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Encrusted Concrete Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor1-B: Concrete
Peat Moss

In our previous Vol-077-A Series Color Recipe post for the David Russell Battery Palette, the colors were inspired by a close up photo taken of the aging concrete walls at a historic military site in Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon.

Well today’s photo was taken in the same location, but of a lichen encrusted wall. It also makes for an interesting color palette, with a unique range of neutral tones.

These concrete walls are more than 100 years old and have been battered by wind, storms and the salty sea air of the Pacific Ocean. They are pitted, distressed, rusted and covered in moss and lichens.

What I love about this photo… no it is not it’s riveting subject matter of an old concrete wall… but its cool distressed textures and neutral based colors.

Neutral colors are grounding. They support and enhance the more vibrant colors and give them a non-competitive backdrop on which they can sing. That is why the ground, soil and rocks are neutral colors and the flowers are not… Mother Nature being the best artist of all!

Neutral colors are more complex and the most tricky to mix accurately. Sure they are easy to make by accident… just mix together some random colors and you’ll most likely end up with a handful of mud colors. But try to mix the colors you actually intended (like from a photograph), and the task is much more difficult since they are a complex mixture of shades from all sides of the color wheel. This makes creating neutral color recipes a fun challenge for me, and a supportive help for you. Win-Win!

Any who… this photo had some inspiring colors in a neutral palette that I thought you might love to add to your color repertoire.

Please enjoy this photo and the colors inspired by it for this October 2014 Vol-077 B-Series Palette!

Encrusted Concrete Palette by Polymer Clay TutorEveryone who is subscribed to our Polymer Clay Guest List will be able to download the following recipes free, one per week on Friday mornings during the month of October 2014:

  • Concrete (Recipe 077-1B)
  • Distressed (Recipe 077-2B)
  • Peat Moss (Recipe 077-3B)
  • Encrusted (Recipe 077-4B)

[wp_ad_camp_1]Concrete is a soft medium gray color of the pitted and etched walls of this photo. Distressed is the dark black brown found in the stress cracks. Peat Moss is the golden red brown of the dried out moss covered areas. And Encrusted is the grayed down golden yellow of the lichen which seems to be thriving quite well in large patches.

The recipes described above are from the Volume-077 B-Series Palette. They are free to download for everyone subscribed to the Polymer Clay Guest List, Friday Email Newsletter.

If you want to see the Volume-077 A-Series Color Palette that paid library members will also receive during the month of October then click here: David Russell Battery Color Palette

Color mixing is one of my biggest challenges. Your recipes are fantastic and I print them all out and keep them in a binder for future reference. I have done the Maggie Maggio course but still have trouble “seeing” which color to use to match a particular palette. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. Hugs. ~Sue-C

I’m new at polymer clay but after encouragement from Cindy on my blog I got up enough courage to start playing. Color has been fascinating for me. After doing some color mixing experiments that went horribly wrong, I am excited to start using the color recipe cards! ~Judith-R

Though I am literally brand new at the P.C. bead making, I have already gotten a ‘different eye’ in my surroundings for looking at color. I was actually in my bathroom the other day, for my morning sit down and noticed my shower curtain. It is in rich browns, golds and tans. I’m thinking what great colors and textures it would be use to as a polymer clay tube bead. Also, I got a catalog from a well known flower company and just looking through it, at the color spectrum available in nature, I see ‘treasure’ now in even my junk mail! Thanks for helping me to be inspired with the idea of color in nature, mail and yes, even my bathroom curtain. ~Karen-O


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  1. Maria C, 29 September, 2014

    Ooops, Cindy! The second set of colors listed is the 76B palette! I hope this doesn’t confuse anyone

  2. Doug Lietz, 29 September, 2014

    My bad… thanks for catching that. All fixed now!

  3. Carolann B, 31 October, 2014

    Cindy I love your stuff, so glad someone suggested you. I want ALL your Color Recipes… color coordination is really difficult for me… so glad you did the work for me.


  4. Marina Santos, 04 February, 2015

    hello Cindy,
    i’m so, so glad that I’ve found you!!!
    first of all i want to thank you for been there, and for your honest and helpful way of “taking the stones out of our way” by saving us from the usual mistakes.
    I’ve inscribed myself in your guest list….so anxious to start receiving it (specially the palettes!!!)
    For the library i have to think about it…. i men I’d love too but been European and paying whit euros that costs just a tiny bit more…like a said i’l think about it.
    I’m really a beginner…I’ve decided to jump to it after starting some time now, i just bought my first pasta machine thanks to one of your YouTube tutorials by the way (waiting to receive it this week!) I I want to improve my skills, to go more seriously and hopefully more professionally.
    Polymer clay it’s so fun and so versatile.
    Honestly i feel like a child waiting for her favorite present!!!
    kind regards
    Marina Santos

  5. Cindy Lietz, 11 March, 2015

    Welcome Marina and I am so happy to hear you are enjoying your new journey into the world of polymer clay!! Do make sure to watch as many of our free videos as you can and read the articles and comments from others. There is tons to learn here. When you are ready you can start buying whatever tutorials you want. Have fun!

  6. Marina Santos, 15 March, 2015

    Hello Cindy,

    thank you for you’r kind words.

    I’m interested in learning techniques but also color mixing, will you be sending one color recipe every week?

    Because i’m not sure i’m receiving it….I’ve seen my spam box and there’s nothing there.

    I really appreciate if you could help me out.

    And I’ve been doing a lot of viewing in polymer clay tutor, I’ve subscribed in YouTube and i read the comment session….I don’t comment a lot perhaps because I steel don’t have much to speak of.
    I guess i’m still in “school”, “drinking” in this sea of knowledge.
    I can’t thank you enough Cindy, you are wonderful.

  7. Doug Lietz, 15 March, 2015

    Hi Marina… just responding to your question about the weekly color recipes… yes they do go out like clock every Friday for everyone subscribed to the newsletter.

    I see that your email address is already subscribed on our newsletter Guest List… so that means the color recipes are in fact being sent to you. Be sure to check the “Promotions” tab in your Gmail account in addition to any junk folders. Also… when you find the missing newsletter emails, be sure to add Cindy’s email address to your Gmail contacts list. That will let Google know that you want the newsletter messages to go straight to your main inbox.

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