Ridiculously Awesome Hammered Metal Bezels for Polymer Jewelry

Hammered Metal Bezels “That metal bezel thing-a-majig makes for a really nice looking piece!” ~Phaedrakat

I was hoping you guys would notice and ask about the cool hammered metal bezel I used as the background for the Psychedelic 60’s Pendant in the Video-022-1 Glowing Jellyroll Cane tutorial. And as it turns out, several of you did!

This glow in the dark pendant is beautiful and I love the backing you have put it on. ~Susan-B

The excitement here is wonderful, so looking forward to this. Now that I’ve taken a second, third, fourth look, my question is, what is the bead attached to? I love this combination. Do we learn this also, Cindy? ~Joyce-M

Like Joyce M and Susan B, I really like the backing combination with this bead too – this looks like a lot of fun! ~DJ

Now what did Cindy use to back that bead??? Anyone have any ideas yet? ~Lisa-W

@Lisa, no idea yet, but she promised she’d show us as soon as Doug photographed it. That’s going to be exciting, too. That metal bezel thing-a-majig makes for a really nice looking piece! ~Phaedrakat

@Lisa: It looks to me like hammered metal – maybe a soup spoon? Now, I wonder if we could get the same basic effect with silver pc … hmmm!  Will have to try that … baking on corn starch would help to keep the scoop shape. If I have the energy later I’ll try this … if it works, I’ll send Cindy a photo. Wish me luck! ~Carolyn-F

Now I am really looking forward to discovering how Cindy made the backing. ~Susan-B

Well you guys may be surprised to find out, that I made all the hammered bezels displayed in today’s photo (including the one backing the glowing jelly roll pendant), out of galvanized steel flashing from Home Depot. It is a building supply material used outside on roofs and chimneys and such.

I have some left over from when I taught punched tin crafts a while back*. But I just looked online and saw that it is only $1.47 for a 4″x4″x9″ piece. This will make you a heck of a lot of bezels for next to nothing in cost!

You can make them any size or shape you want too. I even gave some of them a colored finish like the black and red ones in the photo above. They’re easy, super cheap and ridiculously awesome looking!

* FYI: To read a bit about some of the things I did before discovering polymer clay, you can click on the following link if you like: Mixed Media Art Craft Instructor.

For the Wire/Metal segment in the upcoming Vol-023 video tutorial series (April-2010), I’ve slotted in this hammered metal bezel topic. Please confirm below that this is OK with you guys.

If it’s not OK, I’m fine with you saying that as well… along with your reasons why. These tutorials are for you guys. So I need to know about your likes, as well as your dis-likes.

So far, here is how the 4-part, April-2010, Volume-023 series is shaping up:

(1) Cane Making: [to be determined]
(2) Clay Techniques: [to be determined]
(3) Wire/Metal: Hammered Copper Bezel [proposed]
(4) Bead Shapes: Hollow “Puffy” Beads [confirmed]

** Did You Know… Members with current subscriptions to the weekly tutorial videos are always entitled to a 10% discount when purchasing 6 or more back issue packages in a single transaction. If you are interested, let me know which back issues you would like and I will send further instructions on how to complete your order.

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  1. Jill, 07 March, 2010

    I vote yes. I’ve always liked the look of hammered metal.

  2. Joyce M, 07 March, 2010

    Yes, yes, yes to the Hammered Metal Bezel tut. If April brings those showers we’ll find sunshine and flowers — with you, Cindy!

  3. Silverleaf, 07 March, 2010

    Yes for me too, it looks good! Might be a good excuse for me to order a chasing hammer, since I’ve been wanting one for a while… ;)

  4. Elizabeth S., 07 March, 2010

    You know, if I had a million guesses I would have never come up with roofing material as the source of this awesome bezel. Bring it on!!! Can’t wait!

  5. Lisa Whitham, 07 March, 2010

    Spectacular! And I think this stuff won’t rust either, so I vote yes!

    ~Lisa :)

  6. Melinda Herron, 07 March, 2010

    How very cool… yes indeed, I’m investigating steampunk right now and I think that may indeed fit very nicely into my studies!

  7. Lupe Meter, 07 March, 2010

    I vote yes…I can’t believe that is galvanized steel flashing from Home Depot…what a fantastic idea!

  8. Carole Holt, 07 March, 2010

    yes from me too always look forward to your tuts whatever the subject

  9. carolyn, 07 March, 2010

    Cindy – Are you remembering the pansy cane? Some of us would really like to see that in your April line up.

    And I just don’t know where to put this tip: I was working with the Alizarin Crimson Hue … it is a very intense color and had a hard time getting it off my hands. I found some GoJo under the bathroom sink – Don used to use it after working on cars. It is great stuff for removing the clay residue from the fingers and palms of the hands.

  10. aims, 07 March, 2010

    I always vote yes don’t I? Yes.

  11. maria, 07 March, 2010

    Yes Cindy! How did you know that I am venturing into incorporating metals into my jewelry? I just took a private lesson from a jeweler and learned how to use a saw and files and am planning to get this equipment into my workspace as soon as financially possible. I made dangling copper and brass, riveted with silver wire, earrings. My head is bursting with ideas!

  12. Deb Norling, 07 March, 2010

    Yes, yes, Yes. Does that count as three votes? Am always looking for ways to make my pieces more unique and you never fail to give me both inspiration and techniques to do just that! And it doesn’t hurt in the least that they are always economical.

  13. Mary, 07 March, 2010

    Cindy, like everyone else here, I find your innovation and originality astounding. You keep coming up with these fantastic ideas! It’s a gift. So ‘yes’ from me too, please, to the hammered metal (copper or gal. steel) bezel for April. Thanks, Mary U-

  14. Adrienne lindsey, 07 March, 2010

    Count me in, I love all of the projects you have for us. I love learning it all!!!

  15. Phaedrakat, 07 March, 2010

    @Silverleaf: Ooh, me too. I’ve always “made do” with a multi-purpose craft-type hammer, but this is the clincher! That, and I need to order some wire, so that’s a good-enough reason to finally get my chasing hammer!

    @maria: I am so jealous of your private jewelry lesson! I have learned all of my jewelry-making skills from books & magazines. And, of course more recently, the web — & Cindy! But to sit with an expert jeweler would be such an amazing way to learn.

    @carolyn: Is GoJo something from the hardware store? I am going to be doing a little plumbing repair for the bathtub (should be fun to try with my back the way it is,) and I’ll need something to clean my hands with after. I ran out of the old pumice-scrub stuff I used to have from, well, forever ago. If this is inexpensive, it could be a two-fer! Thanks for the tip!

    @Cindy: A “Yes” for me — I’d love to see your method for creating these beauties! I’ll just add flashing to my ever-growing hardware-store list. I really love the rustic look of these bezels. You sure are inventive!

    As for the open tut slots for April, I’d love to see animal prints — like zebra, tiger & leopard. Or a beautiful rose cane, the realistic kind. Or any flowers, I guess. Even though I can figure most kinds out myself now, watching your videos is still my favorite. You work out all the kinks, and give us a perfect, step-by-step presentation. Thanks for that!

  16. carolyn, 07 March, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: I think Don used to gey GoJo at the hardware store – like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

  17. Phaedrakat, 07 March, 2010

    @carolyn: Thanks!

  18. Phaedrakat, 07 March, 2010

    BTW, I love your green tribal guy backed by a “Ridiculously Awesome Hammered Metal Bezel” above. Cool!

  19. Mary, 07 March, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: Yes, absolutely dead cool! Does anyone remember “Hawaiian Eye” (Connie Stevens, Robert Conrad), on TV yonks ago? Cindy’s green mask sent me right back to the Shell Bar (where Cricket sang) and similar ornaments around that set. Thinks: hmmm, Hawaiian theme pendant? I see how this creative thing works – it’s contagious, isn’t it? Sparks fly from one to another. How wonderful to discover such a thing at this stage of my life. Thanks, everyone. XX Mary U-

  20. Mary, 07 March, 2010

    Oh, and imagine that Green Man in GITD! What a stir he’d cause. M.

  21. Deborah, 07 March, 2010

    ooooh YES YES YES please!!!! =D

  22. Cindy Lietz, 07 March, 2010

    Well Carolyn and others, you will be happy to know that my plan is to include the Pansy Cane and Faux Jade (the green tribal guy is made with faux jade) in the Vol-023 (Apr’10) line up. You’re one step ahead of me :-).

    So stay tuned for more info to be posted shortly… or as they used to say in the “olden” days… “Don’t change that dial.”

    Glad you’re liking this bezel idea! Funny how some material can literally sit for years just a couple of feet from your head and do nothing. Then one day, like a lightening bolt hits you, one idea goes to another and you end up with something cool. The bonus is that this idea is easy and cheap too!

  23. Ken H., 08 March, 2010

    Add another Yes to the list, I am SO glad you’ve added in making the other necessary parts to making jewelry. Thank you so much.

  24. Peggy Barnes, 08 March, 2010

    Yes Please and Thank you

  25. Linda K., 08 March, 2010

    @Cindy, I’m for anything you want to teach us. Although I wouldn’t normally be likely to use galvanized steel in my jewelry, the hammering makes it look as if it could be sterling. Even if I decide not to use this technique, as Mary said, one thing sets off a creativity spark for something else.

    @Mary, yes, that does remind me of Hawaiian Eye–I used to love that show. I saw Connie Stevens on TV recently and she’s aging very gracefully.

  26. Susan B, 08 March, 2010

    Absolutely OK with me — I have yet to see a tuturial that doesn’t interest and inform me in some way or another! Thank you so much for being you.

  27. DJ, 08 March, 2010

    I’m in too, I love the hammered look. Thanks for including the link to your past life as well Cindy (I missed that one). The Spirit Bear is amazing, what a great project not to mention all the funds raised!

  28. Cara, 08 March, 2010

    A no from me (although I see I am far out numbered). I am not keen on that look myself.

  29. Cheryl Hodges, 08 March, 2010

    Definitely a yes. I loved the backing and i was going to ask about it too. Could you please give us the site online where we ca buy the sheets too? I went to Michaels today to get some 26 gauage colored wire and they had only silver and gold. Can anyone help? The only problem buying online is the shipping. Anyway i got some clay including glow in the dark – the clay is 2 for $ 4.00.

  30. Freda K, 08 March, 2010

    Seems that we are getting a lot of canes stacked up. I’m sure there are some ways to keep them that are better than others. What do you suggest Cindy?

  31. carolyn, 08 March, 2010

    @Freda K: Hi, Freda – If you do a search at the top of this blog – ie: storing canes – you’ll find quite a bit of info. There are plastic wraps, bags, and storage boxes. Hope you find what you will need. We each seem to have our favorites.

  32. Tiffany, 08 March, 2010

    I vote YES! You are such a telented artist, and the fact that you are so giving in your teaching makes you even more special. So keep it comin’ Girl, I know I always learn something new from every lesson!!!

  33. Laurel, 09 March, 2010

    LOL Cindy. You are sooo cute! These bezels are fabulous and of course we want to learn how to do them. You and your creativity are so awesome. We are waiting with baited breath. (what the heck does that really mean anyway?). LOL

  34. Mary, 09 March, 2010

    @Laurel: Hi Laurel. The metal bezels will be a challenge – just more fun for us! Yes, it’s staggering what that wonderful mind of Cindy’s produces. Lucky us! On your question about “baited” breath. Well the OCD (& the OED!)kicked in and here’s the result: BATED – adjective (in phrase ‘with bated breath’). Origin late 16th Century from the past participle of obsolete ‘bate’ [restrain]. USAGE: the spelling “baited breath” instead of ‘bated breath’ is a common mistake that, in perpetuating a cliche, evokes a distasteful image. Think instead of the verb |abate|, as in ‘the winds abated’, not fish bait. Humph! Ouch. So now we know. Can’t say I cared for their uppity tone though.

  35. Laurel, 09 March, 2010

    @Mary: LOL. You are hilarious. And actually I was wondering if it was “bated”. So the dumb persons guide would explain it like “we are holding our breath, i.e. anxious” for the hammering to commence.

  36. Phaedrakat, 09 March, 2010

    Ouch is right! I’m using spell check from now on…

    Very funny, Mary!

  37. Kerri Crawford, 10 March, 2010

    An absolute yes for the hammered metal bezel! I’m anxiously waiting!

  38. SANDRA G, 12 March, 2010

    YES! Did you have to spray the flashing or does it stand alone? Love your site1!

  39. Marlene Brady, 13 March, 2010

    Really enjoyed reading your background. What an interesting, hard working, diverse, talented woman you are. -Marlene

  40. Marie Olson, 13 March, 2010

    I vote YES for the hammered metal! can’t wait.

  41. Liz Delaney, 13 March, 2010

    Yes please, Cindy. I love the look of hammered metal – always have since I did a silversmithing course at Teachers’ College 40 years ago.

    Congrats to all those who are game enough to display their work. I get a lot of ideas. Am going to practise the “spoon” pendants with some stainless steel spoons first before I start on the good silver.

    Well done everyone.

    Liz D

  42. Elizabeth K., 13 March, 2010

    Hi Cindy and all, I love all you propose Cindy, you dont have to ask, Ill always be there for a try even if its not “my thng” but looking forward to April.
    One thing, I would like a Frangipani Flower Tut, as I have had this in mind for sometime to do. you know the white with yellow in the centre, I see them in full bloom all around where I live, in dif colours too.
    Elizabeth K,

  43. Mary, 13 March, 2010

    @Elizabeth K.: Elizabeth, you’ve been reading my mail – or my mind. About the frangipanis I mean. To one granddaughter I’m known as “Frangipani Granny” because of my love for this flower and you can hardly move around here for the frangis everywhere. I’ve been photographing my beauties, not only the creamy white with the golden throats, but pale pink and deep pink and my special darling, deep apricot pink ones with deep red veins on the petals’ outsides, which I’ve been nurturing for years. In Oz, as you know, we call them frangipanis but in Hawaii they’re called Plumeria, so Cindy and other Canadians and Americans may know them as such. I’d been considering asking Cindy to put frangipanis on her “To Do” list when up pipes E.K. with that excellent idea. I tell you, there’s something spooky (in the best way!) about creative folk. And we haven’t even mentioned the perfume of frangipanis – also other-worldly. Just divine. Cheers, and thanks for bringing it up. XXX Mary

  44. carolyn, 13 March, 2010

    @Mary: And here I sit looking at some of the very first things I ever made with PC and have not yet made into the intended necklace … yes, plumeria! I didn’t know what I was doing, or what I was supposed to do, I just remembered these gorgeous flowers from my trips to Hawaii … so I made them. Guess now I will have to finish that necklace! Would be great to have a tutorial from Cindy on how these are supposed to be done … wonder if I’m any where near close to right …

  45. Kat, 17 March, 2010

    @carolyn: Hi Carolyn, do you have pictures of your early clay attempts? I’d love to see your Plumeria flower on your blog. I think I’ll follow the link and go check it out myself…

  46. carolyn, 17 March, 2010

    @Kat: OK – I finally did a blog again today. I’ve been loafing around just long enough! Not great photos … and not great plumeria … but, hey, at least I tried. I know so much more now thanks to Cindy’s tutorials. One day I’ll try plumeria again … just looking at them brings back that delightful frangrance!

  47. Cindy Lietz, 16 March, 2010

    @Elizabeth K.: You have started quite the buzz in this thread! Looks like you even inspired Mary to create her Gravatar with her photo of her Frangipani flower. What a beautiful flower that is! We don’t have it around here though I had known it as a Plumeria from my visit to Hawaii. (Mary you were right!)

    I’ll have to play around with some clay and see if I can come up with a Frangipani cane in the future. Sounds like it would be popular!

  48. Phaedrakat, 14 March, 2010

    How funny that you are all thinking about frangipani/plumeria! I looked up images of the flower, very pretty colors! I wish I could smell them, too, sounds heavenly. Actually, the flower looks pretty simple to make, especially if you do a sculptural version. Make a beautiful blend with the colors you like, and make a petal cane. I looked at some jewelry made like these flowers, and it seems that sculptural’s the way most people are interpreting plumeria jewelry. They build the cane and take slices, slightly curve the petals, and build their flower. Is that the way you did it, Carolyn?

    You could make a cane of the entire flower, but you’d have to approach it differently to get the proper look of each petal overlapping the next. I wish I could get up and clay right now so I can make one…!

  49. carolyn, 15 March, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: I did not make a cane … I just made individual petals and shaped them.

  50. Phaedrakat, 17 March, 2010

    Carolyn, your plumeria/frangi are pretty, and they’re even better when you factor in your newbie status when you made them! Thanks for posting them, especially when you’re not feeling so hot. I wish I could spell the wonderful fragrance of this flower, the ladies from Oz & you Hawaiian tourists make it sound so heavenly!

    I’m really sorry that you’re still fighting the pneumonia, I had thought you were better by now. I’m no doctor, but I think you need to loaf around a bit longer; you don’t want to overdo it and start your healing all over again. I’ll say a prayer for you, that your immune system flexes its muscle & knocks out the pneumonia for good. Take care, Kat

  51. carolyn, 17 March, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: Thanks! I need all the prayers I can get. I’m beginning to get an idea of how Don felt during the last few months of his life.

  52. Cindy Lietz, 18 March, 2010

    Oh Carolyn I hope you’re OK. You’re scaring me a bit, I hope that you’re not overdoing things. Get some rest, drink some tea and get better real quick. We’re all thinking of you. Take Care, ~ Cindy

  53. Cindy Lietz, 03 April, 2010


    Polymer Clay Projects

    Hello to Everyone,

    Some new Spotlight project pictures that relate to the topic of this page (Hammered Metal Bezels), have just been added in another post. They were submitted by Carolyn-F. The link by my name will take you to where you can see them, along with a bit of a write up. Hopefully they will inspire you to achieve great things with your own polymer clay projects.

  54. SANDRA G, 14 April, 2010

    I bought some flashing today, so you have to show me how to use it!!! ; ) I love the things you teach. I’m learning so much and I get comments from so many people about the jewelry I make. THANK YOU!

  55. Annette R, 29 June, 2010

    LOL! Roof flashings turned into hammered metal bezels! Now that is one for the books….

    That psychedelic pendant is something that will really do well at festivals and trance party gatherings, along with tie-die clothing and cloth. Who could have thought you can create such stunning colours whilst using clay!

    Thank you for your insight and the sharing of your knowledge, Cindy! I am looking forward to learning loads more from you!

    All the best!


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