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Covered Wagon Color Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor1-B: Covered Wagon
3-B: Sunbleached Rose
4B: Saloon

This neat photo of a Covered Wagon (or should I say Un-covered Wagon since it no longer has the canvas top), was taken by our daughter Willow, in the parking lot of a truck stop along the Three Flags (395) Highway on our recent PcT Roadtrip.

It was somewhere just north of Pasco, Washington.

Covered Wagon Color Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor

We had woken up at 5:00 AM that morning in the Deer Park RV Resort (just north of Spokane, Washington)… prepared breakfast and packed the trailer… then set out on a course to meet up with long-time member Carlee Nave at 10am in Pasco.

We were incredibly grateful to arrive at the truck stop. You see, we had misjudged how far our tank of fuel would go (kilometers vs miles miscalculation error)… along a barren stretch of highway that had very few gas stations… let alone ones that carried diesel.

Truck Stop Photo Story Board

Let’s just say, the four of us had been crossing all our fingers and toes for quite a few miles already, hoping that a truck stop would appear very soon. So when this oasis in the desert finally showed up, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief knowing we weren’t going to be stranded on the side of the road!

The place was greasy and grimy as you might expect a truck stop to be (especially the bathrooms)… but it didn’t matter. We were all just thankful to have arrived on our own steam!

A relieved Doug jumped out to fill the tank and top up all the fluids.

Fisher happily checked the air pressure in all 8 tires – he actually had to let some out because the desert heat had caused some over inflation issues.

I raced off to the horrendous bathroom – when you gotta go, you gotta go.

And Willow grabbed the camera and started snapping photographs of the surrounding area.

With all the enthusiasm we showed at this truck stop, you’d think we had arrived at a fantastic destination. I’m guessing the truckers loading up on soggy nachos and fried chicken, had a bit of a laugh at our expense – lol.

Anyways… we made it to see Carlee and her family pretty much right on schedule (video of that meetup will follow in a future post)… and ended up with a story and some photos, perfect for today’s color recipe palette.

Everyone who is subscribed to our Polymer Clay Guest List will be able to download the following recipes free, one per week on Friday mornings during the month of October 2012:

  • Covered Wagon (Recipe 053-1B)
  • Stagecoach (Recipe 053-2B)
  • Sunbleached Rose (Recipe 053-3B)
  • Saloon(Recipe 053-4B)


Covered Wagon
is the grayed down and sun washed rose color of the once red wooden wagon. Stagecoach is the blue gray metal trim found on the wagon wheels and metal strapping holding this antique wagon together. Sunbleached Rose is the even paler shade of rose where the sun has almost completely bleached the paint in the desert heat. And Saloon is the dark purple rose of the paint hiding from the sun in the shadows.

The recipes described above are from the Volume-053 B-Series Palette. They are free to download for everyone subscribed to my Polymer Clay Guest List, Friday Email Newsletter.

If you want to see the Volume-053 A-Series Color Palette that paid library members will also receive during the month of October, then click here: Oregon Shipwreck Color Palette

Thank you, Cindy. These color recipe cards are a wonderful resource! ~Marsha-N

I would pay for the B series palettes if that could ever be an option! They are worth their weight in gold and maybe it would be easier on Cindy and Doug. I actually feel like you two do not charge enough. You offer an excellent tutorial package that is not matched anywhere else on the Internet! Seriously… you guys are awesome! Please do whatever it takes to make your life easier so you do not get burned out… maybe a separate B series color package that we could purchase would be an option. Just an idea. I will shut up now. ~Laura-R

Hi Cindy, first, I want to say thank you for the great color palettes and amazing projects. I love making canes inspired by your rich color groups, and cannot wait until Fridays to see what wonderful projects you have up your sleeves. ~Lindsay-M


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Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor
  1. pattw35, 24 September, 2012

    What a great story ! Low on fuel – a real nail biter ! I had to laugh though, you made it sound like a T.V. sitcom ! Willow I just love your pics ! While everyone was running around like a chicken with its head cut off – you were taking pics. Way to go…………

    Great palette -I’ll never look at it without thinking of the story behind it…….

    As former RV’ers -been there, done that. Sympathize entirely !!!!!!

  2. Monique U., 24 September, 2012

    Wow, those are beautiful muted shades, Cindy… right up my alley! Those covered wagon pioneers sure had a rough ride back in the day, but one thing they didn’t worry about was running out of diesel LOL

  3. Genie Keating, 24 September, 2012

    Hi Cindy,

    I have been ‘looking over your shoulder’ since July 2009, and it’s only now I’ve actually become a fully paid-up member!!! I had every excuse under the sun as to why I didn’t join up ages ago. But, here I am, large as life, and glad I’m here.

    I would like to ask you a question about the strength of my cooked piece. Fuchsia grows in abundance here in Ireland, and it is one of my favourite flowers. I’ve seen fuchsia earrings made in silver, and, like all artists, said “I can make that”. Well, I did, but out of Fimo!!

    While wearing them, the petal nearest my head snapped off. Can you please tell me how I can protect this from happening again, as I’ve made a few similar pairs that I wish to sell, and I don’t want any casualties!!!

    Many thanks,

  4. Elaine Faulks, 25 September, 2012

    Welcome GENIE K from the Emerald Isle. The petals on your earrings could get caught in hair etc. if they stick out. Did you bake them for a full hour? I would suggest you re-bake them for about 30 minutes and bend the petals down a little while still warm, then plunge into cold water, this seems to strengthen them. Fimo can be a little brittle but if you add some translucent clay to your mix this might solve your problem…….cheers xx…….

  5. Genie Keating, 25 September, 2012

    Elaine, thank you for your welcome!
    What happened was the earrings got wedged between my neck and my collar when I was holding up a sheet of metal against a wall (think ‘husband’ and ‘DIY’!!!).
    I usually bake my pieces about 8pm, for the recommended half hour, and then leave them in the oven overnight, and take them out in the morning.
    I’d be afraid if I bent in the petals, the flower would lose its ‘real’ look. I’ll try adding some translucent clay next time, and see does that work.
    Once again, thank you for your kind words and help.

  6. Dixie Ann, 26 September, 2012

    Welcome Genie, so glad you have decided to become part of our Clay family. I too used to work with Fimo and it is a good clay. It does take a little longer to mix it up and Elaine is right, if you add some translucent it does help. You want it to have a slight bend to it after it is baked and cooled down. Adding the translucent helped but you also should tent your item(s) while baking and go ahead and bake them for 60 minutes. Drop them in ice water as soon as they are done. You can also re-bake them an additional 30 minutes, again be sure you tent the item and drop it in ice water a second time. If you add a glaze or topcoat, it is recommended you bake them for an additional 15 min. but only at 200 degrees. I prefer the Fimo Classic but probably do 90% of my stuff now with Premo. Good Luck doll and again so glad you have joined the Family. (((hugs)))

  7. Genie Keating, 27 September, 2012

    Thank you, Dixie Ann. I’ve never been called ‘doll’ before, lol !!! I feel like I’m ‘talking’ with celebrities (!!!) finally, after years of reading your comments to each other…..and yet, I feel like I know you all too!
    Thank you for your advice. Today I hope to make a few witches and cobwebs for a Harvest Fair on Saturday, so when I’m baking that lot, I will probably re-bake my as-yet-unbroken Fuchsia earrings. I’d love to show you a photograph of my ‘masterpieces’, but I haven’t learned how to do that yet.
    Have a nice day,

  8. Tantesherry, 25 September, 2012

    What a wonderful memory this whole pct road trip adventure will be for your children decades from now
    A lot of my memory has fled (dumb old pain medicine) – But packing the pop-up travel trailer, having ” trip tics” guide us from central Florida out west and down into Mexico and then back home…it taking 3 days to drive across Texas, all the National Parks and KOA campgrounds…(and yes – the shall we say “variety” of rest areas) made an impression on my young self that I’ll never forget :)…………one more – my dad sawing the broom part off 4 new brooms because at some point our rented pop-up trailer decided not to pop-up anymore haha good times

    I’ve been mixing up some of your beautiful color palettes lately, yesterday I did your Alpine Succulent vol 017B – you know trying to get psyched for Christmas and all – by the time I was done I just sat looking at these 4 new beautiful colors that you and your creative brain came up with – I wanted to jump back here and tell you thank you right away but like I said I was done (done in my case refers to pain level because I hate telling my mom I’m hitting 8)

    Cindy Thank You for your beautiful, creative, and generous self I’m so grateful to have found you, your family and this polymer clay family. Don’t want to imagine, while DH works 2 jobs, what all these quite hours at home alone (w/ 7 cats) with out polymer clay and this community would be like.
    Feeling very Blessed, Sherry

  9. Maria, 26 September, 2012

    I have to say that Alpine succulent is one of my absolute top 10 favorite color palettes. I find the colors so usable in many of my designs …

  10. Cindy Lietz, 30 September, 2012

    Sherry you are such a sweetheart for saying such heartfelt words. I don’t know what it would be like for me either, if I didn’t have people like you out there to appreciate all we are trying to do here. I do know that it would be much harder to keep working so hard. Love you! ~Cindy

  11. Joyce Folsom, 25 September, 2012

    The memories you have created on this pct trip are perfect like the colors you are bringing us.
    Lots of us have probably been in the gas gauge situation that leads to holding one’s breathe… I alwasy wondered if that helped get to that next gas station. Oh those pioneers, they just had to scout for a safe place which included water, timber and fodder for the horses and oxen before bedding down for the night. Looking forward to meeting you, Carlee.

  12. Elaine Faulks, 25 September, 2012

    On our road trip in Oz we hit a storm and the road ahead was closed due to land-slip and rock fall. We were diverted onto bush roads and drove for miles out of our way. DH was worried we would run out of fuel and I was worried we would run out of time as had to return the RV to the hire company before they closed that evening

    We had to slow right down to a crawl to avoid pot holes and getting stuck in the mud. After what seemed like hours we eventually returned to the highway and after a couple of miles saw a Pit-Stop up ahead bathed in sunshine..
    Sitting down to pancakes, fruit and cream we chatted to the lovely couple (our hosts) and they suggested we phone the hire company and book another day. This they agreed to, saying it wasn’t booked out and we could pay the balance on return. We could then relax………….phew………….
    We went for a long walk up a track, taking our camera as there were lots of wildlife about. Saw a mother and baby koala up in the gum trees and some colourful parrots also other pretty birds. On our return we both agreed it had been quite an adventure that could have turned out a lot worse……..I can imagine those early settlers had so much courage to face the unknown, but what wonderful sights they must have seen and what hardships they must have endured. Your story and sun bleached colour palette reminded me of our trip so thanks CINDY and don’t forget your guardian Angel was looking out for you…………..cheers xx…………..

  13. Jocelyn C, 25 September, 2012


    Please forgive placement, hands hurt….

    Could you please do a tute on these Blue Flower Earrings? I love them!

  14. pollyanna, 26 September, 2012

    Love these subtle colors. When my dh was alive, we would visit his family in the South. His theory was to go from point A to point B in as little time as possible…..:(. I learned to take our little Westie and tell him “Shasta has to have a pit stop’ At least I could walk around a bit and see the flora and fauna at the rest stops….lol.

  15. Dixie Ann, 26 September, 2012

    Love the collage of photos that are included with the story telling. It makes one feel they are right along with you all. Have been in the same situations several times so I know it is a nail biting, white knuckle king of ride, especially when your looking for a bathroom!
    Amazed again at the color palette from Willows photo and how you continue to create them.

  16. pattw35, 30 September, 2012

    OT -I have made every recipe card so far -a long shoe box over-flowing with them. Question -has anybody found a box for the recipe cards ? I have looked high and low -haven’t found the right one yet. Thanks in advance for your help……grin

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