Men’s Jewelry Bracelet – Polymer Clay & Bali Beads with Wire Clasp

Men's Polymer Clay Bracelet“How nice to see something suitable for the guys.” ~Marilyn-P

Lately there has been a lot of requests for ideas on what type of jewelry to make for men. So today I’ll show you this men’s leather bracelet with a faux stone polymer clay bead and handmade wire findings.

I would love to have some more ideas for making jewlery and small gift items for men. That’s a great idea – my son wears bracelets so I could make him something with leather too. ~Cheryl-H

That’s what I would like to get more of, ideas for male or unisex jewelry. I can come up with many ideas for jewelry for women but really really hit a block when it comes to designs for men. I don’t understand why I would have such a hard time designing for myself. ~Ken-H

Other than the two silver Bali beads, this bracelet is completely hand made. The leather lace was cut from an old leather coat, the ‘granite’ bead was made using the faux pebble bead technique, the hook was made of copper wire and the cord ends were made of gunmetal steel.

The bracelet is a simple, natural looking design that is both tough and masculine that will suit a down to earth kind of guy. Nothing too fussy to get in the way but with just the right amount of personality to be noticed.

If there is interest, I can teach you how to make the cord endings. They can be made in any metal wire and used on any cord or ribbon. Knowing how to make these simple wire findings could help save you a lot of money and give your pieces a very custom look by being able to match the wire to your jewelry.

So, let me know if you’re interested in learning how to make these wire cord ends and I’ll put it on the list for future tutorials.

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  1. Elizabeth S., 31 October, 2009

    Love this! The heck with making them for men!! lol. I want one of these for myself. As always, I vote for a video.

  2. Maureen G, 31 October, 2009

    Very cool Cindy! I don’t have any men in my family that would wear jewelry. They won’t even wear watches! But I know many ladies who would love to wear this also!! Maybe I’ll just have to start looking for men elsewhere!! lol

  3. Melinda, 31 October, 2009

    That bracelet is fabulous! I know how to make wire cord ends however I think you should do a tutorial on it so everyone knows…. I find it an invaluable thing to know!

  4. Lawrence, 31 October, 2009

    Bracelets ,and neck decorations, seem to be all the rage with some younger men. I was recently in my favorite local bead shop and Sandy,the owner was helping three young men,age 16-20 fresh from Hockey practice, choose beads for bracelets they wanted to make. Money seemed to be no object but they balked at the idea of taking one of the many classes the store offers. I asked the owner later and she said that wasn’t so unusual and quite often men accompany their wives or girlfriends to choose the beads for the guys’ jewelery.
    There seems to be a great market niche there!

  5. aims, 31 October, 2009

    As usual – count me in Cindy.

    I gave The Man 2 bracelets that are braided leather with pewter on them. One has about 3 pieces of pewter while the other is all pewter interspersed with bits of leather.

    I didn’t make either but bought them through Robert Redford’s ‘Sundance Catalog’.

    I paid $78 US for them – which turned out to be quite a bit with the exchange and the shipping.

    However – the great part about them is that The Man loves them and wears them quite a bit. Odd for a man who won’t wear a watch.

    I’m telling you all this because I can see how something like this could be made with polymer. I’m going to send you the link for them via email – I bet you could do something with it.

  6. Melinda, 31 October, 2009

    How funny aims…. I call my husband “The Man” all the time. Now I’m intrigued and will have to search for the Sundance Catalog!

  7. Lisa Whitham, 31 October, 2009

    Yes please, a vid..!! I really like the look of this bracelet, it’s giving me ideas…

    Now off to Home Depot for some copper wire. :) My PYMII arrived today too! Yipee!


  8. Peggy, 31 October, 2009

    Love the video also and would really love to learn how to make the cord ends. They are so expensive to purchase and sometimes even hard to find in the color of wire you want. I am very interested in any jewelry findings you could help me with. That is an area I will take all the help I can get. Cindy as far as I am concerned anything you want to teach will be more than worth learning. I don’t think that talented imagination of yours knows how to come up with something people wouldn’t love to learn. Count me in YOU TEACH AND I WILL TRY MY BEST TO LEARN IT!!!!!!!!

  9. Ritzs, 31 October, 2009

    Hi everyone well i got here to Chicago safe and sound and i love the idea of how to make the jewelery for the men yes please Cindy a video will be great. i cannot make beads while i am here as i wont use my sister in laws oven to bake them but i can do lots of wire work. Please Lisa can you tell me how long it took to get your PYM11 delivered as i want to send for some while i am here to save on postage and I don’t no if they ship to the U K any info would be much appreciated.

  10. Lawrence, 01 November, 2009

    @Ritzs: Please double check with your airline Ritzs. I ordered some from Shades Of Clay here in Canada and it could only be shipped via ground transportation. I assume that is because it is a pressurized aerosol can. The manufacturer may also shed light on international availability for the UK.

  11. Amanda, 01 November, 2009

    Mens jewellery is always hard to do, thank you for sharing this idea.

  12. Ritzs, 01 November, 2009

    Thank you Lawrence for the info I have taken aerosol cans in my luggage before many times as long as its checked in and not carry on ,however i will check with the manufacturer and see if their is any were in the U K that i can get it thanks again for the help.

  13. Cindy Lietz, 01 November, 2009

    Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments. You guys are AWESOME! Lawrence that is a great niche marketing idea with the younger 16-20 “dude” market. Not sure if my teenage daughter would approve of me saying dude or not… but what the heck.

    @Ritzs – Welcome to America :-) In regards to PYM II in the UK, I’ve already looked into this and it is not available anywhere in Britain (yet). However, I did some more digging for you regarding sourcing the product in the US. Donna and Doug Shepherd, the Owners/Manufacturers of the PYM product, told me that PYM is more commonly sold under a different label (CI Superseal) to the scrap booking niche. Here is what they emailed to me:

    “Hi Cindy, I just wanted to send out a FYI to your followers about PYM II. They may not be aware that PYM II is also distributed under the CI SuperSeal label by Creative Imaginations. It is the exact same product. We have many calls asking if it is available in Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and the answer is not yet. If they would like to see it there, they can put in a request to the stores. There is a picture on our PYM homepage of CI SuperSeal and a store locater. Hope this helps. Also, I wanted to say thank you to you and all of your followers that have shown such a great interest in PYM II we really appreciate it.”
    Donna & Doug Shepherd

    @Ritzs – If you use the store locater feature at the PYM web site, you will see that there are 10 scrapbooking stores in the Chicago area where you can purchase the CI SuperSeal brand. One of them is bound to be close to where you are staying with your sister in law. If it is an issue to pack aerosol can’s in your airline luggage for the trip back home to the UK, then you might want to ask at the store(s) about the non-aerosol version of the product. I know that Donna and Doug make a pump version for the PYM brand. It may be available in the CI Superseal brand as well.

    Below is a video from a scrapbooking lady demonstrating the CI Superseal (PYM II) product. It’s kind of fun to show this because she talks about how the product can even help to make glitter not so messy. I just brought up the topic of glitter in today’s post (see link by my name), so the timing is perfect :-)


  14. cara letho, 01 November, 2009

    please please please do a tutorial on cord ends! I have 4 sons and they all love surf bracelets just like you have shown. I would love the opportunity to make something for them and this is the only jewellery item that they would wear. It is getting very hot here (Aust) and surf bracelets made with polymer clay and embellished with Bali silver beads would be the perfect gifts at Christmas!
    look forward to the tutorial

  15. Ritzs, 01 November, 2009

    Thank you so much Cindy for all the help I will check it all out and now i will watch the video

  16. Lisa Whitham, 01 November, 2009

    @ Ritzs it only took a few days. I ordered it on the 28th and it arrived on the 31st. It’s delivered by Fed Ex. Not sure if you’ll get an aresol can back through customs though? But they do have a non-aresol available…

    Hope this helps,

  17. Cindy Lietz, 01 November, 2009

    Thanks guys for your comments! Cara, I think I will add the cord ends to Vol-019 which would be in December. Just in time for your Christmas gifts!

  18. cara letho, 02 November, 2009

    @Cindy Lietz: thanks cindy- look forward to it

  19. Ken H., 02 November, 2009

    Sorry I’m so late to the conversation, but with the show I’m currently in I come home and go straight to sleep. That bracelet is great, and I too would like to know how to make the cord ends, and thank you for the men’s styles, Maybe after seeing more I might be able to design something for myself someday. :)

  20. Cindy Lietz, 02 November, 2009

    I’m sure you will Ken! What show are you in right now? I know you were doing the Marriage of Figaro before but are you in a different production now?

  21. Sara Hardin, 02 November, 2009

    This is great!!! I love it.

  22. Ken H., 02 November, 2009

    Yes, the current show is Barber of Seville, it’s the “prequel” to Marriage of Figaro, same main characters just 10 years earlier. I’m in the chorus this time.

  23. Ken H., 02 November, 2009

    Oh BTW, remember your post about your style being like singing opera in a leather jacket, well I found some photos from that production of Don Giovanni if your interested.

  24. Cindy Lietz, 02 November, 2009

    Thanks guys!

    @Ken: I’d love to see the photos!

    *For those that want to read the post Ken is referring to about My Bead Style is like Singing Opera in a Biker’s Jacket, click the link by my name.

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