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Glass Dragonfly Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor1-B: Jade Stained Glass
Blue Sky
Lime Stained Glass
Amber Marble

I was a little surprised when Doug picked this Stained Glass Dragonfly pot hanger garden ornament, as the inspiration for January’s B-Series color palette. Not because the colors aren’t awesome… it’s just that I don’t typically think of dragonflies and garden ornaments in January.

However, since the photo was taken on a crisp Winter day.. and we all could use a little blast of color at this time of the year… I thought, “Why the heck not?” Besides… Spring is just around the corner anyway, and these are perfect Spring 2015 colors aren’t they!

I do hope you enjoy this inspiration for our next Vol-080-B Series color recipes for January 2015. Fresh colors for a fresh new year!

Glass Dragonfly Palette by Polymer Clay TutorEveryone who is subscribed to our Polymer Clay Guest List will be able to download the following recipes free, one per week on Friday mornings during the month of January 2015:

  • Jade Stained Glass (Recipe 080-1B)
  • Blue Sky (Recipe 080-2B)
  • Lime Stained Glass (Recipe 080-3B)
  • Amber Marble (Recipe 080-4B)

[wp_ad_camp_1]Jade Stained Glass is the simple name for the Jade colored stained glass on the left wing of this evergreen dragonfly. Blue Sky is the perfect shade of sky blue on this chilly winter day. Lime Stained Glass is the crisp yellow green of the right set of immortal wings. And Amber Marble is the bright rich orange of the glass marble body of this arty little garden ornament (his stature is about 3″ in case you are wondering).

The recipes described above are from the Volume-080 B-Series Palette. They are free to download for everyone subscribed to the Polymer Clay Guest List, Friday Email Newsletter.

If you want to see the Volume-080 A-Series Color Palette that paid library members will also receive during the month of January, then click here: Winter Scarecrow

Cindy, you have made color receipes so easy to mix and use. Thanks for all the great colors you have put together over the years. ~DixienAnn-S

Thanks a million for the color recipes. Without them, I would be experimenting myself all day long. Your recipes help to know what the color looks like and ease my curiosity. ~Christina-P

Great that we are able to collect the B-series colour recipes, and yes Cindy we really appreciate the time and effort both you and Doug put in to making and filming all your work. The monthly videos are the best. Nobody else mixes up such wonderful colour recipes and explains so well how to measure out the amounts so easily. I used to use a tiny set of scales to weigh out my portions, but when I saw your method I was converted!! So if anyone out there is hesitant in signing up to PCT wait no longer. Remember, Cindy really cares and it shows. Best value, great hints and tips and beautifully finished items are what this great site is all about. Love it!! Cheers xx. ~Elaine-F


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  1. Patt W, 09 January, 2015

    Spring is just around the corner -or at least soon. LOL The color in this palette are so “springy”.

    I will definitely use them………….yum

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