My First Polymer Clay Cane Bead on a Handmade Martini Olive Skewer

Martini Skewer Polymer Clay Cane Bead

Does This Qualify As a Vintage Bead? Blast from the Past!

Fifteen years ago was when I made my first polymer clay cane. In fact the red and white millefiori bead in today’s photo was made from that cane. It’s on a beaded cocktail stick used to skewer martini olives.

I found this “piece-from-the-past” just the other day, hiding behind a bunch of glassware in the back of a cupboard. Thought you all might like to see some of my vintage polymer clay work… something conceived well before the idea of tutoring had ever crossed my mind.

I was really proud of those beads back then and distinctly remember telling everyone that “I made them myself.” I also remember the compliments, “Wow, really? They’re neat!” Made a few wind chimes and things with them as well.

Thinking back about these early pieces today… I have to chuckle. They were pretty wonky looking and very distorted. But they were handmade by me, and I loved them.

I wanted to share this story to show that even as a beginner you should be proud of where you are at. Be excited about where you are going in your pursuit to making great polymer clay beads and canes. Because you never know where it will take you!

Just think… one day down the road, you’ll look back on your first polymer projects and realize just how far you have come! Cherish that. Like you would cherish your child’s first steps. We all have to start somewhere!

Now, I think I’ll go celebrate how far I’ve come… for some reason I feel like having a Martini!

*BTW it didn’t take me fifteen years to start making decent polymer clay canes, there was a ten year break from clay between then and now. It did take 5 years though, so if you don’t want to take that long, you may want to learn from my mistakes and skip over the learning curve by buying my Polymer Clay Bead Making for Beginner’s Course. I’ll have you making great polymer clay canes and beads in no time!

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  1. Pearl, The Beading Gem, 11 May, 2009

    I too have some vintage pieces which remind me of how far I have gone! Thanks for sharing this bit of nostalgia. Pearl

  2. Maria C, 11 May, 2009

    Cindy, My husband gave me the ultimate compliment when he noticed that the pendants I made for this year’s church bazaar were “light years” better than last year’s. I must say that one reason for this is the online education you provide us. Thank you!

  3. Anna Sabina, 11 May, 2009

    Cindy, I bet that olive stabber became prettier and prettier with each martini.

  4. Cindy Lietz, 12 May, 2009

    @Pearl: You’re welcome! Thanks for dropping by!

    @Maria: That’s so great! Feels good to hear you are improving, doesn’t it?! :-)

    @Anna: tee hee hee… It definitely did!

  5. Laurel, 15 May, 2009

    Cindy thanks for sharing. I really need to tell you though, that these kind of beads are why I wasn’t interested in polymer clay for a long time. I am glad you have progressed because when I found your site and looked at the beautiful stuff you were doing I decided polymer was no longer just for “hippies”.

  6. Cindy Lietz, 16 May, 2009

    Yeah I know what you mean Laurel. Polymer clay beads used to be only the polymer clay cane slices of moons and things, strung on hemp cord. I’m glad clay has come a long way too!

    (Not dissing moons or hemp or even cane slice beads. Just glad there are more options.) :-)

  7. Roberta W, 17 May, 2009

    Hello Cindy, I am enjoying my in home tutor classes very much! While I started out with Sculpey III, I am still using it to learn with while waiting to grab some of the firmer clays. I had all but given up, thinking I was doing something wrong or just wasn’t a ‘clayer’. Thanks to you, I have rediscovered my love for clay.

    I’ve done many crafts over the years but making my own beads to add to my beaded works is just fantastic!

    Your instructions, tips and ‘you can do this’ attitude are wonderful. The videos are easy to understand and are not long and drawn out. You explain the process as it is listed in the title and then move right along. I also like that I can view them at any time from the comfort of my home, in any order. The price for your course is fantastic, as well. I can’t go get books that describe all the things in your tutorials for that price – no way!

    Thank you for an excellent product, wonderful instruction and fantastic tips! If there was only a way to add a ribbon now … lol!


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