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Orchid Flower Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor1-A: Orchid
2-A: Phalaenopsis

3-A: Nectar
4A: Exotic Flower

Well, there is kind of a funny story about this Orchid flower that has become the inspiration for this months Vol-072 A-series color palette.

Doug’s Mom had a couple of Phalaenopsis Orchid plants that were in the process of re-blooming. And since she was going to be away while they bloomed, she asked if we would like to have the potted flowers.

Of course the answer was “Yes”. I love orchids and it had been a while since we have had any in the house.

During the drive home, however, one of the flower stems got a little bent and over the next couple of weeks, the unopened blossoms on that one started to wither and fall off. So sad… but at least there was another healthy plant that was coming along just fine.

The surviving orchid did its thing and put out a couple of gorgeous blooms. Here is a photo collage that Doug shot and edited.

Orchid Photo Collage by Doug Lietz

To continue with the story… It snowed pretty hard for a few days in February (which was rare for us this year in Vancouver), and Willow decided that an ‘Orchid in the Snow’ would make a fabulous photo! So she set up a scene by burying the pot into a foot of snow on top of our driftwood bench on the deck.

Now if I had known any of this was going on I surely would have rescued the poor plant… knowing all too well that the tropical flower would not appreciate the exposure to the icy crystals!

Anywho… before she could get any good shots, the Orchid decided it had enough of the cold weather and took a nose dive off the side of the bench and straight into the fluffy snow bank!

Needless to say the flower stem broke, the bloom got all smunched, and the plant was shivering in pain! At least that was how I imagined the scene when Willow came upstairs to my studio and said, “Mommy, I’m sorry but I killed your plant.”

Gosh… at least we have the memories…

Enjoy this exotic inspiration for the Vol-072 A-series color palette!

Orchid Palette by Polymer Clay TutorThe following Vol-072 A-series Orchid Color Palette will be added to the Polymer Clay Members Library at the beginning of May 2014:

  • Orchid (Recipe 072-1A)
  • Phalaenopsis (Recipe 072-2A)
  • Nectar (Recipe 072-3A)
  • Exotic Flower (Recipe 072-4A)


Orchid is a gorgeous purple pink found in the throat of this gorgeous flower. It’s a very close match to the Pantone 2014 Color of the Year, which was named Radiant Orchid. Phalaenopsis is the amazing soft purple found on the sepals of this Orchid blossom. Nectar is the soft sweet yellow found in the center lip of the flower. And Exotic Flower is the deep wine red of the spotted column.

Congratulations on reaching this golden milestone, Cindy! This is another lovely palette… I have no colour or art training so mixing colors is pretty much trial and error, but I find that enjoyable and relaxing. I very much appreciate all the work you do to produce these awesome palettes! Looking forward to the next “50” palettes. ~Monique-U

More beautiful colors, Cindy. Looking forward to working with them. Nature is truly awesome and it is so wonderful to have you tuned in and sharing all the splendor. Thanks. ~Joyce-M

I really like the picture format with the palette samples because it can inspire you to create using that particular palette of colors. Sometimes you have the color cards in front of you and it takes awhile to decide how you will incorporate them into your piece, whether it be jewelry or something else. Thanks so much and looking forward to new recipes… keep them coming! ~Lupe-M


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Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor
  1. Fran V, 21 April, 2014

    I didn’t know you were such a tease!!! What a beautiful set of colors, Cindy. I can’t wait! And Doug, such amazing photos, they’re splendid, really capture the delicate beauty of the orchids. Thank you both.

    (Cindy, you folks sound like me with plants. Before a new plant comes into my house i have to let it know it’s in for a rough ride. If it survives, it’ll be among the toughest in the universe!)


  2. Cindy Lietz, 22 April, 2014

    LOL, what a funny thing to warn your plants like that Fran! I tend to be pretty good with plants but it appears my family is not… Oh well, at least they have a big appreciation for a good photo! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  3. Karen L, 21 April, 2014

    Hi Cindy :)

    I’m new to your web community & I only wish I had found you sooner! I’ve learned so much in the short time I’ve been here.

    Okay, that out of the way, I really <3 your new color palette for a couple reasons. One, I love polymer flowers, Donna Kato's first book with the beautiful florals on the cover was my introduction to PC. Until I saw your tutorial, I didn't think I'd be able to make realistic ones myself. Second, I've been daydreaming in earnest about making flower earrings after seeing some PC floral sculptures online. (And your work). Once I make some flowers from your tutorial, I want to try & do orchid earrings because the orchid is the national flower of the Cayman Islands where I am from! So I log on & see your palette today & I was like Wow. That's a cool coincidence.


    ps Any chance there is an orchid tutorial in our future?

  4. Cindy Lietz, 22 April, 2014

    Thank you for your lovely comment Karen, it is wonderful to have you here! I think an Orchid tutorial would make a great addition to our library. I’ll have to get to work on one! :)

  5. Karen L, 22 April, 2014

    That’s *Awesome* Cindy. I look fwd to seeing that when it comes down the pipe!

  6. Fran V, 22 April, 2014

    I second that! An orchid tutorial would be great.

  7. Anna Sabina, 22 April, 2014

    I don’t think Dougs Mom is going to leave your daily in chage of any more plants. But you do have gorgeous pictures and a fun memory.

  8. Tante Sherry, 23 April, 2014

    oh wow, those colors are so pretty:)

  9. elaine faulks, 26 April, 2014

    Fantastic shots Doug (as always) beautiful new colors Cindy (as ever)

    A funny story…… While visiting my daughter in France I admired her lovely pale pink/white Orchid plant that stood in a dark corner and had masses of blooms. We stayed with her for two weeks. I never noticed her watering it but as we were on holiday we didn’t get up as early as “Debs” who was up and gardening at the crack of dawn.

    When we were leaving I said to Debs “Shouldn’t you water the Orchid?” ( as she would be gone for a couple of weeks).
    She laughed and said “Mum it is not real”.
    As my daughter NEVER has artificial flowers or plants I hadn’t expected her answer. But it was the nearest thing to real I had ever seen made from silk. One day I think I would enjoy making an Orchid plant from polymer clay as it’s the kiss of death for any real Orchid plants who enter these portals………………………..cheers xx………..

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