Color Inspiration for Polymer Clay Jewelry From the Crocosmia Flower

Crocosmia Flower

A Warm and Fresh Color Palette for Your Fimo Bead Making Projects:

These beautiful flowers called Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ (named for their flame-like trumpets), grows wonderfully in the front garden of my home. With Winter on its way, the blooms are now faded. But a month or two ago when this picture was taken, they were in their full glory and an inspiration to behold!

I have always loved these fabulous flowers. They bloom forever and are no work at all to keep. The colors are so stunning. You may recall back in the summer I created a color palette of Sunflower Polymer Clay Color Recipes. I’ll do the same for these Crocosmia blooms.

What I find exciting about this particular group of colors is their warmth and their freshness. The way the deep purple flows to the warm yellow to the fiery coral tips of the flower. The green is fresh and vibrant making a wonderful backdrop for the bright rich colors of the petals.

These colors will make a wonderful color palette for your jewelry making projects. Can you envision lovely Skinner Blends and flower canes made with these colors?

After some experimentation I have come up with 4 color recipes based on this Crocosmia Flower Palette, which I think you are really going to enjoy working with.

Coming up soon in the Polymer Clay Tutor Library are the recipes for making the following four flower inspired colors:

  • Coral Bells (Orange)
  • Summer Savory (Green)
  • Dandelion (Yellow)
  • Vineyard (Purple)
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  1. Lupe Meter, 06 December, 2008

    Amazing colors Cindy! I once made a beaded necklace for a color challenge where I used purple and yellow. I would have never thought of those two colors together, but they sure look good together, needless to say I was very happy with the outcome. Looking forward to the new recipes.


  2. Cindy Lietz, 06 December, 2008

    Sounds really pretty Lupe! I wish I could see it!

    Yeah this is a really nice color palette, you are really going to love the recipes!

  3. Lisa Taylor, 25 January, 2009

    The colors seem to flow together when I look at them differently now. Its so amazing. Thank you. Hopefully I am going to become a full member when I can afford the membership. I am still bouncing back from paying for cancer treatment(no insurance) and then no income,( surprise separation) I am not fishing for pity so please. I feel very blessed to be here. The hard times make the good times so much sweeter. Thank you Cindy for passing your knowledge on and for all the inspiration you give everyone. God bless, Lisa T

  4. Cindy Lietz, 26 January, 2009

    Thank you for your comments Lisa. Sounds like things have been a struggle for you, I admire your strength! It is a pleasure to have you here.

    Maybe you could sell some of your beads to supplement your income. Make sure you are always wearing something you’ve made and take notice of what gets compliments. So you can make more of that style.

    I’ve sold lots of custom beaded lanyards just by wearing them to the gym. Selling a few things a month can make a difference to your cash flow!

  5. Patty J, 22 July, 2013

    Cindy its no wonder I don’t get my projects done. I saw my neighbors crocosmia and she is doing so well with it and they are fussy plants but my oh my so gorgeous. As I was looking very close to the flowers first I noticed how a skinner blend could take that pure yellow of the buds and then into the center of the flower and how it turns to red and then the crowning glory of this plant is how I imagine the glitter red clay polymer could be integrated into a cane at the rim and gradually fading into the yellow. I wish I did not have so many things to do. This is one gorgeous plant. She had it planted next to some lavender and in my recent awareness of how purple really ads to painting I saw the dusty pale purple graceful branches of the crocosmia against a background of lavender blossoms and then of course offset by the green long leaves of the crocosmia. This is such an elegant plant. I hope some day to get into my painting again and do something with this gorgeous plant. The outward swerve of the flowering branches against the beautiful green verticleness of the stems with the morning rays setting off the sparkles in the blossoms. ie kind of how iris do when that morning sun highlights it.

    Would love to see another flower project like your sweet peas but using crocosmia with highlighted glitter ruby red at the edges. Sigh, I really have got to get going. So much to do.

  6. Cindy Lietz, 22 July, 2013

    Hi Patty! I loved reading your comment today… it lead me down the garden path, so to speak! I would love to make Crocosmia flowers from polymer clay. I will have to play around with the idea and see if I can come up with a tutorial. Thank you for the suggestion!

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