Make Jewelry Packaging Using The 123 Punch Board

123 Punch Board Jewelry Packaging - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #761: In this We-R Memory Keepers product review video, I show you how to make a custom box for your finished jewelry items.

The 123 PunchBoard boxes are super easy to make, and they look very classy. There are many sizes and patterns to choose from.

All you need is the 1-2-3 Punch Board by We R Memorykeepers and some paper cardstock.

Whether you’re selling your jewelry on Etsy or at a Craft Fair, or you’re giving your creations as gifts, great packaging can make all the difference in the world. It gives a cohesive look to your brand, and makes your pieces look professional. So… the perceived value goes way up! It’s definitely worth the (small) extra cost and time spent.

For these custom boxes, all you need is a sheet of cardstock and the handy 123 Punchboard. The instructions, measurements, scoring tool and punch are all included with this simple-to-use tool. Not only does it allow you to make boxes in a whole slew of different sizes/shapes, but it also does envelopes (regular, gusted and coin), envelope liners, paper bows, file folders and dividers. Wow!

Because you can use any style/pattern of cardstock, you can make these boxes to compliment your jewelry pieces in so many creative ways. For example, I chose a beachy map paper, some jute and a seashell to make a bracelet box and earring card set for jewelry I made using the Faux Paua/Abalone Tutorial. And then I used Christmas themed paper to make a multi-box advent calendar for my son, Fisher.

With the huge variety of cardstock that is readily available today, you can make boxes for every event, style and personality imaginable.

Anyway, as you can see I really like this tool. I’ve gone back to it over and over again, throughout the last 18 months that I’ve owned it. I’m guessing you might like to have one of these in your studio as well!

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  1. Lolla N, 15 December, 2016

    These are great products. I’ve been successful in making boxes with the gift bag punch board also. Very hand to have and so versatile. A question though… is “cardstock” the same flavour as “posterboard” from the dollar store?

  2. Cindy Lietz, 16 December, 2016

    Hi Lolla, posterboard is usually a little thicker than most cardstocks and doesn’t come in as many wonderful colors and patterns but is still it is suitable for making these kinds of boxes with. That is cool that you can use the gift bag punch for making boxes too! I am guessing you have to come up with your own measurements though.

  3. Lolla N, 26 December, 2016

    Merry Christmas to you and your family :-D …. thanks for the post re the difference, I did manage to go to Staples and atleast know the difference in hand. Yes, lots of scrappy A4 sheets of paper put to lots of tests LOL, but it’s a really great board to use if you want to spend the time figuring out measurements for a custom sized box, otherwise… yes the product that you have reviewed will do that.. probably easier and in less time no doubt…

  4. Cindy Lietz, 27 December, 2016

    Merry Christmas to you too Lolla… or should I now say Happy New Year!! May 2017 be filled with lots of love and creativity for you and your entire family! :)

  5. Betty Bolerjack, 18 January, 2017

    Hope your 2017 is off to a great start, Cindy!

    I bought the 1-2-3 Punch Board after seeing your demo in the studio cam videos so that I could make custom boxes for my business. I bought a paper pad that was as close to my branded colors as I could get and have gotten several comments on my packaging! I just found a new paper pad that works even better with my colors. Yay! After some experimentation, I have found that I can cut a 12×12 sheet into 4 6×6 squares and the boxes are just the right size for most of the pieces I have been selling so far.

    I used some old plain cardstock to experiment with the sizes. Since there is a ruler along the top, it’s easy enough to create far more sizes than the ones given. However, I use the M line for mine and they come out to 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 1 1/4. I do have to adjust for that extra little scoring line that folds in. I wait until I have both notches cut on each side, then center it between the notches to score it. I do have pieces that require larger boxes, but this size gets me by for most things and is great for shipping multiple items in a small USPS Priority Mail box! I have put as many as 4 items in one of those boxes! I also keep the boxes that I made with the plain cardstock and write the dimensions and scoring info on them. That way, if I do need a larger box, I can figure out quickly what size to use and how to make it.

    Now, I need to try making earring cards. Thanks for another great idea!

  6. Cindy Lietz, 19 January, 2017

    That is so awesome Betty! What great ideas for the punchboard. I am so happy that it is so helpful for you. Let us know how your earring cards go! :)

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