Up Next in Vol-019 – Extruder Canes, Cord Ends, Faux Bone/Ivory

Polymer Clay Library Tutorials Vol-019 1: Extr Flower Cane
2: Wire Cord Ends
3: Faux Ivory and Bone
4: Carved Beads

Man, December sure snuck up fast this year! But you know what they say… time flies when you’re having fun!

And along with each new month, comes a new Volume of video tutorials in the Polymer Clay Library. The upcoming set to be posted in December 2009 is Vol-019. These videos are released on Friday mornings to help get you in the mood for a spending some fun time on the weekend playing with your polymer clay.

Cindy, I so look forward to my Fridays. My husband knows where to find me!! at my computer eager to try everything you show. There aren’t enough hours in my day. Thank you!!!! ~Sandra-G

Here’s What’s Coming up in December (Volume-019):

Volume 019-1 Extruder Flower Canes: Probably the easiest flower cane you will ever make. This idea originally created by Nathalie of France and then adapted by Galina of Russia, is so cool it will have you ‘cranking out’ the millefiori flower beads in no time! There are some tips and tricks to getting this technique right, but it is easy once you know what they are. More info here: Clay Extruder Flower Mod Canes – A New and Innovative Technique

Volume 019-2 Wire Cord Ends: As makers of polymer clay beads, there comes a time when you need to string your beads up into jewelry. Making your own cord ends will not only save you money and the time it takes to buy them, but it will also give your pieces a unique one of a kind look. These useful findings can be made in a variety of sizes and can be used with cord, leather, ribbon, silk, hemp or whatever heavy stringing material you choose. To see a close-up shot of this unique finding click here: Men’s Jewelry Bracelet

Volume 019-3 Faux Ivory/Bone: Probably the coolest thing about polymer clay, is its ability to imitate so many other materials. One natural material it imitates very well is Ivory and Bone. This technique is not only easy and fun to do, but it is also makes wonderful realistic looking faux carved bone beads which are excellent for unisex jewelry pieces.

Volume 019-4 Carved Beads: Do you love the look of carved beads made of bone, ivory, wood and other materials? Then you are going to love these beads! They are easy, fun and go great with tribal and ethnic styled jewelry. It’s way safer than doing real carving too. Do you want to know the secret carving tool?… A plastic lid from a Bic pen! You’ll be surprised at the ancient looking beads you can create with such a modern and simple tool!

Love the extruder flower cane technique and yes yes yes would love a video the sooner the better. I am trying to get a lot of beads made right now so the easier a method the better for me. This idea looks so promising. You amaze me more and more Cindy. Please try to fit this in soon. Beading away. ~Peggy-B

Please please please do a tutorial on cord ends! I have 4 sons and they all love surf bracelets just like you have shown. I would love the opportunity to make something for them and this is the only jewellery item that they would wear. It is getting very hot here (Australia) and surf bracelets made with polymer clay and embellished with Bali silver beads would be the perfect gifts at Christmas! Look forward to the tutorial. ~Cara-L

The following is a story about faux ivory and bone that I wanted to add in here. No… I don’t want you to try and repeat it for obvious reasons as you will soon see. But it just goes to show that even when you mess up, there is always a silver lining… err… make that, an ivory lining :-)

Hi Cindy. I told ya I’d be lurking didnt I? LOL! Anyhoo, have I ever burned any clay? Oh boy, you betcha!! A loooong long time ago, I was making some faux ivory/bone beads and I worked for hours texturing and getting them all just right. Then I popped them in my nice “new” oven, set my timer, and went off to do other things. Well to make a long story short, my timer never got a chance to go off because the cloud of smoke in my kitchen called me first. Whooo what a stink! I pulled the tray out quick and dashed them outside and spent 2 hours airing out my house. That taught me to never trust an oven you haven’t tested first. Then I inspected the beads and found a strange result. Only one side had really burned badly. All rough and charred looking and very dark brown. But the side facing down to the tray had only turned a darker ivory color with no bubbling. And the pattern of texturing could be seen all around the bead still, even on the burned side. To me they looked very much like carved bone that had been in a fire. Really old and kind of mysterious. So I kept them and made a bracelet that still gets me comments on what they are and where I got them. Not a technique I would recommend repeating though. I too have COPD and asthma, and it was not a good thing to experience at all. Now I have a countertop convection oven dedicated to clay only, and the temp stays right where I set it. Plus I always use an oven thermometer since that day. XOXO ~Jaime-H

I’m a big fan of the faux’s. ~Ken-H

I hope you enjoy the new Volume-019 video tutorials! Preview clips of each tutorial will be posted here at the blog, usually on Monday or Tuesday in advance of the Full Friday release date.

Also don’t forget about the great new color recipe palettes that will be available during the month of December:

Here’s the link to Become a member at the Polymer Clay Library if you are interested. It’s really, really great value :-)

Cindy – As I got into polymer clay a year ago, every time I looked for a tutorial, your site popped up. I resisted joining for a long time, who knows why. For the last few months it has been such fun to work with you! Every time I see a new video I get great new ideas from you. This week, using the right pearl clay, and using a rounded bottle for the [Mica Shift] cutting were inspirational. Thanks so much! ~Jacqui-T

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  1. Elizabeth S., 29 November, 2009


    Thank you. Thank you. As always there are always such wonderful learning opportunities to look forward to here. It’s getting so I count down the days in the week based on how many there are to go before Friday’s tutorial.

  2. Peggy Barnes, 29 November, 2009

    I am so looking forward to December for obvious reasons you have listed. I love faux ivory, have made it before but I know you are going to show me a new easier more understandable way. There isn’t a week in Dec. that won’t be full of fun and incredable talent. It is like having Christmas every weekend of the month.
    Thank you once again for all you have done for me. You have inspired my polymer clay talents to heights I never thought I would have. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!!!

  3. Ken H., 02 December, 2009

    Thank you Cindy, Vol. 19 sure looks interesting and I know it will be useful. Not much time for anything in the run up to the holidays, but just wait until Jan. Mica shift, Faux Bone/Ivory, going to be very busy in the new year.

  4. Beverle Sweitzer, 02 December, 2009


    There are no words to describe how much I love your course! I have books and videos and tapes but nothing can compare to your course. Each video is concise and clear. Even the camera angle is superb. Other videos are shot from the front and you see more of the teacher than what she or he is actually doing. I go back to your videos time and time again because no matter how much I watch, I still need to check out something once I actually begin the hands-on portion.

    The cost is more than fair. I don’t know if it is profitable for you but I intend to stay a member as long as you are available. Even in these difficult times the price is affordable.

    I wake up on Friday and think, Oh great! Today another video is available. You are the best and I am thrilled that I found you. On top of everything else you seem to be such a sweet and unassuming person so each video is like a visit with a good friend. I love you, Cindy!

    Beverle Sweitzer

  5. Cindy Lietz, 02 December, 2009

    Thanks so much to each of you. I feel very blessed to have have all of you by my side as supporters. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  6. Edieh, 06 December, 2009

    Hello Cindy,
    Can you tell me where the supply list for the up and coming videos are going to be? Thanks Edie

  7. Cindy Lietz, 06 December, 2009

    Hi Edie – the supply lists are posted when I publish the intro videos for each weekly tutorial. This usually happens on Tuesdays in advance of the Friday release of the full video in the members library. For example, you can click on the link by my name to see the materials list for the Vol-019-1 Extruder Flower Cane Tutorial.

  8. Michelle R, 16 December, 2009

    Hello Cindy,

    Thanks for the videos – watching makes such a difference. There are so many ‘how to’ options online, but most are confusing images and text only. Youtube is great but many cannot get the real info over. This system is great. Clever you for doing it! A great way to earn on the internet too! I wish I knew enough of one subject that others want to know about… to do something like that myself!

    Merry Christmas from
    -26c snowy Sodankylä, Finland.
    Love Michelle

  9. Cindy Lietz, 16 December, 2009

    Thanks for the kind words Michelle. I’m glad the videos are working well for you. And welcome to you all the way from Finland. The link by my name will take you to another thread where I was chatting with someone else recently who is also from Finland.

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