Chilly Weather Ideas for Texturing Your Polymer Clay Beads

Frosty Leaves Texture Ideas “Today will be a clay day for me… 15 inches of snow… 40 mile per hour winds… looks like we are living in a snow globe.” ~Anna-S

We are also experiencing winter where I live on the west coast of Canada, although not nearly as extreme as how Anna describes the view from her window.

Today will be a Clay Day for me and most people in Central Iowa. 15 inches of snow in Des Moines with 40 mile per hour winds. Kind of looks like we are living in a snow globe. ~Anna-S

To keep this post in season, I found a photo of some frosty leaves. It reminds me of all the texture ideas that can be applied to polymer clay when your cooped up indoors, trying to warm up from shoveling the driveway… again!

We live two blocks from Lake Superior, and we’ve been listening to the waves crashing on shore all day (from inside our house)! LOTS of snow, and high winds. I’ve been out twice to shovel the driveway, so no clayday for me! Maybe tomorrow!” ~Darlene-N

One of the most fun and creative things you can do is find unique items for giving your polymer clay beads and other projects some texture. listed below are items that have great texture making potential:

  • Leaves, grasses, bark, rocks, wood, seed pods
  • Lace, fabric, string, yarn, spools of thread, cording, leather
  • Chain, wire, buckles, grommets, tools, gears, springs
  • Charms, buttons, cut crystal, wood cuts, wood/metal trim
  • Toothbrush, hair brush, pumas stone, lava rock, wicker baskets
  • Kids toys, toy car tires, speaker covers
  • Salt, herbs, dried beans, avocado skin, melon skins

Plus, here are 3 other article resources with even more polymer clay texture tips and ideas:

So what have you textured lately? How did the project turn out? I love hearing about all the projects you guys are up to.

Or if you are in the Australia or South America or Africa or anywhere else where you can’t relate to all this talk about cold weather, feel free to share stories about the warm summer sun in your part of the world.

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  1. Lawrence, 10 December, 2009

    I arrived home Sunday night to a very cold house. I could hear the furnace fan but it was blowing COLD air and the thermostat was at its lowest point.
    Panic time as it was -12C with the wind chill outside(Cindy can relate to the frigid temps as she is only 15 minutes away from where I live). I found a ceramic space heater in my garage and turned on my oven to get the temp up past 12C. Sleeping was no problem as I have an electric blanket but I sure was glad to see the furnace repairman next morning ( even though it cost me $350 to replace the burned-out computer board on the Trane furnace).
    PS..I still have to use the dog’s heating pad to soften my clay ;-)

  2. Josie, 10 December, 2009

    Hi Cindy
    I’m sure that Silverleaf gave Penny’s website address a few days ago but just can’t find it anywhere. Have been looking out for Silverleaf on the blog but no luck. My xmas box is going to be lots of lovely clay so if you have Penny’s web address I would like to check it out. Bought loads of Sculpy Studio and used it to cover some pens , followed the instructions to the letter but ended up with cracked an distorted pens. I tried a few of your tips but still not happy with the result so would like to try Premo If Penny has it. Thanks

  3. Carrie, 10 December, 2009

    Lawrence, my parents had the same thing wrong with their furnace! Luckily, my dads brother owns a heating and cooling business and came right away. My little chihuahua lives with them and she was freezing!
    We had 55 mph winds here yesterday, and a dusting of snow. I really don’t like winter!

  4. Silverleaf, 10 December, 2009

    Josie, the website you want is I probably said this before, but if you let Penny know I referred you, I’ll get 10% off my next order!

    I got some Premo from her and I love it! Much firmer than Fimo but still easy to work with and the colours are great. Haven’t tried Studio but from what I’ve read I don’t think I’d like it.

    Definitely no snow here, it’s been sunny this afternoon. I was happily walking round in a T-shirt and jeans, in the middle of December!

    Chesterfield, UK.

    PS Sorry Cindy, I forgot about the link thing again!

  5. Cindy Lietz, 10 December, 2009

    Thankfully the power just came back on for me after being out for the past 8 hours… just in the nick of time to get the Members Tutorial Video posted in the library, so all of you guys will have it first thing tomorrow morning (Friday). Oh how dependent we are on that power grid!

    @Silverleaf(Anna): I ended up having to take out the email address from your post for privacy reasons. Even though I’m sure Penny would not have minded, I just have to keep things on the straight and narrow with regards to our privacy laws here in Canada. Josie will be able to pass along your message via the web link you provided. Glad to hear about the nice T-shirt weather you’re having in Chesterfield. Cheers!

  6. Penny V, 11 December, 2009

    Anna is at it again – telling people about my website. Thanks Anna. Josie – I am sure Cindy wouldn’t mind giving you my email address. Alternatively – if you don’t want to bother Cindy, go to the website and to the ‘contact us’ link (bottom left) and there is an email address there. And remember you get 10% discount too because Anna recommended you!

    Do you realise that people all over the world recognise Cindy as being a guru – but not just that, she is kind, caring and helpful.

  7. Cindy Lietz, 11 December, 2009

    Thanks for the VERY kind words Penny. As discussed above, I just passed along your email address to Josie so the two of you can connect directly. It’s great to know there is a reliable source of Premo in the UK now. All the best!

  8. Petra Nemravová, 12 December, 2009

    Hi Cindy,

    Thank you for your additional info. I am sure that it is very helpfull and… just great to get to know other people with similar “addiction” :-D
    Great idea to provide these tutor-websites!!

    Petra from the Czech Republic

  9. Cindy Lietz, 12 December, 2009

    @Petra – Welcome to the polymerové hlíny community here!!! It’s great to have you as a member of the library… all the way from the Czech Republic!

  10. Sally Mack, 18 January, 2010

    RE: Polymer Clay Beginners Course Feedback:

    Hi Cindy –

    The beginner’s course is very helpful. Does it cover everything? Perhaps not… but one will never get all the information one needs in one place, so you should be happy in knowing that you provide one of the best resources available anywhere.

    I don’t have the time now to fully provide complete feedback… but I will provide more info when I get a chance.

    I do enjoy the membership, though I find the newsletter not as interesting as the videos.


  11. Cindy Lietz, 18 January, 2010

    Thanks so much for for your feedback Sally. I appreciate hearing all of your insights, so anytime you feel like sharing, I’m all ears :-) ~Cindy

  12. Howard, 15 July, 2010

    I think if you look around you when you are outside there are lots of natural textures you can use in your clay projects. I personally like using the different types of grasses and tree bark.

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