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Corsage Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor1-A: Corsage
2-A: New Life

3-A: Grad Dress
4A: Golden Future

This beautiful close-up photo Doug took of the corsage I made for my daughter Willow’s Grad, is a reminder that things are blossoming and changing in the Lietz Household these days.

The summer is winding down and it won’t be long before the kids start heading back to school… well, just Fisher that is. For the first time in 15 years, Willow won’t be heading off to school this Fall.

She graduated from high school this past June 2014, and will be taking a year off from her studies to work with a Real Estate firm. She’ll then attend college while continuing with her job, until she becomes a Realtor herself.

It is exciting, but also a little scary for her… and the rest of us too. We have always been such a close family unit… doing everything together. But now she has grown up, and will soon be building a separate life of her own. Brand new territory!

This pretty corsage was a perfect match for her grad dress, created with some of the Flag Iris flowers growing in our front yard. I found a sparkly crystal stretch bracelet to mount the flowers on, and included ferns, organza ribbon, plus a gorgeous antique crystal button, pierced through the center of the iris bloom.

In our area, many of the Grads rent Limos and ride around for the afternoon, before arriving at the evening dinner dance. The parents aren’t really involved in that part. However, we were allowed to be at the banquet hall when they all arrived in their limos. And Doug got to do the Father/Daughter dance with Willow, just before all of us parents had to go back home so the Grads could have their fun. It was an all night-er.

Before Doug and I went to meet Willow at the Grad banquet hall, I made this corsage as a surprise gift. Doug snapped a few photos of it before we left. Here is one them…

Willow's Graduation Corsage

Watching our dear sweet Willow dancing with her Dad, is a memory I will not soon forget. So much lies ahead for her… career… love… family… future triumphs and future pains. All things I know she will handle with maturity and strength.

We are all very proud of you Willow. You are cherished. You are loved.

Please everyone, enjoy the corsage photo as it inspires you for this month’s Vol-076 A-series color palette.

Corsage Color Palette by Polymer Clay TutorThe following Vol-076 A-series Corsage Color Palette will be added to the Polymer Clay Members Library at the beginning of September 2014:

  • Corsage (Recipe 076-1A)
  • New Life (Recipe 076-2A)
  • Grad Dress (Recipe 076-3A)
  • Golden Future (Recipe 076-4A)


┬áCorsage is the lovely light purple where the sun hit the open petals of the Iris Blossom Corsage. New Life is the bright fresh green of the fern symbolizing Willow’s venture into a new life. Grad Dress is the deep indigo purple of not only her gorgeous grad dress, but also the color of the closed buds of the Iris sitting on her wrist. And Golden Future is the rich amber gold of the speckled throat of this flag iris, and a wonderful nod to her promising life ahead.

Cindy – Thanks for sharing your family experiences with us. You must be so very proud of Willow!!! Hugs to you both. ~Cindy-E

My favorite colours, Cindy, you have got right to my soul. Why do I love the Purple pallette so much?., must be my age, but I am sure it is not confined to us oldies. Such a range thru the colours, and purples look so good with any number of other colours, and always look fab in anything Polymer. Yes I am also always amazed at how nature puts colours together in such a beautiful ways, nothing ever clashes, and if I am looking for a colour palette, I just have to look at a flower (of course after I have been thru my Cindy recipes). Thanks Cindy, keep em coming, so beautiful. I am in Australia, (altho I came here from New Zealand ). Yes we are in our Fall (Autumn) season here, and it is nice to know up there they have got past their winter and can see the beautiful spring flowers arriving. I call Crocuses, Fressias, a bit like them anyway, and ours in N.Z. were usually cream, with like Cindy said, strokes of purple colour hues that nature had taken her paint brush to and gently painted them with, and what a scent too. Bye for now, Love to all. ~Elizabeth-K

I have to share with you that this article gave me the confidence to really commit to experimenting with mixing colors. I’m using your little pill sample technique and I’m so happy with the results! Plus my experimentation has led me to find a beautiful shade of purple that is just perfect for making beads to support my local university team. Fancy that! Plus it’s just a pretty purple! Thanks for instilling confidence and providing some really great recipes. I think the best part about these recipes is the way the translucent works to enhance the quality of the color. Kinda makes it POP! ~Kimberlee-J


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  1. Jill V., 18 August, 2014

    Congratulations to Willow! Cindy, your post brought me to tears. You and Doug are such awesome parents. Willow is going to be great out there in the real world.

    What a beautiful corsage and how special that her mom made it! It inspired a gorgeous palette. “Grad Dress,” that deep dark blue, is my favorite color in the whole world. Geez, I love all the names you came up with this time. Okay, I’m crying again.

    Here is to new beginnings! *raises glass*

  2. Monique U., 18 August, 2014

    A very exciting time in a young lady’s life :) Congrats to you, Willow!

    Monique U.
    (A Half-Baked Notion)

  3. Patt W, 19 August, 2014

    Congrats Willow. The whole world lie ahead ! What an exciting time in your life. Enjoy it to the fullest.

    Cindy and Doug – another milestone in YOUR life. We all hate/love it when our young ones move on. You pictures and lovely memories will always be with you.

    The Orchid corsage is SO special. And the dance is too. What a wonderful time for all of you.

    TY for thinking of us, with the up coming color recipe. We will live vicariously, thru your life change.

    All of us love it, when you include us in your life. That is really special…………

  4. Dixie Ann, 19 August, 2014

    Thanks again Cindy for a lovely color palette for Sept. This should be forever called the “Willow Palette” in honor of your lovely daughter and graduating high School. Sadly here so many do not complete their HS education due to poor choices. You should be so proud of your daughter as it is quiet certain she has inherited your work ethics and a desire to become successful as she has watched her parents become successful in their endeavors. Congratulations to Willow and her whole family, because it takes a strong, loving family to help their childeen become strong, loving adults. I’m sure she will be successful in whatever path she chooses to follow.

  5. Cindy Lietz, 20 August, 2014

    Thank you all for the sweet well wishes for Willow. She is a special girl and we are very proud of what she has accomplished and where she is going. I didn’t mention it in the post, but she is an excellent student as well. She got a 4.0 average for her grade 12 year and got 3 scholarships for art and business, as well. She strives for more in her life and I know she will make the best of it. Even though I am very excited for her to “spread her wings and fly away”, my heart aches a little each time I think of her leaving the nest. This new stage reminds me of when she was born… it’s new, exciting and scary… and none of us have a clue what we’re doing! LOL

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