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Pale Purple Poppy Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor1-B: Pale Purple
Purple Poppy
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When we moved into our current house over 15 years ago, it was during the fall and most of the flowers were done their cycles, and the leaves were beginning to fall off the trees. So when Spring and Summer came along, it was a complete surprise to find all the different variety of flowers and bushes come into bloom.

One of the surprises was these purple poppies. The whole vegetable garden was full of them. Some were a darker purple, much like the color of the flower center in today’s photo. And the rest were a very pale purple.

At the time I had never seen this type of poppy before… only being familiar with the red varieties and the pretty orange California poppies. Since then though, I have seen even more varieties, including a frilly pink poppy that grows in my friend and neighbor Diane’s garden.

Oh by the way, just like the Bee Made Columbine from the previous Vol-081-A Columbine Bud Palette, our pale purple poppies somehow bonded with her frilly pink poppies and made fluffy pale purpley-pink babies. The bees had bit of a trek to spread that pollen around too. They had to fly from our back yard to the front, cross a very busy street, and then head down a few houses to Diane’s place, so they could buzz around in her garden… Amazing really!

Anyway, one year I thought I may never have another purple poppy in my garden again… some garden raider stole all of the poppy heads, just leaving some crunchy dried out stems behind. We never did solve that mystery…

But low and behold, there must have been a few seeds left in the soil, because sure enough the following summer a few of these guys popped their heads out of the soil and slowly but surely begane to propagate themselves again.

Nature is such an interesting thing… Ain’ it!?

I do hope you enjoy this inspiration for our next Vol-081-B Series color recipes for February 2015. Inspiring colors for a fresh new year!

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  • Poppy Stem (Recipe 081-4B)

[wp_ad_camp_1]Pale Purple is the softest, whitest purple shade of this poppy blossom. Purple Poppy is the darker dusty purple shade found in the centers of the petals, like it was brushed there with a paintbrush. Poppy Stamens is the creamy linen color of the pollen coated poppy stamens, surrounding the head like a fluffy fur collar. And Poppy Stem is a soft green of the poppy stem and poppy head, that draws your eyes in to the center of the poppy flower.

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I love your color recipes! I am behind in making the color chips but I usually make them as I use them. Sometimes I make up several palettes when I want to play with my clay but don’t know what I want to make. Seeing the colors in person inspires my creativity! ~Catalina-L

Cindy I love your stuff, so glad someone suggested you. I want ALL your Color Recipes… color coordination is really difficult for me… so glad you did the work for me. ~Carolann-B

Thank you 4000 times! I looked forever for blending techniques and when I finally found you I was ecstatic. I am independent earring designer and struggled with making good clay beads. You are my new hero! ~Cyndee-H


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Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor
  1. Maria, 26 January, 2015

    Wow, Cindy! Hard to believe some people would sink so low as to steal all of your flowers! I am so glad that nature stored some spare seeds to grow the next year.

  2. Dixie Ann, 26 January, 2015

    This is such a pretty color palette. Almost makes me want to try and make the poppy flower you so described. It looks like either a 3 or 4 petal flower. With February closing in, I think we are all wishing spring would get here asap. These colors certainly are a harbinger of spring. I know what’s on your mind Cindy and Valentines Day is just around the corner.! :)

  3. Dixie Ann, 06 February, 2016

    Hi Cindy, was wondering why we are still receiving color receipes that have already been available? I don’t remember the last time I received a new A or B receipe card. Will we be receiving any new ones soon?

  4. Doug Lietz, 07 February, 2016

    Hi Dixie Ann – Here is a link to where there was some discussion about how things are changing with the color recipe publishing.

  5. Dixie Ann, 07 February, 2016

    Thanks Doug for the link. Okay I think I understand how that is all going to work. Guess I’m lucky I got all the A’s and B’s now. I love the color receipes so won’t mind they are being offered separately.

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