Making Lentil Beads That Don’t Go All Wonky

Stephanie Johnston The Dalles WashingtonVideo #301: Roadtrip #1-06: Giggling with Stephanie Johnston in the The Dalles, Oregon.

As a teacher, it is always so rewarding (and fun) to see students having an Ah ha moment … suddenly understanding a technique that was previously a challenge for them. Well, that is exactly what happened with Stephannie Johnston when we stopped off to see her in the Dalles, Oregon on our August PcT Roadtrip. She finally discovered how to roll a swirly lentil bead… so that they no longer turned out all wonky.

When Stephanie met up with us in the RV, it was mid afternoon on a hot day. We had woken up very early that morning, starting out from Spokane, WA with plans to hit Portland, Oregon by early evening. Those who have been following along will know that we had visited Carlee Nave earlier in the day (back in Pasco), before having to drive several more hours to rendezvous with Stephanie.

We had pre-discussed meeting up with Stephanie at a large Rite-Aid parking lot, and it was agreed for us to call her when we arrived. Thankfully there was a spot where Doug was able to pull the trailer along side of some nice shade trees that did a fine job of keeping the trailer (and us) protected from the hot sun.

Even though the visit was pretty short, it was really fun! Stephanie is such an incredible woman to spend time with. She is just so warm, friendly and excited about learning polymer clay. It was heart warming to get the chance to teach her something while we were there.

I don’t often get the chance to be live in person when someone is learning one of my tutorials. So just being there, across from Stephanie’s excited hands as she saw that swirl develop in her lentil bead, was priceless! See for yourself…

Below is a slide show of some photos taken in Spokane and then at points along our journey heading towards Portland, Oregon. From our family to yours…

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We’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below to say hi to Stephanie, and to let us know how you are enjoying the Roadtrip Video Series so far.

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  1. Sandra J, 18 October, 2012

    I am so jelousofyourguys opportunity to meet. Hi Stephanie looking fwd to seeing some photos of your lentil beads now that you know how to do them!

  2. Stephanie J, 20 October, 2012

    I am working on mastering the process!!!! Can you believe I got to meet and talk with Cindy and her family!!!! so cool

  3. Joyce R, 18 October, 2012

    Love the video! My lentils were a little wonky too. Got some pointers out of this one!

    So lucky, getting to meet Cindy and family!

  4. Michelle Adams, 18 October, 2012

    Yea, that was fun! Hi Stephanie, great job on the swirly bead. Thanks for the tip Cindy on where to place the cane slices on the bead before you swirl. I’m going to try that.

  5. pattw35, 18 October, 2012

    What a fun video – for both of you!

  6. Kathy E, 18 October, 2012

    This helped me a lot. Thank you.

  7. Joyce Folsom, 18 October, 2012

    This continues to be so special. Nice to meet you, Stephanie. Interesting to watch someone
    conquer a technique. Good job, Stephanie. Love the slide show, Cindy. What a beautiful country we have and how nice of you to share, makes me want to get out on the road too. Going back to take a second peek. Loving it.

  8. Dixie Ann, 18 October, 2012

    Very nice to meet Stephanie. She made me laugh at being so excited about the Lentil. I had the same reaction. It’s really fun to meet other clayers this way. Cindy your videos and pictures of your trip are just awesome. It looked like some really dry and hot areas you drove through. My biggest fascination is with the colorful bug you took a picture of.
    It’s shell reminded me of a Mosaic Cane. Isn’t it amazing what color combinations Nature puts out there for us! Well with your hands on help, I’m sure Stephanie will be able to accomplish some really nice Lentils. Thanks so much for these “Memory Trips”

  9. Anna Sabina, 18 October, 2012

    Great pictures. i didn’t realize it was so brown out there. Michaels and Hobby Lobby in the same shopping plaza. WHO KNEW !!!!

  10. Marion Rayner, 19 October, 2012

    That was fun! Great to watch Stephanie’s ‘Aha!’ moment! The thrill that polymer clay can give is something we all want and to see someone finding their way is very inspiring. Thanks Cindy and Doug – looking forward to Willow’s photos too, what a fantastic family!

  11. Elaine Faulks, 19 October, 2012

    Greetings from the UK Stephanie, so nice to meet you

    I think we all had that excited moment when our first lentil bead came right. Now I expect you will be busy swirling away and creating them by the dozen as it is certainly a cool way to use up scrap clay and ends of canes.

    CINDY, loved your beach coloured Boho wrap and chunky curb-chain which looked so right for a travelling GAL.

    DIXIE ANN that colourful critter also caught my attention, would be nice to know his/her name, (I mean species) as I’ve already named it Ringo, Perhaps FISHER studies bugs and can tell us what it is?

    When I was a kid, my eldest brother used to take me on night-time collecting for moths and other flying insects. He would rigg up a white sheet with lights to attract the creatures of the night. It got a bit spooky with all the bats and owls flying in to see what was going on and to pick up a “take-away” ugg.But it sure made me appreciate the wonderful colours and patterns of nature. So a BIG thanks to WILLOW who I am thinking took these shots while DOUG put his feet up and took a rest after the long drive, (great SAT-NAV)
    ………………………………………….cheers xx……………………………………………………..

  12. Cindy Lietz, 07 November, 2012

    Thanks Elaine! Took me a minute to know what you were talking about when you said “great SAT-NAV”… afte thinking a minute I realized what you call refer to as our SAT-NAV or Satellite Navigation system, is what we call our GPS or Global Positioning System. That is what is so cool about speaking with people from all over the World… there is always more than one way to say something!

    Love your stories! Love your comments! Thank you as always Elaine for being part of our community!

  13. Elaine Faulks, 20 November, 2012

    As you say Cindy, there is more than one way to say something. As a young lad my Grandfather used to work in the big London fish market. There they used to speak something called (CRS) You would need me to interpret for you unless you know Cockney Rhyming Slang…………………….

    So me ole china, put on your whistle, pull on yer almonds an scoobys and stroll wiv me down the kermit to the nuclear for a couple of nelsons. Make sure you have plenty of bugs in yer sky an we’ll sit at a cain an ava good rabbit an meet up wiv a couple of me chinas what are pearlies, who was born wivin the sound of Bow Bells.

    Might take you a while to figure this out as CRS is evolving all the time. It was thought to have been invented of by the East End criminal fraternity so they could talk to their (chinas) – china plates = mates in front of the peelers (policemen) It was then adopted by the market traders in the East End of London.

    BTW is you don’t fancy a nelson you could have a gold watch and ten or a Vera and Phil………………………….cheers xx……………………………………….

  14. Cindy Lietz, 21 November, 2012

    I love your comment Elaine! Now I am going to need to get myself a Sherlock Holmes hat and see if I can figure out the code! :D

  15. pollyanna, 19 October, 2012

    I also got a few hints to try on this video. Welcome Stephanie! that bug is beautiful. Such a great pattern.

  16. Vivian Beal, 19 October, 2012

    It was fun meeting Stephanie and sharing the problem with wonky swirls. These were great tips !!!



  17. Jocelyn, 19 October, 2012

    Stephanie, your reaction to success delighted me. Willow, the pic series was amazing, thank you! And Cindy, went to try it immediately, and that little trick of flattening the ball just a little makes all the difference.

  18. Michelle Adams, 19 October, 2012

    The bug picture is my favorite too. He’d make a cool bead…hummmmmm!

  19. Mrs Rainbow, 19 October, 2012

    Stephanies ‘How exciting!’ exclamation, really put a smile on my face! Lovely! :D I reckon she will be making loads of them now! :D

  20. Margaret D, 19 October, 2012

    WOW! That is my bestest friend in the world, Stephanie. Your so awesome,and very talented. I’m so happy that you got to meet Cindy. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your beads also..

  21. Catalina, 19 October, 2012

    How cool for you, Stephanie!! Glad you got to get a up-close and in-person tute!! I’m so far behind in all the wonderful tutes Cindy has been puting out.

    It has been a very difficult year for me and my family. I lost my dad and then my mother-in-law and just last week my aunt. My sons moved out on their own and a new chapter is begining for them and us. Polymer Clay and this site is a welcome distraction that gives me a chance to “get lost” in creativity.

    But, one good thing happened this year and that is my Detroit Tigers are in the World Series! My hubby got us tickets to the first home game, Oct 27, so we are very excited. Just wished I could have shared this with my dad since he was a big fan, too.

    Oh, BTW, I was so excited to have been able to go to one of the Play-Off games that I made a Pandora bracelet with Tiger stripe beads!! I wore it to the game and I know it brought them luck!! :-)

  22. Joyce Folsom, 23 October, 2012

    My heart goes out to you, Catalina, with the losses you are suffering this year. I believe your Dad will be right there with you Oct 27th. I will root for the Tigers though they were not my first choice. Being from St. Petersburg, FL I was hoping the Rays would be in the finals, but, maybe next year. How exciting to be able to be right there in the ballpark.

    What would we do without polymer clay and the Lietz family? I don’t believe they will ever know how much they influence our lives and help us to move on from situations like you are experiencing. Lucky are those who are fortunate to have a personal visit and the rest of us who can watch the videos thanks to the generosity of the Lietz Team.

    Hope we’re rooting for the winning team!

  23. Catalina, 24 October, 2012

    Thank you for the kinds words for encouragement, Joyce. This clay family of ours is amazing!!!

  24. Stephanie J, 19 October, 2012

    Thank you everyone for you kind words and encouragement. It was such an honor to meet Cindy and her family. They are all so welcoming and warm, I am so glad to have had this opportunity.

  25. Jocelyn, 20 October, 2012

    For all of you folks who camp, boat, or rv, this site is the bomb. Primarily boating sourced, but, you can find so many “right” sized items that can go on land too. Enjoy.

  26. Andrea Paradiso, 21 October, 2012

    Stephanie, I can just FEEL your excitement at ‘getting it’. It really is SO COOL ! Thanks Cindy and Doug…so much fun with you guys.

  27. Andrea Paradiso, 21 October, 2012

    P.S. Can’t wait for for those color chips for November. Luscious!

  28. Pat L, 21 October, 2012

    Cindy, tried the swirl lentil beads today and it works. Thanks for the tips.

  29. Natalie Herbin, 22 October, 2012

    After watching your video with Stephanie on how to make a lentil bead, I tried to do it again and wow, they no longer look like bicones…. It’s that light touch that does it ..thanks for the review .. I used some scrap clay for practice and I will post them on Flickr .. Don’t know how to post on your site
    Doug … Could you explain how I can do it … Not that great on the pc with doing pictures

  30. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 03 March, 2013

    Sorry this took me so long to respond…. the easiest way to share photos of your work is by posting them at the PcT Members Gallery on Facebook.

  31. Sue O, 23 October, 2012

    Stephanie is a baby doll! This video made me smile!

  32. Dinna M, 23 October, 2012

    watched it and it’s so useful :) cant wait t o try it :)

  33. Phaedrakat, 06 December, 2012

    Loved this video! Caught myself grinning at my laptop afterwards like an idiot…Stephanie’s happy reaction to the swirled lentil filled me with joy, too! I have really loved seeing all the goodies from your trip. Look forward to more in the future–thanks!

  34. Cindy Lietz, 08 December, 2012

    Phadreakat, how wonderful to see you!! We have missed you around here. Glad to see you are enjoying the videos from the roadtrip. It really has been so neat getting to meet everyone. Would of course love to meet you too one day. Hope you are well. ~Cindy

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