Making Polymer Clay Beads & Jewelry to Help Cope with a Sad Loss

Polymer Clay Jewelry by Jackie NorrisSpotlight: “I still have to take it one day at a time. But… all the wonderful support here has given me confidence to continue.” ~Jackie-N

Today’s spotlight is an update from Jackie Norris. You may remember first reading about her sad and brave story back in October. If you missed that original article, here is the link: A Polymer Clay Tribute, In Loving Memory of Vance, Her Biggest Fan

Thankfully, Jackie is a survivor and is continuing to create her beautiful polymer clay jewelry. Related links for today’s Spotlight include: 1) Ghost Canes; and 2) Adding Cane Slices to Round Beads

Here is What Jackie Wrote…

Hi Cindy,

Just wanted to give an update. I still have to take it one day at a time. But the belief that Vance had in me plus all the wonderful support that I have gotten here has given me the confidence that I needed to at least try to continue. So I just did a little every day till I actually finished a couple of pieces.

I am enclosing a few photos. I used the ghost canes on the round beads on the bracelet and a chalk technique I read about somewhere, on the oval beads. The earrings were just slices off a cane that I did not particularly like, but they made cute earrings.

So thanks again for your support, it really made a difference.

~Jackie Norris (Spanish Fort, AL, USA)

Polymer Clay Jewelry by Jackie Norris Polymer Clay Jewelry by Jackie Norris

I am so proud of you Jackie and your braveness to move forward. Your ongoing story really shows how polymer clay can play a role in helping to cope with adversity that can come up in our lives.

I am also proud of everyone who wrote loving and supportive comments to Jackie during this difficult time. Kindness makes this a beautiful world to be part of and I am grateful that you all shared a piece of your kind hearts.

Jackie… we are all still here for you if you need support and encouragement.

** If you have been inspired by my teachings and would like to be featured in an upcoming Spotlight Article, then please do write up something creative and email it to me along with a selection of your project pics. Make sure to send me high resolution photos that I’ll be able to zoom in on to show the details of your work. If you don’t already have my email address, simply leave a comment below and I will get it to you right away.

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  1. LindaG, 04 December, 2009

    Jackie, you are such an inspiration. Reading about your sad, sad loss makes me stop and take time to really appreciate the love and support I have from my husband and family and to not take any of it for granted.

    Your work is really beautiful and it is wonderful to see you making such lovely jewelry. I look forward to seeing more of your polymer clay beauties – thank you for the gift of sharing your story with us.

    Sending you huge and warm hugs from the cold North!

  2. Elizabeth S., 04 December, 2009


    I have thought of you often since you first shared your story with us. I am so appreciative of the update especially when it includes pictures of these beautiful pieces. I know that the holidays will bring special challenges during this time of grief-I send you my hope for continued healing. Please, please stay connected with us through Cindy.

    Love, Elizabeth
    El Paso, TX

  3. Jeanne, 04 December, 2009


    Thank you for the up date, I have thought of you often and know the Holidays can be a challenge, but know that we, your polymer clay family is here for you.

    Your jewelry is lovely, thank you for sharing it with us, you’re an inspiration to all of us.

    Love, Jeanne
    Tucson, AZ

  4. Melinda, 04 December, 2009


    Your work is wonderful and beautiful and inspirational. I give you hugs across the miles.

    Helena, MT

  5. JoyceM, 04 December, 2009

    How cute those earrings are, love them. I’m not necessarily a flower person though I love the work of others. My world is more geometric and it is wonderful to hear from you. Congratulations on being able to share with us again. This season can be very challenging so know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many. My wish for you is that the Peace of this season surrounds you and brings you joy and comfort. Continued success in our clay world and thank you for sharing, it is truly inspirational.

    Love & Hugs from St. Petersburg, Florida.

  6. Cheryl, 04 December, 2009


    i love the bracelet; the colors are simply beautiful. Yes, christmas time will have so many memories and it will be hard but be assured Vance is celebrating with you and be with you in spirit.

    love, hugs and blessings


  7. DJ, 04 December, 2009

    Like many others, I’ve thought about you too – wondering how you’re doing. It’s good to hear you’re finding a way to continue with your work – even a little at a time. Although this is a difficult time for you, it seems as though you are finding the strength to move forward. I wish for you many, many more good, strong days ahead.
    I really love how your pieces and colors have a lightness to them….the oval bead is sooo pretty.
    Thanks again for the update and sharing your work, please take care during the holidays.

  8. Jackie Norris, 04 December, 2009

    Thank You everyone. I have my good days and some really tough days, when I have a bad one I read through some of the nice things that everyone has said, and it gives me a pick me up. Then I go and work in my studio and try to think about the wonderful encouraging words that Vance would say to me and somehow I make it through another day. The Holidays are going to be my biggest challenge, but with loving family and friends I know I will be OK. I have been working on Christmas ornaments for family so I have been busy, which is good. Thanks again everyone. This is truly a great community to be part of..


  9. lynn watts, 04 December, 2009

    Hey Jackie, glad to hear from you and see your beautiful pieces. I love those earrings, and the bracelet is so much fun with the ghost canes. I know everyone in your family will just love the ornaments you make for them. I know they will be just as beautiful as your jewelry. Take care and God Bless. Lynn Watts

  10. Elizabeth Kerr, 04 December, 2009

    Nice to see you here again Jackie,I know it is not easy,but by being positve, and creating, you will learn to live your life again.
    Love your work. keep coming back to show us.
    love and best wishes

  11. Penny, 05 December, 2009

    Jackie – as a teenager I lost my grandparents and my mother, then my father, then my guardian – all in the space of 5 years. However, I believe that the loss in my life was for a purpose and it made me the strong person I am. I think of them still and now am a Life Coach who enables others to recognise that they can celebrate the lives of their loved ones – and what better way to do it than by creating more and more beautiful pieces of jewelery knowing how Vance could well be watching and, as your best friend who always tells you the truth, will continue to admire your work and encourage you to do more and more.

  12. Ken H., 06 December, 2009

    BRAVA! They’re fantastic

  13. Darlene, 06 December, 2009

    Jackie, I had to chuckle at your comment that your earrings were made from a cane you didn’t really like. I used to weave and sell rag rugs. I had made one I REALLY didn’t like. I thought it was the ugliest thing I had ever made. I went to a crafts fair, and almost didn’t put it out because I disliked it so much. Well, guess which rug sold first?! And the lady who bought it just LOVED it! And guess what? I LOVE your earrings!

    I’m glad to hear you’re moving on with your life. I’ve been divorced, and believe me, that was a hard thing to get through. But now I’ve remarried (and my last name is now Norris, too!), and we’re very happy. Life is never without challenges. The trick is to keep moving forward! God bless, and keep us posted!

  14. Vera, 09 December, 2009

    I have a lot to learn,;-))

    really nice work.

  15. Laurel B, 09 December, 2009


    Thank you so much for the update. You know we all think of you often as we have all gotten pretty close on these blogs. Please remember all the wonderful and caring friends you have here as you go through these holidays. I am glad you are able to keep busy and have family around supporting and loving you.

    I also had to laugh at your earrings from the cane you did not like. I think these earrings are beautiful. I love the blue and the copper together. The bracelet is very cute too.

    With care and best wishes.


  16. Cindy Lietz, 11 December, 2009

    Thank you everyone for the kind comments and support for Jackie. I know she appreciates it a lot.

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