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Fixing Bubbles in Your Flat Baked Polymer Pieces

Video #372: Even when flaws show up after baking, there is still something you can do.

How To Keep Bubbles Out Of Your Polymer Clay

Video #371: Tricks of the trade to help make your polymer clay projects look more professional.

Avoiding Fingerprints On Your Polymer Clay Projects

Video #370: Finger prints and flaws will make you look like an amateur, which is not a good thing.

How to Salvage and Re-use Leftover Color Blend Pieces

Video #278: Plus a handy tip that lets you see all of beautiful color blends at a glance. ~Cindy Lietz

Tips For Filling Metal Bezels | Polymer Clay Tutorial [Video]

Vid #195: “Metal addsa little something extrato polymer clay. I think thesebezels are great and can seemaking little PC charms with them as… 41

Mixing Custom Color Recipes | Polymer Clay Tutorial [Video]

Vid #193: “Can you say MUD!!? I’ve had my fairshare of mixing the wrongcolors together but thanks to your color recipes I’m doing… 70

Inlay Technique for Polymer Clay Jewelry, Faux Bone Pendant [Q&A]

“I never had any interest in this type of inlay design before, but now… I need to know how!” ~Linda-K

Most Asked Beginner Question… How To Bake Polymer Clay Properly

“I am new to working with polymer clay and the biggest problem I have is with the baking process.” ~Shari-R

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Poppy Flower Beads for Your Jewelry Projects

Vid #125: “Yes, yes, a big yes for the poppy beads! Please show us how to make them!” ~Squash

Polymer Clay Instructions – 5 Tips to Make Your Bead Life Easier

Want Better Beads that Look More Professional? Then Don’t Ignore these Simple Basics: Little things can sometimes make all the difference in the… 16

Cornstarch and Polymer Clay Beads | Things That Belong Together

Wondering if Alex Trebek Ever Used this as a TV Game Show Category on Jeopardy… LOL: Last week I posted an informal survey… 47

Polymer Clay Techniques | Is Conditioning Really that Important?

Hmmmm… Let Me See… YESSSSS!!!

Craft Room Organization – Specific Advice for Storing Polymer Clay

Your Precious Blocks of Premo or Fimo Clay Will Get Damaged if You Don’t Store Them Properly: Now that Spring has officially arrived,… 14

Shiny Beads – 6 Tips for Getting a Polymer Clay Gloss Finish

How To Get Your Polymer Clay Beads To Sparkle Like Glass: One of the wonderful qualities about polymer clay is that it can… 40

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Faux Turquoise Beads For A Unique Bracelet

An Old Food Processor Will Come In Very Handy For This Faux Stone Project: Right now I am working on the next set… 7

How To Make Beads | You Must First Condition Your Polymer Clay

Not Conditioning Your Clay Properly, Will Lead To Disappointment: If you have worked with polymer clay for awhile, the process of conditioning your… 10

Make Polymer Clay Pendants and Flat Beads Smooth and Bubble Free

Trapped Air in Your Polymer Clay Beads or Pendants Can Quickly Ruin a Piece of Jewelry: There are a few tricks that you… 19

Conditioning How To – Polymer Clay Tools, Techniques and Instructions

Several different ways to condition Fimo clay? Q: I don’t have a pasta machine. Is there another way to condition the clay? I… 55

Ideas and Instructions – Polymer Clay Projects Using Scrap Clay

Left over Premo, Sculpey, Fimo & Kato Polyclay can be used for making beads, color mixes & polymer clay molds: If you ‘play’… 14

Translucent Sculpey Clay, Fimo Clay, Premo, Cernit, Kato | Comparison

7 Things to Know About Translucent Polymer Clay for Jewelry Bead Making: There are so many things to learn about the different brands… 61

Art Teachers Resources: 10 Tips for Polymer Clay Kids Craft Projects

No need to “dumb down” polymer clay instructions for children. You’ll be amazed how quick they learn: Q: Hello Cindy – Next week… 24

Fimo, Premo, Sculpey Clay Storage Ideas | Baking Polymer Clay Oven

1) Ideas for keeping your polymer clay tidy  and organized after the packages have been opened. 2) What kind of toaster oven is… 43

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