Member Project Photos – Spotted Lily Cane Polymer Clay Jewelry

Polymer Clay Artists “Brilliant loved it! And
how easy it is! Love the
waves. It almost looked
as if it had been painted!
Thank you!” ~Anne-O

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And for everyone’s benefit, enjoyment, inspiration… there is a Facebook Photo Gallery that makes it quick and easy to share pictures of your polymer clay projects.

The selection of Vol-028-4 Polymer Clay Spotted Lily Cane images showcased below, is just a very small sampling from the 521 Facebook photos uploaded to date. Way to go guys! As your Tutor, it makes me very proud to see how much everyone is accomplishing.

Cindy, this tut is awesome. I was trying to wrap it around my head of how you were going to do this awesome Lily creation and it ended up being just the simplest thing. Your basic course is definitely a way to go to get all the basic requirements and understand how clay works; then add some of one’s creativity to come up with these awesome designs :) I have all kinds of designs racing in my head now. The difference between what I’ve been doing with graphic design is that now I have to think 3D instead of 2D. You’re the best Cindy. ~Rada-F

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Member Project Photos: Spotted Lily Cane Jewelry

Polymer Clay Member Projects


The Polymer Clay Spotted Lily Cane Project photos posted above were submitted by: (1) Barbara-P, (2) Lorraine-C, (3) Jane-M, (4) Rose-V and (5) Fran-R. If you have any questions or compliments for these talented polymer clay artists, please use the comment section below.

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  1. Lisa Whitham, 04 November, 2010

    Beautiful work ladies! And what a fun and easy technique! I’ve made a flower with my cane and need to make a match for it so I’ll have a pair of lily earrings…

    Clay On,
    ~Lisa :)

  2. Brenda, 04 November, 2010

    Very Nice Ladies :) I made some But really haven’t figured out what to make with them yet. I used pink and cream colors. With a muave specs.

  3. Elizabeth S., 04 November, 2010


  4. Joyce M, 04 November, 2010

    Amazing ladies, a true inspiration for me to try this technique when time permits. Brenda, your color choices sound beautiful, hmmmm, what will my choice be, I love so many colors…happy claying everyone.

  5. Jeanne C., 04 November, 2010

    Great job!! I love the colors everyone used. :)

  6. Cheryl Hodges, 04 November, 2010

    Beautiful work everyone. Love all the colors. I have to try this one soon.

  7. Louise, 04 November, 2010

    My favorite is number 5. I can see it on a wall.
    Beautiful work for the big pieces.

  8. Phaedrakat, 05 November, 2010

    Beautiful…great work everyone! These pieces are all lovely; the same technique/pattern was used, but the color choices make them look so very different! Of course, what you choose to make with your cane affects “the look” too. I love all of these, for various reasons. Thanks for sharing — and thanks to Cindy, for the cool & easy tute!

  9. Linda K., 05 November, 2010

    It’s just amazing what people are doing with techniques that Cindy has taught us. These are just wonderful!

  10. Illaya, 12 November, 2010

    Kudos ladies. Learning techniques from Cindy has enriched our artistic abilities and enriched our lives. Big thanks to Cindy

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