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Kato Polyclay Color Palette | Royal [Sue-F]

1: Starlight 2: Golden 3: Pale Gold 4: Buried Brass 5: Monarch

Kato Polyclay Color Palette | Harbourview Highrise [Sue-F]

1: Coffee Bean 2: Solitude 3: Blue Black 4: Slate Blue 5: Parchment

Kato Polyclay Color Recipes | Seaside Cottage Palette [Sue-F]

1: Espresso 2: Baby Blue 3: Tropical Lagoon 4: Robin’s Egg 5: Chamois

Kato Polyclay Color Recipes | Rich Metallics Palette [Sue-F]

1: Scarlet Satin (Pearl) 2: Basically Brass (Mtl) 3: Indigo Ice (Pearl) 4: Persian Green (Pearl) 5: Bronze (Metallic)

More Than Ever… Ritzs Needs Our Love and Support Right Now

“She went into the hospital on 13th June for an operation on her neck which should have been over in 4 days, but…”… 73

Mary Needs Your Help… Amaco Bead Roller Bracelets [Spotlight]

“My only problem is that the PearlEx powder is coming off some of my beads even with the glaze on them.” ~Mary-G

For the Love of Jade… Oh and Some Leaf Charms Too [Spotlight]

“Just sold 3 pairs of those Faux Jade rose leaf earrings shortly after posting them on Facebook. I am so excited right now!”… 44

Peeking Inside Your Puffy Beads… Very Cool Idea [Spotlight]

“Polymer clay has become a passion – an addiction. Never before have I been so engrossed in a craft.” ~Hanne-R

Round Mirror Frames Made with Polymer Clay Tiles [Spotlight]

“The tip on creating a beveled edge using plastic wrap has made my mirror tiles look so much more finished.” ~Marsha-G

Pastor Gifts – Polymer Clay Book Beads and Bookmarks

“This is the coolest bookmark I’ve ever seen … and I’ve seen plenty in my life!” ~Pastor Noah

Dollhouse Miniatures… A Bit of a Break from Beads [Spotlight]

“My first attempts at polymer clay… little collection of miniature doll furniture & accessories.” ~Catalina

Cracking Heart Beads – Sculpey Ultra Light Core [Spotlight]

“I just want to cry when I take them out of the toaster oven and find them all cracked.” ~Cheryl-V

Faux Opal Kindness – What Goes Around Comes Around [Spotlight]

“I am sending this copper wire wrapped opal heart to Peggy-B in appreciation of her generosity.” ~Carole-H

Tribal Cane, Faux Bone and Poppy Beads for your Purse

Spotlight: “I love how my molded faces came out and the tube beads are neat.” ~Lisa-W

Transform Vintage Silverware Into Decorative Jewelry [Spotlight]

“Now all I have to do is shop for some more spoons… looks like I will be hitting the antique stores soon!” ~Lupe-M

Kato Polyclay Color Recipes | Bouquet of Violets [Sue-F]

1: Citron 2: Iris 3: Jacaronda (Pearl) 4: Lily 5: Lemon-Lime (Pearl)

Faux Unakite, Polymer Clay Think Tank Session. Cool! [Spotlight]

“You guys have no idea how wonderful it is to be able to get answers so fast from so many.” ~Cherie-S

Happiness is, Making Polymer Clay Jewelry for Friends [Spotlight]

“Until I retired 4 years ago, I had never done anything creative at all.” ~Carole-H

Polymer Clay Faux Jade Technique… Quick, Easy, Fun [Spotlight]

“I love the faux-jade video so much, that I made two shades of green in one evening.” ~Cindy-G

Cat’s out of the Bag… Polymer Clay Turquoise Secret [Spotlight]

“This is one bead you won’t have to sand.” ~Catalina

Another Method for Making Polymer Clay Faux Jade [Spotlight]

“With the Amaco roller I get near perfectly shaped round jewelry beads.” ~Ken-H

A Very Wearable Spliced Flower Cane, Polymer Necklace [Spotlight]

“My aim is to create jewellery pieces rather than just pretty polymer clay things and beads I keep in a box!” ~Cara-H

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