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Bergenia Blossom Palette by Polymer Clay TutorVol-047-B Series [Premo Sculpey]
Bergenia Blossom
Lemon Grass
Pink Coral
4B: Exotique

Don’t these colors just make you feel alive! So fresh… so full of Springtime possibilities. Just the kind of colors to pull you out of the Winter dull drums and into a bright new beginning.

These stunning flowers are the blossoms of the Heartleaf Bergenia (Bergenia cordifolia), or more commonly known as Elephant Ears.

The Heartleaf Bergenia’s flowers are kind of a fleeting thought as far as flowering plants go. With this particular species, it is all about the large Elephant Ear shaped leaves. The flowers are there for just a short while, leaving the showy leaves to strut their stuff for most all of the growing season.

Although it is a perennial plant, in our temperate area of Vancouver BC, it acts much like an evergreen, with only a few of the older leaves dying back in the Winter.

But when these flower spikes do show themselves, they sure are pretty… as this close-up photo that Doug took in our front garden last year, so clearly shows. Just look at all the neat colors that can be seen! It was hard to pick just four as the inspiration for our next B-Series Recipe Palette!

Everyone who is subscribed to my Polymer Clay Guest List will be able to download the recipes free, one per week on Friday mornings during the month of April 2012.

  • Bergenia Blossom (Recipe 047-1B)
  • Lemon Grass (Recipe 047-2B)
  • Pink Coral (Recipe 047-3B)
  • Exotique (Recipe 047-4B)


Bergenia Blossom is the vibrant lavender purple that paints the pretty petals of the Heartleaf Bergenia flowers. Lemon Grass is the lemony green found on the tip of the stamen. Pink Coral is the fabulously bright and cheery pink coral color, found on the calyx and stems of the flower stalk. And Exotique is the deep plum purple hue found in the shaded throat of the flower as it warms its face in the sun.

The recipes described above are from the Volume-047 B-Series Palette. They are free to download for everyone subscribed to my Polymer Clay Guest List, Friday Email Newsletter.

If you want to see the Volume-047 A-Series Color Palette that paid library members will also receive during the month of April, then click here: Grape Hyacinth Palette | Polymer Clay Color Recipes

You give us all so much inspiration Cindy and by giving away your B series we all thank you for the hard work and thought that goes in putting each one together. ~Elaine-F

While I have lots of fun trying Cindy’s great clay and beading techniques, I too am fascinated by the science? art? of colour mixing. The earthtones were always my faves, but now Cindy is making me look at the brighter flower tones with a new appreciation! ~Monique-U

I love all the color palletes you have created for us and always look forward to seeing what you come up with. ~Jeanne-C


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  1. pollyanna, 19 March, 2012

    These are just gorgeous colors. Very lush.

  2. Maria, 19 March, 2012

    Ooooh … now these colors I like!

  3. Jeanne C., 19 March, 2012

    OMG I love the colors. :)

  4. Lupe Meter, 19 March, 2012

    The colors are just beautiful…perfect for some flower canes!!

  5. pattw35, 19 March, 2012

    Now this is a Spring palette, for sure. What yummy colors. Your description make them good enough to EAT. Another combed color wave. Thanks ………..You sure keep us happy !!!

  6. Dia H, 19 March, 2012

    Love the colors..welcome spring.

  7. Sandra J, 20 March, 2012

    Love the colours! What’s great about being on the other side of the world to you guys is that when it is our autumn (fall) and winter, it is your spring and summer and all the beautiful colours that you guys have come out to play (especially in Cindy’s clay!!)

  8. Tantesherry, 20 March, 2012

    my 1st thought on seeing these new colors was ‘now that would make a pretty egg too’

    but I’m very happy with the ‘snapdragon palette’ that I used for this years Easter egg :)

  9. Deni L, 21 March, 2012

    I just wanted to thank you for making the B color recipes free each week. Thanks from all the people who can’t afford to get them any other way.

  10. Vickie T, 22 March, 2012

    Hi from Montreal!

    I’ve been enjoying your weekly newsletter for a while and want to thank you for your inspiration and information.

    Best regards,

  11. Monique U, 30 March, 2012

    Cindy, I forgot to drop in and comment on this palette. Gorgeous! I must say I am looking forward to it as much as your Grape Hyacinth Palette. April is going to be very colourful around here!

  12. Nettonya R, 06 April, 2012

    I learned more than polymer clay on this tutorial, Cindy!

    There are “begonias”, “bergonias”, and “bergenias”!!! They all have similar colors, but vary slightly in types of petals and flower “style”. Who woulda thunk that I would have a gardening lesson when learning how to make polymer clay flowers?!!!



  13. Kelsey Q, 11 April, 2012

    I have been on your guest list for about four months now and love the color recipes! However, I went to print some recipes today and except for the recipes from the last two weeks, all the links take me to the ‘become-a-member’ page. Do the links stop working after a certain amount of time?

  14. Cindy Lietz, 11 April, 2012

    Hi Kelsey,

    I can help with your question. Here is how the recipe cards work…

    Paid subscriptions include 24/7 access to the weekly videos and A-series color recipes.

    For the complimentary B-recipes, currently you must download them to your computer when my email newsletters arrive in your inbox each Friday. But as you discovered, the links to the B-recipes in the email newsletters, do expire after a couple of weeks. This is because of issues that have come up in the past with digital theft. So you need to be diligent about grabbing the B-recipes while they are available.

    Also if you did not already know, the B-recipes do cycle through the newsletter twice. So you will get a second chance to download ones that you may have missed on the first pass, when they circle ‘round again.

  15. Phaedrakat, 27 April, 2012

    Hi Cindy, I was wondering if it might be helpful to add a reminder (to download the recipes quickly) to the weekly newsletter. A short phrase/sentence in bold print/stand-out font added directly under the B-series header might do the trick.

    New members may be unaware they have only a short time to download these recipes, as the email doesn’t mention any time constraints. A reminder couldn’t hurt us older members, either, hehe. It’s SO disheartening finding out that those pretty color recipes you thought you were saving aren’t available. I’ve been there. In fact, even though I know the rules well, I still forget from time-to-time. I’m embarrassed to say I just missed recipe 1B from this very palette — “Bergenia Blossom”!!! :(
    (Not too smart, Kat!)

    Now that I’ve submitted my suggestion, let me say this palette is gorgeous and a fave! I love these colors! Too bad I missed one, but the other three are lovely together, too. Maybe with all you’ve taught me so far, I’ll be able to come close to my missing color. Regardless, thank you for these stunning colors — you’re wonderful! ~Kat

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