Flower Petal Bead Inclusions for Memorable Keepsake Jewelry

Flower Petal Beads

Vid #58: Dried Flower Petals (+) Translucent Polymer Clay (=) Beads that Say, “I’m Thinking of You.”

If you’re anything like me, you probably dry flowers from special events such as weddings, graduations and baby showers. Did you know you can mix bits of the dried flower petals into translucent polymer clay to make beautiful flower beads? Well you can and the results are stunning.

Think of how a close friend would feel if you gave them a bracelet made with flower petals secretly collected from their special day. They would cherish your lovingly made jewelry keepsake piece forever and ever.

Translucent clay is perfect for this kind of project because, after baking, you will be able to see the embedded flower pieces elegantly preserved below the bead surface.

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The full version of the Flower Inclusion preview video shown above, is available for purchase at my Polymer Clay Bead Making Videos Library in the Volume-003 Back Issue Package.

In this “Dried Flower Inclusion” video tutorial I discuss how to add flower petals to translucent polymer clay and how to make sure the pieces stay embedded below the surface of the bead.

  1. Cindy Lietz, 09 May, 2008

    Potpourri inclusions are also fun. I found one mix that has small mica chips which make my translucent beads absolutely sparkle. What do you add to your polymer clay bead inclusions?

    Cindy Lietz’s last blog post..Metallic Polymer Clay Color Recipes with Bling

  2. Cynister, 04 June, 2008

    I cannot wait to see the inclusions tutorials!

  3. Cindy Lietz, 06 June, 2008

    I’m working on it Cynister!

    If you want to try it on your own, break up some dried petals in small pieces and work them into some translucent clay. Just keep pushing them into the clay with your thumb until they are thoroughly mixed. If you add too many the clay will not stick together so well, so without the tutorial you’ll have to experiment. Roll your pieces into a bead or press into a pendant and bake. Give it a try it will be fun!

    Make sure you’re on the Video Newsletter Guest List because when this video comes out I think we’re going to show it there.

    Cindy Lietz’s last blog post..Adding Polymer Clay Cane Slices to Lentil Beads

  4. Relle, 14 June, 2008

    A nice little tute, I only seem to include dust and scrap clay particles in my clay on accident. :)

  5. denby, 15 June, 2008

    What a great idea! What a nice way to preserve a memory.

  6. Pat Sernyk, 15 June, 2008

    I have used all sorts of inclusions in the clay but never thought of using the scrunched up petals. Very nice effect! I am going to try it next time I am working with plain translucent. Thanks!

  7. Cindy Lietz, 15 June, 2008

    @Relle: Thanks I’m Glad you liked it! I know what you mean about all the crap (I mean scrap) that accidentally gets in the clay, what a pain Eh?

    @denby: It is a nice way to preserve memories. Do you have any special events coming up you could collect flowers from?

    @Pat: Thanks for your comment! I’d love to see what you end up making.

    Cindy Lietz’s last blog post..Some Polymer Clay Canes Made from a Spring Color Palette

  8. Libby, 15 June, 2008

    Hi Cindy! Just wanted to let you know I’ve learned a lot from your freebie videos – thank you so much!
    While digging through some potpourri to try out this latest idea, I also found a chunk of something with a great texture that might look good on clay, and I think I might even be able to string some of the tiny little mystery pods if I can get a hole through them, for a wonderful organic look. (Smells good too!) So this was a very inspiring idea and I look forward to more!
    Thanks again,

  9. Svetlana, 16 June, 2008

    Thanks a lot, Cindy! It’s a great new idea for me. I’ve heard about adding different things to clay but never thought of flowers. It could be very symbolic.
    Svetlana from Russia.

  10. Cindy Lietz, 16 June, 2008

    @Libby: You’re welcome! Your idea to use the pods from your Potpourri is cool! I bet they would look great with your flower petal inclusion beads, with the added bonus of a nice scent! I’d love to see pictures when you’re done.

    @Svetlana: Welcome from Russia! I’ve seen some wonderful polymer clay art from Russia! I wish I could read the blogs though… I bet I could learn some great stuff! You’re right about adding flowers being very symbolic. I think the beads make fantastic, meaningful mementos of a special occasion!

    Cindy Lietz’s last blog post..Stunning Polymer Clay Pendant Design by TooAquarius

  11. Diane, 10 November, 2008

    Cindy, I need to know how to make beads from flower petals. Please help me, I have become disabled and I need to do this for physical, mental and financial reasons. God bless you for your help! Diane.

  12. Cindy Lietz, 10 November, 2008

    Hi Diane,

    If you are brand new to polymer clay then I would highly recommend you purchase my Polymer Clay Basics Course. It will teach you everything you need to know about making polymer clay beads the right way.

    And if you are looking to purchase my Flower Petal tutorial video, then follow the link by my name to the members library site, video back issue order page. The Flower Inclusion Video is in Volume-003. and the title of the video is:
    Volume 003-2: Flower Petal Inclusion Technique For Making Keepsake Jewelry Beads

    Making flower petal beads is definitely a fun thing to do… and very therapeutic. Plus they are very popular to a broad range of people so there is financial opportunity as well.

    All the best,

  13. Marsha, 16 January, 2009

    Cindy, I’m so excited! I sold my first “Zuzu’s Petals” keepsake jewelry (necklace and earrings made with red rose petals) this week!! And I have you to thank for making it all possible!!! I can’t wait to see what’s to come with this line of my jewelry!! Thank you for all your hard work here and for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us!

  14. Cindy Lietz, 16 January, 2009

    That is fantastic Marsha!! Way to go!

    You are very welcome. It makes me very excited to hear that I was able to help you to be successful!

  15. deborah, 17 March, 2009

    hi i would love to learn how to make the flower breads , my mother just past away with ashimer, i want to make something out off her flower .what do you have to help me to know what to mix with flower .are they avideo thanks deb

  16. Cindy Lietz, 17 March, 2009

    Hi Deborah,

    If you have worked with polymer clay before, then the Dried Flower Video advertised in the article on this page will be helpful for you. There is a link right below the preview video box that will take you to the Volume-003 Back Issue Package Order page in the library.

    If you are brand new to polymer clay the my Beginners Course is the best place to start. For info about this course, you can follow the link by name above.

  17. laura, 16 May, 2009

    is there anyway to keep the pink and yellow petals from turning brown during baking….we dried them and they were beautiful….then in the transl. clay bake they turned brown….not ugly, just not what we were going for

  18. Cindy Lietz, 16 May, 2009

    I’m not sure how much you can do about the color changing since sometimes the heat does that. What you do need to do is be absolutely sure they are dry. Sometimes moisture is the reason they turn brown.

    If you put some of your petals in the microwave between paper towels and zap it for a minute you can try drying them further. If they are ‘crunchy’ then they are dry enough. If their not, zap them again.

    If that is not enough color for your liking, what you could do is add a tiny amount of red clay to the translucent or a touch of pink or red alcohol ink to the flowers to boost up the colors.

    I hope this works well for you. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  19. Marsha, 16 May, 2009

    Hi Cindy! Long time no see!!! I’ve had to take some time off for a while but I still enjoy the email updates and color recipes!

    Laura, I totally agree with Cindy about making sure the flower petals are completely dry before incorporating them into the clay. I’ve made some beautiful beads with both pink and yellow roses and also yellow mums and the bits of flower petals retain their lovely color. I use Cindy’s method of drying the flower petals in the microwave. Be sure to place the petals in a single layer between paper towels. I rotate the entire “sandwich” of paper towels and petals every 60 seconds or so. It may take a long time, but you should get the results you want this way. Good luck!

  20. Cindy Lietz, 17 May, 2009

    Nice to see you back Marsha! Great advice for Laura! Thank you for sharing it! :-)

  21. Jodi, 24 July, 2009

    Marsha: Do you have pictures of your jewelry?


  22. Marsha, 24 July, 2009

    I do have pictures but don’t know how to upload them here….

  23. Cindy Lietz, 24 July, 2009

    Marsha, just email them to me as attachments. And be sure to include descriptions or info about your beads if there are specific details you want to discuss.

  24. Cindy Lietz, 25 July, 2009

    @Marsha – Thank you so much for emailing your pictures to me. Your jewelry pieces are beautiful and very professional looking. You should feel proud of them. I’m definitely looking forward to showcasing the photos and your story in an upcoming Spotlight feature, because I know they will be a huge inspiration for many of the other members and readers here.

    @Jodi – Stayed tuned…

  25. Cindy Lietz, 12 August, 2009

    **PHOTOS ADDED: Some project pictures have just been added to a Spotlight Feature showcasing Marsha Nelson, a member who is very much appreciated here at this supportive polymer clay community. Click on the “Flower Petal Beads” link by my name above to have a look.

  26. Leila Bidler, 19 August, 2009


    my name is Leila, I’m a german polymer clay addict living in Italy. The tips on this website are always awesome!

    wanted to share my personal experience with dried flowers with you all, last years Valentiens day my husband gave me some beautyful dark red roses, as I wanted to keep them with me, I thought about drying them and them work them into polymer clay**.


    **ADDED NOTE BY CINDY: I have had some email dialog with Leila today. She is currently vacationing in the US. Upon her return to Italy, she will translate her “dried flower” notes to English and send them to me for posting here at the blog, along with some photos of her work. Something to look forward to :)

  27. Cindy Lietz, 19 September, 2009

    **PHOTOS ADDED: Some project pictures have just been added to a Spotlight Feature article showcasing Mollie Hubenak and her flower petal beads. Mollie is a supportive member of this supportive polymer clay community. Click on the “Keepsake Jewelry” link by my name above to have a look.

  28. mica, 27 September, 2009

    does this video include how to put a long lasting scent for the rose petal polymer clay?

  29. Cindy Lietz, 27 September, 2009

    Hi Mica,

    No this video does not discuss adding the scent of rose petals to your polymer clay beads. However, by using “scent” as the keyword in the search box at the top of the page, you will find some article and comment links where this topic has been discussed elsewhere here at the blog.

  30. Marie, 11 October, 2009

    I am so glad I found this site. My oldest son recently passed away and someone had given me a bracelet and earrings made out of his flowers. I love them and where them just about everywhere. A friend of mine is wanting a bracelet for her daughter made out of the bridal flowers. I was looking for a website of someone locally that made them. I may now consider doing this myself. Thankyou, Marie

  31. Cindy Lietz, 11 October, 2009

    Thank for sharing your story Marie. I’m so glad to hear the information you are finding here at the the website has been helpful for you.

  32. Jayne, 26 October, 2009

    I just found your site and would like to know: have you ever used the commercially prepared organic powdered rose petals for making polymer clay beads? I thought it sounded like an easy alternative for making petal beads but I want to get someone else’s opinion. Also, what about using commercially freeze dried organic petals – are they ok to use for beads? All I have seen is instructions for “dried” petals – would “freeze dried” be the same thing?

    As you can tell, I’m new to this. :)

  33. Cindy Lietz, 26 October, 2009

    Hi Jayne, nice to have you here! Sure you can use either the powdered rose petals or the freeze dried petals in your polymer clay rose petal beads. Each would give a different look to the beads, but either would work. Freeze dried is the best quality method for drying flowers since it is so quick the flowers don’t get a chance to fade.

    I recommend you buy the video on how to make the rose petal beads, especially since you make rosaries to sell. This will mean you will be able to make your own rosary beads using real flowers, plus do custom beads using the flowers from a customers special event or memorial.

    I’ve linked to it by my name. It’s the second video in Vol 003 called the Flower Petal Inclusion Technique.

    I hope that helps. ~Cindy

  34. Teresa, 04 March, 2010

    Cindy, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing all the Beginner Course Lessons and it helped immensely. You shared shortcuts and tips that I would never have known otherwise. Thank you so much. Now, as a member, I am enjoying the library of weekly videos too. What a wonderful way to spend time and think of others. I am really focusing on creating petal keepsake jewelry. Thanks, Treaki

  35. Cindy Lietz, 04 March, 2010

    I’m so glad to hear the videos are helping you to get started on the right foot. Please do keep us all updated with how your keepsake jewelry is coming along.

  36. Melody A, 26 March, 2011

    how can I become a member, I love playing with polymer clay, TY

  37. Phaedrakat, 28 March, 2011

    @Melody A: Hi Melody, here’s the link to become a member.

    You should also sign up for the Polymer Clay Newsletter…the link is at the top of the page. You’ll receive freebies like 3 videos, as well as additional color recipes each week…

    Don’t wait to sign up…you won’t want to miss out on a single one of Cindy’s fantastic tutorials. You’re going to love being a member — well, at least I do! I’ve been thrilled with my own membership from the start. Anyway, enjoy…have fun! ~Kat :D

  38. Terri Bush, 29 January, 2017

    Has anyone used frozen flowers to make the memory beads. I realize they will need to be thawed and dried, just wondering if you guys had any thoughts on that.

  39. Cindy Lietz, 30 January, 2017

    Hi Terri, if you mean freeze dried flowers, then yes. But other than that, I have never heard of frozen flowers, so I really have no idea.

  40. Rebecca Ford, 14 May, 2017

    Hi Cindy! I wanted to ask a question because i cant find answer on google. I am making memorial beads. I have made them after i bought your video but im wondering can i use hymn pages or bible pages or am i limited to using say flowers and such. i just dont want them to burn and i want them to be able to be seen in clay if i add them to it. ive heard of transferring an image but didnt know how that would work on a bead instead of flat surface. thank you!

  41. Cindy Lietz, 15 May, 2017

    Sure I think you could use the paper if you can get the pieces fine enough to mix into the clay. The issue would not be whether they would burn or not, because they wouldn’t. It would be possible that if you had too many paper bits, that it may make the clay more brittle. Perhaps soaking the bits in baby oil or clay softener would help, but I am just guessing since I haven’t tried it out myself. If I were you I would try it on a small test batch and see what happens. I think it is a cool idea! Let us know if it works for you!

    Oh… I just read that again ans think you meant putting the paper on the outside of the bead instead of inside it like the flowers. I that case, yes. Just soak the pieces in liquid clay and stick them to the bead like you would decoupage it on. That should work on round beads too, if you do skinny strips. Let us know if you try either idea. I’d love to hear about it!

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