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Polymer Clay ProjectsSpotlight: “We all had fun making these quick and easy canes and appreciate Freda for getting us started with it.” ~Priscilla-L

These “Spot” features are for you guys to display your accomplishments and share stories of inspiration. The projects are based on techniques learned from articles here at the blog, as well as from tutorials at the Polymer Clay Video Library. My hope is for these “Show and Tell” features to help you guys get to know each other better through your wonderful creations. I am soooo… proud of everyone’s work!

Extruder Flower Can Altoid Tins

Here is What Priscilla-L Wrote:

“We just had our Buckeye Clay Bash, a retreat sponsored by the Dayton and Columbus, Ohio, polymer clay guilds.”

“One of the participants, ** Freda Kramer, was making the extruded flower cane that you showed a few weeks ago. Several of us decided to give it a try and I’ve attached a picture of some of the results.”

“The pink/purple tin was done by Judy Ankerman from Columbus, the Bottle of Hope was done by Dee Johnson who is a member of both Columbus and Dayton guilds, and the Altoids tin in muted tones was done by me.  I’m a member of the Dayton Area Polymer Clay Guild. We all had fun making these quick and easy canes and appreciate Freda for getting us started with it.”


** Freda Kramer is also a member here. The next quote just below, is a success story that she shared in the comment section of another post…

“Just want to brag a minute. I made a necklace from a piece of my faux crackled raku (forgot to take a pic) and donated it to our Salvation Army silent auction. It was just the rectangle of raku with a little black bead and a little silver bead on top with a black satin cord. It went for $75.00. I was thrilled. The most I’ve sold a necklace for is $35.00 and that’s the price I put on this one. They always list the value of the items in the auction. Every time I looked where the piece was on the table, someone was touching it. Thanks to Cindy!!” ~Freda-K

If you are interested in sharing pictures of your polymer clay projects with the community, please follow these 2 simple steps:

1) Email several of your photos to me as attachments. My email address is shown in the “From” line of the weekly Polymer Clay Newsletter that gets sent out each and every Friday morning.

2) Include a description and/or story about your pieces, being sure to reference the tutorial(s) or blog article(s) that provided at least some level of inspiration for your work.

Don’t be shy. Everyone is VERY friendly here.

In the comment section below, please do compliment each other; Offer encouragement; Ask questions about the techniques used; And in general… be social. This is your community! It’s up to you to make it a fun and supportive place to hang out. All of you are amazing and it’s wonderful to have everyone here!

“Oh, I’m feeling like Lucy in the chocolate factory – how’s that for an old TV reference! I want to do everything Cindy teaches us and the ideas of all the things I want to make are jumping around in my head. I can’t keep up!!! I have never been so creative before in my life and I thank Cindy for all that inspiration. I have three grandnieces under the age of 6 and I think it would be very cute to make buttons to decorate matching T-shirts for them. I wish I had known how to make clay buttons when I used to sew my own clothes. @Cindy – I was asked to do a presentation for my local Arts Guild next week. They thought I would do another painting presentation, but I decided to do my presentation on polymer clay basics instead. You’ve given me confidence to take this on.” ~Linda-K

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  1. Joyce M, 25 March, 2010

    Thank you, Freda for starting my day off bright and happy. These items are lovely with such beautiful colors. Spring is here and beauty is starting to surround us inside and out. Happy claying everyone.

  2. Bonnie, 25 March, 2010

    Freda, those are great and beautiful. The flowers look so big. What dye did you use in the gun?

  3. PLaneFancies, 25 March, 2010

    Hi, Bonnie: The flowers on the Bottle of Hope are probably not as big as they look. The bottle is only about 1 1/2 inches tall (the photo is about 4 in. tall). The close-up of Judy’s pink & purple tin is pretty close to actual size. And the close-up of my green/pink tin is a bit smaller than actual size. We all used the dies that Cindy recommended.

    The cute “topknot” on Judy’s tin was a piece that fell apart, but I think Judy used it to great advantage. She’s a very creative lady.–P Lane

  4. Elizabeth K., 26 March, 2010

    Hi, love all this work you did with the Makins Extruder.
    I love working with it since we learnt from Cindys video.
    Somewhere in here there are pics of my efforts of extruder flowers too Your colours are beautiful and I understand what you say as to how big. They look large here but are really very small when coming from the extruder.
    I used some of mine at Xmas time as covers for the bead books Cindy taught us.
    I am in awe every time I make this kind of extruder work.
    You will find some of my extruder flowers on my blog if you care to look.
    Love seeing all the pics that come in here
    E. XXXX

  5. Kat, 26 March, 2010

    @PLaneFancies: Hi, Pricilla, I love your pink & green tin! The extruded flowers look great in these colors and on top of the tin. I’ve got some small tins put away; I want to cover them, but they’re quite far down on my list of “projects to do.” Your Buckeye Clay Bash sounds like so much fun. I long for something like that! BTW, your name PLaneFancies, is your name Pricilla “Lane?” I was just curious…

    Congrats on a great piece, and (as Lisa W. likes to say,) “Clay on!”

  6. Linda K., 25 March, 2010

    Oh, do I love the look of this technique! I need to get a Makins extruder ASAP!!!!

    @Priscilla L: The boxes and bottles are beautiful, but yours is the prettiest for sure. I really like the colors you used.

    @Freda: Congratulations on the sale of your raku necklace at the Silent Auction. I’ve been chairperson of a local silent auction for the past three years and my experience has been that people almost never bid higher than the stated value of the item. Sounds like you should raise the price of this necklace…

  7. PLaneFancies, 25 March, 2010

    @Linda K.:
    Linda K–Thanks for your kind words. I enjoy seeing the color combo’s other people come up with. The possibilities are endless.

    Carole–you might be right that Judy’s topknot was a mistake. The first time I tried this, I put the hex die on the bottom (next to the clay) instead of the “spaghetti” die. She might have done the same. But doesn’t that little decoration look cute on top?

  8. Silverleaf, 25 March, 2010

    How pretty! :) I love all of them, makes me want to try a tin myself. :)

  9. Catalina, 25 March, 2010

    I got to do this! I have been wanting to but now I have to!! Good job! Great colors! I gotta go play with clay……..cya!

  10. carolyn, 25 March, 2010

    Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! I sure wish Cindy would do a tutorial on those altoid tins. I know there are written instructions available, but there is nothing like actually watching Cindy make something!

  11. Elizabeth S., 25 March, 2010

    Lovely, lovely!!

  12. Carole Holt, 25 March, 2010

    Fantastic,Fantastic, Fantastic.that’s for all three pictures.I especially like the lid on the round box ,are they waste tubes of clay from the extruder ?’cos that’s all i got when i tried this myself.these are so lovely i must try again Thanks for sharing your pictures

  13. Kat, 26 March, 2010

    @Elizabeth K.: Hi Elizabeth, the pictures you mentioned are shown on the Extruded Flower Cane video page.

    I’m glad to see that you are okay after those scary cyclones in your area. You really scared me when you said you’d had to leave and all that. I sometimes forget how far away you guys are, with different time, day, seasons! You also have that funny accent, LOL (just kidding!) ;D

    When I was growing up, I always thought people had cute/funny/strange accents, depending. But THEY were the ones with the accent. Then, when I went into the military, people would tease me about my California accent. Huh? I thought, “I don’t have an accent!” Now I realize, it just depends on where you are & who’s listening… And I love an Australian accent! (Especially coming from Hugh Jackman, Simon Baker, Alex O’Loughlin, & on & on…!) ;-)~

  14. Elizabeth K., 28 March, 2010

    Hi Kat just saw your message. Well our cyclone is all over, that was last Sunday a week ago now. BTW I slept thru it. what a laugh. I couldnt keep my eyes open and went to bed about 1am it was raining and howling, and it came in at 2 30 further up the coast, and when I woke at 7 30 am all power off and was for 40 hrs and some people had it off for a week. Lost all the freezer stuff but was well prepared for it with food and water so didnt do too badly. No life lost . Bit scary tho the waiting and the tracking and the wondering where it would come in.
    Thanks for finding that piece of my work yes thats it
    Yes I like HughJ and S Baker like that program The Mentalist.
    Dont know about the accent tho.
    As I originaly came from New Zealand to live in Aus 24 yrs ago, my accent is funny to the Aussies. I think I speak with a more English accent, not the real gutteral N.Z. sound, more lady like. LOL
    Thanks for oyur reply.
    Elizabeth XXX

  15. Freda K, 26 March, 2010

    Joyce and Bonnie – I didn’t make the pieces shown above. I just told these women about Cindy’s tutorial and they took it from there. Didn’t they do a great job? Love the colors they used.

  16. Joyce M, 26 March, 2010

    @Freda K: I guess I should have said a “thank you” to all involved. To you, Freda, for bringing this technique of Cindy’s to their attention and the lovely work they did. It just made my day to see these beautiful colors. Beautiful items you accomplished, Judy, Dee and Priscilla, love all of them. I’ll really have to go back to that technique again. Your work is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Jocelyn, 04 July, 2010

    Clearly, I am being overwhelmed by the content of this site, totally missed this Spotlight feature. And that’s a good thing…..plenty to read, see, and catch up on!

    Priscilla, how great that you shared this with your group! The results were fabulous, and adore that special topper. Never would have thought to do that, and it is really outstanding.

    Adding that dark blue to the tube really gives some flowers that POP. Going to try that, and the black and white, next. Fun…Fun…Fun.

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