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Astoria Column OregonVideo #307: Roadtrip #1-12: With special appearance from an incredibly crazy paraglider who jumped from the top of the tower!

I had to laugh after watching this video… it was the second or maybe third take and I still kept saying the word incredible… so many times that you would have thought that I did not know any other descriptive words! LOL

I was really tired when we shot this, so the brain was getting a little fried and not terribly articulate. But you can see that I did look happy, even if I was a little worn out.

The day had been a long one. Doug, the kids and I had done a bunch of stuff in the morning, and had spent the afternoon filming Becky Sue and Mark Mizell at their polymer clay jewelry booth in the Astoria Sunday Market. We had also walked around for hours in the market and the surrounding city while Doug and Willow took photos… all that before even heading up to the Astoria Column.

The air was warm and windy, and the entire family was beginning to wind down from this action packed adventure, we’ll forever remember as the first ever PcT Roadtrip. As you will see in this segment, it really was an incredible day!

Now do you believe me that the Astoria Column is indeed an incredible location to take in the surrounding views of the Astoria Warrenton area of Old Oregon?

I know we didn’t profile the tower or the other buildings in Astoria too much in our video so here are a couple of others from YouTube that you might enjoy.

This is a neat little promo video done by the cities of Astoria/Warrenton, giving a quick glimpse into the rich history of this area that you may find interesting to watch:

And now for fun… here is an incredibly insane video of exactly the OPPOSITE kind of person from myself, and how they would handle a visit to the Astoria Column!! The paraglider…

I don’t know how anyone could do that! I could barely look over the edge when I was up there. Kept my back plastered to the brick of the column, and only with a good stern talking with myself, did I eventually venture to the railing and try my best not to feel like I was going to be accidentally flung over the side! It was worth it though… like I said, the view was INCREDIBLE! :)

So I hope you enjoyed that! Have you ever been to the Astoria Column? Or anywhere else that offers up this kind of view? How are you with heights? Are you as big a wuss as I am, or are you more like the Para-jumping Dude?

Do leave your comments below!

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  1. Peggy Barnes, 22 November, 2012


    I just wanted to stop by for a minute to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, even the ones who don’t celebrate this INCREDIBLE! :) day. Just saying Cindy it is as incredible as your view was in Astoria Warrenton area of Old Oregon.

    I did get the first clip to play but not any of the others at this time. I will have hubby check into later this weekend. Cindy you are so right the view and area is just INCREDIBLE! :)

    Right now we are in Mackinaw, IL with our youngest daughter and her family to share what we are thankful for. That #1 part of my life I am definitely most thankful for is our Savior and King Jesus then with all his blessings thankful moments fall in place. I also want to take the time to thank Cindy, Doug and the kids for opening their family to us while sharing this wonderful journey. With all that they have brought this group together to create the best Clay Family I will ever be a part of. Thank you Lietz family.

    Even if you don’t celebrate this traditional Holiday America has, you can always share the parts of you life you are thankful for. This other than Christmas, celebrated for the true meaning the birth of Christ is my favorite Holiday. It just touches my heart to let my loved ones know I am thankful for being a part of them. So please take a moment and share what you are Thankful for today with the ones you love.

    Sending lots of Love and Uuuuggggs

  2. Anna Sabina, 22 November, 2012

    AMAZING !!!! Your Videos have inspired me to go visit Oregon and Washington. I do not like heights or bridges at all and that bridge between Oregon and Washington would be a tough one for me.

    To all our US polymer friends, wishing you a lovely day of Thanksgiving; same sentiment goes to others in countries celebrating Thanksgiving or some sort of Bounty of Harvest.

    Anna-Des Moines.

    When I was in my Junior year in High school my brother starting studying in engineering in Upstate New York. He discovered the new sport of “Hang Gliding”, the original para sailing. He engineered and designer his hang glider and had me sew the sail for his hang glider. I have memories of him home for college breaks jumping off the cliffs on the north shore of Long Island. Something I would NEVER do, so I guess that gene of adventure was no in all family members.

  3. Michelle Adams, 22 November, 2012

    WOW, that view was… incredible! lol. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Elaine Faulks, 22 November, 2012

    Well done Cindy for climbing all those 164 steps to catch the amazing view from the Astoria Column, now that’s a memory that you will not forget.
    When my two girls were small we spent most of one school holiday visiting the historic buildings of London. They got to choose what to visit. The eldest one wanted to see the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London, this was amazing to see all that sparkle. and know our Royal Family still use some on state occasions.

    Next my younger daughter wanted to climb the 311 steps to the top of The Monument near Pudding Lane where the great fire of London started in 1666. The Monument is the tallest single stone column in the world and stands 202 feet high. By the time you have climbed those 311 steps your legs have turned to Jelly .Going down those spiral steps is nearly as bad but you do receive a certificate to say you have done it. My youngest just loves tall structures and I have lost count of the lighthouses and windmills we have climbed together. She has even done the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk, but this was a bridge too far for me. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends……………….cheers xx……………………………………

  5. Patt W, 23 November, 2012

    I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN.! Start from, the top I guess. Your road trip vids are incredible!! Lol, just had to do that. We are old RVers , not traveling any more,,,,,,,,,,sigh. But now I CAN TRAVEL VICARIOUSLY with you. You have introduced all of us to many wonders via your road trip. Hope you are able to do MANY more.

    So not only do you teach polymer clay, but you and your family are travel guides. How great is that!

    Meeting folks that we probably would never meet, and enjoying their tales of the PC trip, and being part of incredible group of clayers is absolutely THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

    Joining in 2010 has been so joyful and freeing. You have touched so many lives and enriched them. We all thank you so much. Words are in adequate…………

    Knowing how much you and your family GIVE, I don’t know how you do it. But, because your site has grown so, it is obviously thriving. Lucky us!!!!

    Let’s continue for many years – O.k?

    Hugs and love all around…………..Patt

  6. Karen C, 23 November, 2012


    Thanks for sharing our town. Its wonderful to live here be able to crate Polymer clay whatevers and have all of this history and beauty at my footsteps. Come visit us again soon!

  7. Cherie, 23 November, 2012

    Awesome video; just loved it. thank you Lietz family not only for the tutorials but the wonderful photos, information etc about so many things. I love to travel, haven’t been very far out these years but when my husband was working on the ship we travelled around the world from Canada. east and West coast States to Spain, N.Zealand,, Taiwan, Japan, S. Korea and Hong Kong. Did not spend enough time in each port and I hope to see a few more places. since coming to Canada we are trying to see more of our home country; been to Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec so far and NewYork and Florida. Next year the family is going home to India and we hope to visit Delhi and goa and then spend time with my parents in Mumbai. We are doing up our basement in our home; it’s a year we’ve moved in and my husband has a ship’s wheel and I have lots of souvenirs so I plan to make it a kind of travel memory place combined with the home theater.

  8. Dixie Ann, 23 November, 2012

    Thanks Cindy for the historic videos. I am fascinated with Historical places and love to visit and talk with other people around the globe. Would love to live along the coast where Karen C. is. I am deathly afraid of heights so when I get on a step stool I get a queasy stomach. You have really got Moxie climbing all the way to the top of that tower. I couldn’t do it.
    Watching the glider was exciting and the views were incredible. There just isn’t another word to describe it. Isn’t it amazing how so many of us live through the videos Doug takes. These are such wonderful gifts you share.

  9. Mrs Rainbow, 24 November, 2012

    The glider? Yep…. Sod that!
    I don’t even like being up the top of a ladder, or seeing heights on the telly!
    Funny how it affects some and not others though isn’t it?

  10. Cherie, 24 November, 2012

    I hate heights too; had a really bad fall from a height down stairs – two floors down when I was 18; still worries my back. I used to get dizzy watching an escalator but when we came to Canada 13 yrs ago and i was shopping with my family I made myself go up and down alone though I can’t take anythinng higher.

  11. Joyce Folsom, 27 November, 2012

    Just getting caught up after a very special Thanksgiving. So much to be grateful for, among these is the fact that Wayne is in the middle of 20 radiation treatments (after running out of more chemo) with a 7 day break finding the three problem areas reduced to the point that the oncologist is surprised along with the radiologist. Hopefully the next ten, if all are needed,
    will push this NH Lymphoma into remission for a long time. Another day to say “Thank You to all of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers. Please continue.

    Joining Cindy’s clay family in 2008 is something else I am very thankful for. Because of this my granddaughters were able to make some charms while visiting over the holiday and I had a chance to use my new Kitchen Aide counter oven. It worked like a charm and held the heat. I only had to reduce it a bit to keep it between the 265″-275” needed. I purchased it two years ago when Kohl’s had it on sale at 50% off. A little pricey but worth every penny. It is going to be wonderful not to have to worry every time I bake some clay pieces

    These are only two of the items of a long list that could have each and every name in our clay family. It is so wonderful to hear from each of you every time you pop in. And so it all started with Cindy, Doug, Willow and Fisher…..Many Thanks to ALL.

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