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Lisa Clarke of Polka Dot Cottage

CORRECTION… Polka Dot Cottage. Lisa Clarke has a brand new polymer clay web site and it already feels like home:

Today I would like to share some thoughts about a wonderful polymer clay artist who I very much admire for her style and ability to create a relaxed and welcoming environment within the polyclay community… Lisa Clarke, of Polka Dot Cottage.

I’ve been following Lisa’s web site for quite some time now. It’s been fun to watch all of the changes and upgrades she’s made over the years. Recently she did a major web site makeover that coincided with the brand change from Polka Dot Creations to Polka Dot Cottage. I really love the new look and think you will too!

If you have never set up your own blog or web site, you may not realize how much time and effort is involved. And once a site is set up, then comes all the the maintenance, publishing and keeping-up-with-technology stuff.

Lisa Clarke’s new PolkaDotCottage Web Site has a very comfortable and current appeal to it. The new ‘Cottage’ addition to the name and the banner integrates that sense of ‘home’ that has always been an underlying presence in her content.

Lisa’s blog shows off several beads and buttons made with her complex patterned polymer clay cane designs. The color palette for many of these canes is based on vintage fabrics, which is very cool! She also sews lots of simple skirts, blouses and handbags from those very same retro fabrics.

When I read Lisa’s blog posts and see how she uses photos of her family and the flowers in her garden, it is obvious that she is being true to herself.

One of my favorite things about Lisa is the ‘signature’ photos of her feet. Feet in fuzzy flip flops. Feet in slippers.  Feet up on the coffee table and bare feet in a wading pool. She has a look and feel to everything she does that is uniquely hers.

Lisa is a very busy girl. Not only does she manage a popular blog, but she also markets her creations on Etsy, has a shop, sells books, and posts lots of photos in her Flickr account. I probably missed a bunch of stuff, but you get the idea!

So basically what I’m saying is, "Lisa, you done good girl! Keep the goodness flowin’ cause everyone is watching and we like what we see!"

If you appreciate Lisa too, please leave a comment below to let her know. This is my way of sending good Karma to people who really really deserve it.

By the way, if you missed last weeks good karma post, here’s the link: Iris Mishly – Polymer Clay Cane Artist From Israel

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  1. Lisa Clarke, 06 August, 2008

    Oh, gosh, Cindy, way to make my morning! I’m blushing over here. Thank you!

  2. Cindy Lietz, 06 August, 2008

    You are very welcome Lisa. Here’s a blast from the past… Polka Dot Creations [circa 2002] vs Polka Dot Cottage [circa 2008]. My vote is for the 2008 Lisa Clarke. What about you?

    PolkaDotCreations 2002 vs PolkaDotCottage 2008

  3. Garnie, 06 August, 2008

    I have my coffee every morning with Lisa..it’s almost like being “part of the family”….:)

  4. Lisa Clarke, 06 August, 2008

    Heh, yeah, that is certainly a blast! I should clarify, though – Polka Dot Creations isn’t gone. It’s just split into two entities. Polka Dot Creations is now *just* the book store. Everything else is Polka Dot Cottage :-)

    Thanks, Garnie!

  5. Melissa, 06 August, 2008

    Great feature! I too enjoy reading Lisa’s blogs.

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