Frustrated With PayPal? Well I’ve Got Some Good News Coming Soon!

Credit Card Processing I would love to know
if others have problems
with PayPal too… or is it
just me? I really would have
given up if you had not been
there to help.”

I have a love-hate relationship with PayPal. LOVE because over the past couple of years, they have made it possible for me to offer my online polymer clay video classes to students all around the world in so many different countries.

But… HATE because of the pain that some of you have had to endure because of various payment processing glitches that keep coming up. Like these ones for example…

Hi Cindy, Just wanted to thank you again for all your help yesterday. I would love to know if others have problems with PayPal too… or is it just me? Took 6 hours trying to become a member and buy a back issue. I really would have given up if you had not been there to help. I am 66 but I am not thick. Three cheers Cindy for saving me from going mad. By the way, I love my lentil bead video. ~Josie-T

Help Cindy! I just spoke to a “third level” support person at PayPal who explained that PayPal knows that they are the ones goofing up the payment – it is a “known problem” when people try to update their account information, but that they have no work around for the problem and I need to open a new subscription with you using the new credit card number. Is there any way I can do this without losing access to the information I’ve already paid for with the original subscription? ~Jeanne-M

Well the good news is that Doug is currently working on a solution so that we will finally be able to accept secure online credit card payments directly, without having to go through PayPal.

Three cheers for Doug!

The bad news is that it is a fairly time consuming process to set up the new shopping cart; Rework all of the order pages; Plus start the switchover of your member accounts to the new payment system.

And since Doug is so involved with running the blog here, something has gotta give in order to free up some time for him to get everything done.

So for the month of December, we have decided to go to a two post per week publishing schedule… Monday’s and Thursday’s.

You don’t have to worry about your Friday tutorial videos and color recipes. They will keep coming like clockwork. But instead of posting the teaser videos on Tuesday, they will now go live on Thursday.

With all of the holiday festivities that happen at this time of year, Decembers are pretty busy for everyone anyways. However, for those of you who absolutely need a daily dose of me, there are over 940 posts archived here at the blog, and over 160 tutorial videos in the members library. Surely they will keep you occupied while Doug is working his magic behind the scenes.

Plus… don’t forget to keep sharing photos of your polymer clay projects over at the Facebook Gallery Page. Your uploaded pics all become entries in the next bead giveaway draw, which happens every 3 or 4 months. You can see who won the last prize here: Winner of 3rd Polymer Clay Tutor Bead Giveaway Contest

So that’s it for today. Thank you to everyone in advance, for your ongoing support and understanding through this December transition. The next post will be on Thursday, December 2, when I’ll reveal what you’ll be learning in the Volume-031-1 members video. HINT: It has something to do with Terry Morris… :-)


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  1. Elizabeth S., 29 November, 2010

    I say,”yea,” Doug. I had an issue as well with PayPal last time I renewed and would love to have another way to pay for my subscription. It will be worth tolerating a bit of Cindy & Doug withdrawal for the month.

    I’m not unhappy about having the tut teaser on Thursday, either. It means we won’t have so long to wait.

    As always, thank you both for continuing to find ways to enhance our experience here at the site.

    Elizabeth S.

  2. Joyce M, 29 November, 2010

    Right there with you, Cindy, Doug, and Elizabeth S. This time of the year becomes very busy and hopefully merry etc. It is amazing, Cindy, just how much information is back there in the Archives. When I re-visit a past tutorial I always find something “new”. Maybe I had breakfast a little later that day and my sugar level is off, whatever, there is so much to do. Take the time you need so you and your family will have a wonderful holiday season and with less stress. New recipes and tuts are always wonderful to look forward to so take care and see you on Thursday.

  3. Koolbraider, 29 November, 2010

    Although I use Paypal often I have started using my debit card more and more (also have it tied into my Paypal account). I had to back out of an order from Barnes and Noble because Paypal would NOT work. Very frustrating. No problems here with whatever you come up with, the knowledge is worth it.

  4. Lisa Whitham, 29 November, 2010

    Although I’ve not had problems with PayPal, knock on wood, I’ve always been a little suspect of them. I’v heard they can freeze your bank account. So I’m happy to give you and Doug all the time you need to set up this new shopping cart. I’ll be glad to eliminate the “middle man” so to speak… :)

    Have a great holiday Cindy and Family…!!
    Peace, Love, & Clay,

  5. Bonnie Kreger, 29 November, 2010

    I had a problem with Paypal about a year ago but I went to my bank (Chase) and they had me set up a special account that I could transfer money to from my other accounts and that is where Paypal takes their money from so they can’t get into my regular accounts. It works great. I watch it on-line. Now Paypal automatically pays Cindy and I get an email and none of my other accounts are in jeopardy.

  6. Jocelyn, 29 November, 2010

    Cindy, you and Doug worked very hard for me to correct a PayPal error, and re-enter all my history. It was very appreciated.

    I use them when purchasing from eBay, Amazon, etc. Never had a problem with that type of transaction.

  7. Brenda, 29 November, 2010

    Wow, I have been using paypal for years and never had any Probs. Thank goodness.

    Always looking forward to the next tutorials :)

  8. Sue F, 29 November, 2010

    Is the new system in addition to PayPal, or instead of it?

    I don’t want to move away from PayPal for things like this as I have it linked to a separate, isolated bank account rather than a credit card.

  9. Cherie, 29 November, 2010

    I have paypal linked to my credit card and haven’t had any problems so far, thank God; however it would be good to have another option. Cindy and doug, take the time you need and have a ‘not too stressful’ holiday season. I plan to be doing some of the tutorials I’ve wanted to try and haven’t had the time.

  10. Jeanne C., 29 November, 2010

    Thank goodness I’ve never had a problem with PayPal and I use that account a lot! It sounds like Doug has taken on a large project during a very busy time of year. I think you’ll find 2 post a week will work for all of us since so many of us are busy in Dec. and I know I have many tutorials to catch up on. Stay stress free and enjoy the Holidays. XXXX

  11. Elizabeth S., 29 November, 2010

    OFF TOPIC-SORTA: I want to share that I received my prize from the bead contest today. When you see the photo I posted on the pct FB page you will know why I am so honored to have received it. Cindy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The pendant will serve as a constant reminder of my good fortune in having you as a friend and mentor.

    Many, many, many hugs,


  12. DawnB, 29 November, 2010

    Three cheers for Doug! And Cindy!

  13. Anita, 29 November, 2010

    I haven’t had any issues with paypal so far, but it’s always nice to have another option if the need comes up. :)
    Thank you for all of your hard work. And since I am fairly new I have plenty of back issues to catch up on!

  14. Ken H., 29 November, 2010

    I too hope this is in addition to PayPal as I haven’t had any problems with them, I’m trying to get away from using all credit cards, as I pay one down I get rid of them until I’ll only have one for sites that don’t do PayPal or E/Tele-Check. I’m sorry to the people who have had problems, but PayPal is easy, I get an E-Mail reminder that the transaction is going to happen and that’s it, I hope this option isn’t going away.

  15. Ritzs, 30 November, 2010

    Hello everyone,and yes Cindy what ever you do is fine with me allthough I use PayPal for many things with no problems.I also have more than enough videos ect, to go back to as I have not done to much at the moment I get very tired and cannot use my right hand and leg very much so no claying,But i will get their I do read the blog when I can, Love to all my extended family and have a happy xmas holiday,

  16. Elizabeth S., 30 November, 2010


    I think I’m safe in speaking for all of us when I say that having you back with us will add something very special to the holidays this year. We have missed you. Now, in the coming months we can celebrate with you as you take each step toward recovery.


  17. Linda K., 30 November, 2010

    @Ritzs: Ritzs, how wonderful to see you posting here! As Elizabeth said, it’s a nice Christmas present for all of us to have you back.

  18. Brenda, 30 November, 2010

    @Ritzs: I wanted to chime in as well and say Welcome Home sweety!

  19. Jeanne C., 30 November, 2010

    @Ritzs: What a wonderful surprise to see a post from you it made my day. I missed you. Love and Hugs……………Jeanne

  20. Lisa Whitham, 30 November, 2010

    @Ritzs: Yay, I’m so happy to see you here again..!! You have been missed..!! I hope you’re getting a little better every day… :)


  21. DJ, 30 November, 2010

    @Ritzs: Wow, such a nice surprise to see your post…we’ve sure missed you around here Ritzs! Hoping to see your name more often now. Day by day, bit by bit the strength will come. Love and (((hugs))) =0)

  22. Peggy, 07 January, 2011

    Well I always say better late then never but I really messed up on this one. I am so sorry Ritz. I have been having some trouble with my Fibromyalgia but that comes no where near what you have had to endure. My dear Ritz you are a true inspiration to all of us. The way you have fought back with all you have. I am so glad you are home with your wonderful husband in time for the holidays. God Bless the Both of you. May this New Year bring you both much deserved health and happiness.
    Love and Uuuuuuggggggggs, Peggy

  23. Linda K., 30 November, 2010

    Cindy & Doug, although I’m one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had any problems with PayPal, I’m fine with whatever you have to do.

    I have no problem with the 2-day posts in December for the good of the blog.

  24. Bonnie Kreger, 30 November, 2010

    Ritzs, glad to have you back and posting. Keep us updated on how you are doing. If you lived closer, Lupe and I could condition your clay for you. LOL

    The 2-day posts in December will be just fine. Whatever we can do to help Cindy and Doug have an unstressfull holiday.

    Is there anything else we can do to help?

  25. Cindy Lietz, 30 November, 2010

    Thank you for the support everyone! Both Doug and I really appreciate it. It is something we have been needing to do for awhile now and although it couldn’t have come at a busier time, it will be a tremendous benefit to the bulk of you when the new service is available. It will also open doors for new products and services in the future, so this change is definitely a good thing.

    @Sue F, Ken and others asking: Doug said he is going to see what can be done to keep the PayPal payment feature in addition to the new direct credit card options. It depends on whether the new shopping cart will allow for processing through multiple payment providers… or more accurately, whether we can afford to have someone custom code the shopping cart to do everything everyone wants it to do.

    @Elizabeth S.: You are so welcome sweetie! You are a complete delight and a breath of fresh air around here and you deserved a little recognition for that. Thank you for being you!

    @Ritzs: I, like everyone else, am thrilled to see you back here with that fighting spirit! You keep doing what you’re doing and before you know it, you’ll have that right arm and leg working again and be back to claying. You are truly an inspiration!

    @Bonnie Kreger: Thanks for the offer. As far as what you can do to help, just keep doing what you’re doing. Continue communicating with the rest of the community here, by leaving comments and helping to answer others questions. We want things to stay lively and supportive around here. There may be fewer posts but there will be the same amount of value to what you can get from this blog. Continue to add photos to Facebook and most of all have fun claying!

  26. Ritzs, 30 November, 2010

    Thank you all for being so kind I really miss not going into my workroom and playing and trying to make all the things Cindy shows us. You are all such a wonderful bunch of people

  27. Joyce M, 30 November, 2010

    @Ritzs: So very happy to see a post from you, an early Christmas present for sure. Keep up the difficult work in trying to get everything in working order again. Every step is a milestone and great success. If we all could condition your clay for you it would be mounds high! Know that you are so loved and our best wishes continue to go your way.

  28. pattw, 30 November, 2010

    Christmas early – RITZ IS BACK !. Welcome – and keep posting -we all enjoy your comments and humor ! And a big hooray for your continued health !! Happy Christmas to you both.

    Cindy & Doug -hey, do whatever you want with the blogs and tutes. We will be here when you return ! Drooling and bouncing up and down in anticipation. We love you guys !

  29. DJ, 30 November, 2010

    Cindy and Doug – Whatever it takes for the changes that are made, will suit me just fine. I’m OK with Paypal, but am also pretty flexible if this switches. No worries, take the time you need :)

  30. Phaedrakat, 01 December, 2010

    Wow, lots of changes on the horizon…in addition to payment methods, I’m curious about the new products and services that will be available, too! I’m also happy with PayPal (knock wood) but I suppose I could live without if necessary. I’m glad that Cindy & Doug are taking the time they need to make the changes — especially since everyone gets so busy during the holiday season.

    It’s so good to see Ritzs joining in again (I rattled on about it in another post, so I’ll just say, “Welcome back!” once more!) I can’t wait to see what Elizabeth got from Cindy. She certainly does add so much to the conversations here at the blog! Happy Holidays, everyone~

  31. Elizabeth S., 01 December, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: I posted a pic on the pc FB page. Thanks you for the kind words my friend.

  32. Penny, 03 December, 2010

    @ritz Ritz – you are an inspiration and a reminder to us all about how lucky we are. At the beginning of this year I, too, had an operation (on my foot) that went wrong – a tiny operation which should have been better in a couple of weeks and I still can’t walk properly seven months on. I have, lately, been feeling ‘why me?’ and you have reminded me to buck up, and accept, and move forward (literally!).
    I remember being told once that God only throws out experiences that we are capable of coping with and can learn from……not easy eh? But wow, have you taught us what us humans are capable of……thank you!
    Also – aren’t Cindy’s girls wonderful ? If anything will get you better soon, apart from your own determination, it must be the love and support from so many caring people.

  33. Ken H, 10 January, 2011

    The choice of paying for a whole year was what lured me away from using PayPal, thanks for that option. While I am getting rid of most credit cards I will keep one for my beading/claying costs, and that is all it will be used for. Actually “cost” is incorrect, I should call it tuition.

  34. Laurie, 14 January, 2011

    So Paypal is going to cancel out my subscription with Cindy aotomatically?

  35. Cindy Lietz, 14 January, 2011

    @Laurie: The way it this round of renewals works is that just before your next payment is due, you will receive an email with special instructions on how to upgrade your account to use one of the new payment options. The I will make sure all of your original library gets moved over to your new account, as well as cancel your PayPal subscription so that you are not double billed.

  36. Helen Sperring, 23 February, 2011

    WOW……I haven’t been around for some time now….Look at all the changes…Ritzs….So glad to see your back…..Sorry about the results of your surgery. Get the motorized pasta machine, if you can afford it. It will raise your spirits. Cindy & Doug……Still busy helping people. It’s amazing…..You have the lowest price on line, and give the best of yourselves……So many new amazing videos!!!!!!! I have a lot of catching up to do.This is going to take me forever because every time I hit the keyboard my computer freezes. Oh, you wouldn’t believe what’s been going on here. NOW I’M BACK….to cheer myself up with the greatest clay videos and the greatest people on line…..Onward, Ho….Here I Go, into my reading frenzy…….Luv Ya All…………..Honey

  37. pattw, 24 February, 2011

    @Helen Sperring: Welcome back Honey ! We have missed you………. there’s lots to catch up ……… Join in the fun.

  38. Phaedrakat, 24 February, 2011

    @Helen Sperring: Hi Honey! :D Makes me happy to see your name…you always have something sweet to say. It’s truly great to hear you’re back in action. I’m sorry about your computer problems (and anything else that’s kept you away!) Hope it gets fixed fast, and that we see you often…you were really missed! Anyway, enjoy your reading…plenty of PC cheer, a comin’ your way!!! :D

  39. Cindy Lietz, 24 February, 2011

    It’s great to have you back Helen! Thank you for your very sweet words. Now I see why you liked to be called Honey ;-)

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