made from polymer clay as I feel more confident thanks to you. I made a cane using the a clay gun and covered a wooden frame that has a picture of my grandson. I started making miniatures just for fun and enjoy that too. I think it is amazing that you answer emails to you as you must be so busy. Thanks again, Jo

    Jo Southwick Polymer Clay Projects

  9. Joyce M, 16 June, 2009

    Hi Cindy, Your “Polymer Clay Bead Making for Beginners Course” is exceptional. I can’t agree more with all those who have said what a great teacher you are. And the presentation of the material you cover is easy to understand. The lighting in your studio is beyond professional. I have tried to learn another subject through tv video and the quality you have just wasn’t there. So I have an experience to compare to and you have it all. I have learned so much and now the fun begins to be able to play with the clay and make things happen. Of course I will need to refer to the tuts and their being available 24/7 is such a plus, no waiting for the class to begin, it is only a click away.

    Also, your video library has so much more and I’m excited about trying out the recipe cards. It is difficult at times to come away from your blog. All these artists who willingly share their talents also are wonderful. Its like an extended family in the clay world. Sometime I hope to be able to contribute an experience but for now I will be there with questions as I share this experience with my twin granddaughters who will spend their summer vacation here in sunny Florida. Thank you, Cindy.

  10. Cindy Lietz, 16 June, 2009

    Jo – Your work is beautiful. Very cute grandson too! Thanks so much for sharing your story and photos.

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